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Created Aug 2018
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Created Sep 2018
Hello and welcome to Eyestrain City! This is a group founded by SnafuBravado in order to gather eyestrain artists from all over to share our works with like minded people. Anyone and everyone is allowed to join, whether you've been doing eyestrain your whole life or if the concept is completely new to you! Everyone is welcome here in Eyestrain City.
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Under Construction || RP Group
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Created Sep 2018
Humans that can use magic are all that stands between humanity and extinction in a post-apocalyptic world. Its up to you to protect humanity and recover our lost history.
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Fun, friendly indie game group!
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Created Aug 2018
A fun, friendly and open group related to all things indie!

Welcome to the official Indie Game Utopia group, a fun and friendly group about all things indie. Feel free to post art, game screenshots, or whatever you would like, as long as it follows the rules!

All amazons want hercules
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Created Sep 2018
Amazons Defeated is a maledom fetish group focusing on big powerful muscular females, being outmuscled, outmatched, overpowered or dominated by their male counterparts.

We allow all kinds of pictures as well as written stories.

There aren't many rules here except the following

1. must feature a muscular woman, should at least have the muscle size of a fitness competitor with visible strong arms and legs

2. said woman must be outmuscled, outmatched, overpowered or dominated by a MALE

3. monsters and furries are allowed as long as they a have a humanoid shape

4. Comics or Stories where the woman temporarily is the stronger one are allowed as long as in the end, a man becomes the absolute winner/domme/stronger person.

5. Comics or Stories that end with the woman being the winner/domme/stronger are not allowed even if the majority of the parts are maledom. The male must be the winner by the end of it.

6. Pics of only women are allowed as long as maledom is implied via text or context.

The rules may be changed over time.

If you have suggestions or feedback let us know.
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Gays in space
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Created Sep 2018
Group for people who have made an OC for the Dreamworks animated series VOLTRON Legendary Defender!
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work in progress
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Created Aug 2018
Welcome to the Norse world, where magical creatures and gods roam the realms. Four Clans live in this world, surrounded by magic, both helpful and dangerous. How will you and your Clan survive in this unforgiving world?
((This is a Warrior Cats RPG based in the world of Norse Mythology. If you have any questions feel free to ask!))
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For The Love Of Anime & Manga
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Created Aug 2018
This group is a place for any fan art related to anime/manga. Anyone who loves anime and manga should feel welcome here. You can join even if you have no intention of submitting anything, just as long as you are a fan.

As long as it's anime or manga related you can submit:
- drawings of any form
- literature of any form
- anything else you might have made for an anime or manga

Please put your submissions in the correct folder, but if your anime or manga has no folder, let me know and I'll make one.
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Created Aug 2018
A group for Space and sci-fi themed content created with or for the 3D animation program Miku Miku Dance.
Imagery of Creatures ♡
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Created Aug 2018
Welcome to Creatures-of-Imagery!

This is a group for sharing our love of art. We’re here to express
our imaginations through the works we have created. We accept Art,
Photos, Photo-manipulations, Fanart, & More! Anything creative &
related to art is allowed here!

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