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Rainmeter Skins
25 Watchers
Created Nov 2018
This DeviantArt Group is dedicated to all Rainmeter developers and fans!
Your submissions and join requests will be accepted automatically!
A Parasite's Paradise
11 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
A group focusing on Nexteres, a closed species created and owned by Avericchi
Recent Blog: [ Nextere ] Masterlist, submitted 1 day ago
75% Done | RP GROUP
49 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
A wonderful RP/Art group inspired by Noragami, Inu x Boku ss, Furuba, Animal Crossing, and HM. It is a slice of life role play with adventurous elements. While activity is laid back , this will be a group full of fun and events!
Recent Blog: [How To Join] Character Creation Guide, submitted 1 week ago
Planets, Planets!
7 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
Planet Sketch is a British-Canadian animated television series produced by Aardman Animations and Decode Entertainment.
♥Sweet daydreams of love
1 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
•★♥~Just a group for cute things~♥★•

Art, photography, cosplay, literature, games, adoptables, decorations and icons, and much more are all welcome here! There are no rules or limitations~

♥~Never be afraid to join!~ Anybody and everybody is welcome here~♥
San Francisco Art Institute @ dA
1 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
- San Francisco Art Institute -

This group is not officially associated with SFAI! It is independently run, for fun. Anything we do, make, or say does not necessarily represent the views of SFAI.
Cheers! -KAU

From -

"Founded in 1871, San Francisco Art Institute is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in contemporary art.

"We boast an illustrious list of faculty and alumni in all areas of focus. Most importantly, we have consistently held fast to a core philosophy of fostering creativity and critical thinking in an open, experimental, and interdisciplinary environment. At SFAI, we educate artists who will become the creative leaders of their generation.

"Mission Statement

San Francisco Art Institute is dedicated to the intrinsic value of art and its vital role in shaping and enriching society and the individual. As a diverse community of working artists and scholars, SFAI provides its students with a rigorous education in the fine arts and preparation for a life in the arts through an immersive studio environment, an integrated liberal arts curriculum, and critical engagement with the world.

"Adopted by San Francisco Art Institute Board of Trustees, March 2013."

I am a student at SFAI and I have been active in the DA community since Jul 5, 2011 (I made a new account since my first one) - and I just thought a place for any other students, prospective students, or alumni to interact on a familiar platform would be nice!
Kink comes in every flavour
7 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
◄◣        Top quality artwork for a finer, mature audience - any gender, human or anthro, SFW and NSFW, kink art and vanilla. Though our focus is the jiggly tigglies, we of course allow any kind of adult shenanigans.
All Adopts here!
23 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
This groups main focus are adoptables. We want people to make a place for people where they can sell, advertise and buy adoptable designs and characters.
53 Watchers
Created Nov 2018
A new Rp group focusing in the far future of Erin Hunter's Warriors Series.

50 members Max
Recent Blog: [Guide] Rules + Joining [WIP], submitted 1 week ago
19 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
This is a group about the art of amorous and promiscuous wifes.
All (of legal age) are welcome. I'd expect confident women and wives, men who lust after married women and cuckold husbands would be interested.

Photos, captions, drawings, renders, 3d, stories, poems, and nonfiction and all other art mediums are welcome.

Topics might include wives, husbands, cheating, lust, wandering, exes, milfs, cuckold, hotwife, stagwife, one night stands, bulls, vixens, impregnation, ramifications, and other stuff.
Recent Blog: Welcome to Promiscuouswives Art group!, submitted 2 days ago

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