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A Parasite's Paradise
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Created Dec 2018
A group focusing on Nexteres, a closed species created and owned by Avericchi
Recent Blog: [ Nextere ] Masterlist, submitted 1 day ago
♥Sweet daydreams of love
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Created Dec 2018
•★♥~Just a group for cute things~♥★•

Art, photography, cosplay, literature, games, adoptables, decorations and icons, and much more are all welcome here! There are no rules or limitations~

♥~Never be afraid to join!~ Anybody and everybody is welcome here~♥
San Francisco Art Institute @ dA
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Created Dec 2018
- San Francisco Art Institute -

This group is not officially associated with SFAI! It is independently run, for fun. Anything we do, make, or say does not necessarily represent the views of SFAI.
Cheers! -KAU

From -

"Founded in 1871, San Francisco Art Institute is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in contemporary art.

"We boast an illustrious list of faculty and alumni in all areas of focus. Most importantly, we have consistently held fast to a core philosophy of fostering creativity and critical thinking in an open, experimental, and interdisciplinary environment. At SFAI, we educate artists who will become the creative leaders of their generation.

"Mission Statement

San Francisco Art Institute is dedicated to the intrinsic value of art and its vital role in shaping and enriching society and the individual. As a diverse community of working artists and scholars, SFAI provides its students with a rigorous education in the fine arts and preparation for a life in the arts through an immersive studio environment, an integrated liberal arts curriculum, and critical engagement with the world.

"Adopted by San Francisco Art Institute Board of Trustees, March 2013."

I am a student at SFAI and I have been active in the DA community since Jul 5, 2011 (I made a new account since my first one) - and I just thought a place for any other students, prospective students, or alumni to interact on a familiar platform would be nice!
Join the harem~
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Created Dec 2018
Literally just a silly fan club group for Embertide, the misogynist patriarchy leader of BasaltClan. He's a bad boi. No, we don't actually think that misogyny is good, but Embertide is badass. yay.
We got the best fantasy children
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Created Dec 2018
Adopts, all and everywhere, designs so many designs so little time
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Created Dec 2018
This is a group for sonic fans of all ages who want some semblance of a community but are having a hard time finding solid ground to get a start. Welcome! We hope that you find a place of belonging and enjoy your time here.
Anyone share my obsessions?
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Created Dec 2018
This group is simply for me to discover other artists that share my interests. Invader Zim, Eddsworld, Jurassic Park/World, Danny Phantom, and Transformers are all the current ones. If you have a fandom of your own that you would like to have here, feel free to note me.
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Created Dec 2018
This group is based on all of the holidays that you celebrate each year <3
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Created Dec 2018
This is a group for my orginal species: Atropa Veirs

-Don't make an Atropa Veir on your own without purchasing a MYO ticket.
-Don't sell them/make adopt for them.

About them:…

Atropa Veirs

Called by humans:

Very docile only defensive when needed

About Atropa Veirs.
Atropa Veirs are docile wax monsters who live in a big forest in the north of The Netherlands. They live in packs. There are 4 packs in total. The north,south,west and east pack. There are no big differences in the packs, but some are bigger then others.

Most Atropa Veirs are based on plants and trees. It can be any kind of plant or tree as long if the plant or tree really exist and isn't made up.

Atropa Veirs are omnivores, but they usually eat only fruits and different kind of berries. They only eat food on special occasions like if one of them becomes an adult (age 18) or special holidays.
Recent Blog: =Rules=, submitted 6 hours ago
Niveis is too nice sometimes
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Created Dec 2018
Greetings, Welcome to the Eastern Serpicia group.
Focusing on Umbra's reach and Divitae.
Umbras reach and Divitae are continents in the world of Serpicia ruled by kingdoms of dragons.

gore is fine
No harassment or bullying
no making characters of special species without asking (Royal magma dragons, Gods, etc.)
No outside species
no human characters.
ASK to make a king or queen, or heir, IF it says that its open.

(how to make a character and character rules past history and royalty)

Creator: Lovecatsanddragons (me)

Current Royalty:…

Species Creation Status:
Flame dragons: OPEN
Desert Flame Dragons: OPEN
Northern Ice Dragons: OPEN
Southern Ice Dragons: OPEN
Nature Dragons: OPEN
Middle Dragons: OPEN
Magma Dragons: Open
Metal Dragons: Open
Lava Dragons: Open
Royal Magma dragons: CLOSED
Shadow Dragons: Open
Aviaks: Open.


Umbra's reach was found by a group of four dragons called _the Discoverers.
They found it and more and more dragons arrived after Esutans (one of the Discoverers) Was sent to find dragons and bring them back and messages were sent out and more and more dragons came.
They discovered that the continent was not barren, The kingdom of the Aviaks revealed itself, and a war had begun.
The Dragons had won in the end, And the Aviaks disbanded and spread out across the continent, the kingdom was no more.
Groups were formed when the age of discovery had ended, bringing on the age of life, the longest age so far.
The groups had occasional battles and fights, Until the next age begun,
The Age of Turmoil.
The age of turmoil was thousands of years of wars and death, More dragons were arriving on the continent as well.
The Battles went on for days while the wars went on for years.
three of the discoverers were left, Foil, a Nature dragon, and been killed.
But his son took his place, and what was once three groups, joined into one kingdom, the first kingdom, The Nature kingdom, which spanned across the middle part of the continent.
the age of turmoil had ended, but not for good reason.
deadly sicknesses were spreading, The age of Dispare had begun.
Terrible plagues ravaged the dragons and prey, causing famine along with the massive death rate.
The eldest discoverer left, Frigidom, Kept the group she was in, the group to the north, hopeful, and kept them strong, and when the sicknesses started to die down, Frigidom called a meeting with the leaders of the remaining groups.
Land was given and decided, Groups joined and formed trade, The kingdoms were being formed.
and the kingdoms were decided.
The Middle Kingdom.
The Nature Kingdom.
The Kingdom of Shadows.
The Southern Kingdom.
And The Northern Kingdom.

Not long after, The Mini Ice age they were in, unknowingly, came to a close, and some glaciers and shelves of ice and snow Melted, causing water levels to rise and a massive flood covered A massive portion of the land in water, and Part of the Nature Kingdom Was split off, The dragons there revolted and it became the North Western Kingdom.
The Nature Kingdom was angry and wanted to gain land back, so they planned an attack on the northern kingdom, The Northen kingdom stayed strong, and pulled through with all of their lands, while the Nature kingdom had split into two, the Western and the Eastern Kingdom.
And there was peace for many years.

In the northern Kingdom
A new prince was born.
Prince Frigus.

The young Monarch's soul had been pushed back and subdued, as he was taken over by the god of Hatred, Malice.
Malice wanted the other gods to feel helpless and wanted them to be plagued with guilt.
So when he grew, He Killed his grandfather and the king at the time, Frostfang.
He took over the Northern kingdom
Then the Eastern Kingdom
Then The Western Kingdom
Then the middle
and then The Southern kingdom.
The Kingdom of shadows and the Northwestern kingdom were not fully conquered.
Frigus named this massive kingdom after his great-grandfather who had managed to kill the god of time. The kingdom of Glacialis.
Frigus wanted to claim the last bit of the Southern kingdom, But he was killed by his father, who had served as his General but decided to Put an end to this, Nix.
Nix, Horrified at what he had done to his son, Had him brought back to life.
before banishing him, saying he would be killed if he returned, and Frigus, with one chance to be revived left, Flew away.

the Age of terror had finally ended.
The kingdom borders were re established, and Glacialis was left with a bit of the southern kingdom's land, as The king of the southern kingdom liked their way of fighting and was feeling generous.

Glacialis's new leader was the daughter of Frigus, Pirlor, while his son, Niveis, became the General.
he later fled the army after being called the new scourge of umbra's reach and became a guard in the northern kingdom before being exiled and then let back in as the new heir to the throne as there was no one else.

the age of Tranquility has begun
and in continues.

Umbra's reach is about the size of North America, and has Landscapes similar to it.

Ok im just going to list off as many as i can remember.

Universae~Leader of the Council~ God of the Universe.
Innis~Mate of Universae and Fellow leader~ Goddess of the void~ Dead
Mortem~God of Death
Vivus~ Goddess of life
Astronomia~ Goddess of the stars.
Atmos~ God of the atmosphere
Nimbus~ God of the Sky (Belongs to +Diamond Cat)
Geldius~ God of Winter
Frost~ Demigod
Ignita~ Goddess of Flame and Heat.
Lux~God of light
Noctis~ Goddess of Night
Malice~god of Hatred
Tempus~god of Time
Musica~God of the arts
Scientia~ goddess of Knowledge
Alchem~ God of Alchemy and Healing
Caedes~God of Battle and Bloodshed
Nex~leader of The Negative Realm~god of Evil
Septicemic~ God of sickness
Greed~ Goddess of.. well... Greed
Goddess of Lies~ mendax
Faune~ Goddess of Animals
Flora~ Lesser goddess of Plants
Foilium~ Greater god of Plants
Spiritae~ Goddess of Souls.
Fish~ God of Water
Terra ~ God of the land

Umberian Royalty

* the Northern Kingdom*
Queen: Open (polara be dead)
King: King Nix Frigoro. Profile:
Heir: Prince Niveis Frigoro. Profile:…

* the Eastern Kingdom*
Queen: Queen Tunare. Profile:
King: King Arboribus Profile:
Heir(s): OPEN

* the Western Kingdom*:
Queen: Vox. Profile:
King: Yutarius. Profile:
Heir(s) Princess Gaboon. Profile:
Princess Bronze. Profile:
Prince Copper. Profile:

The Middle Kingdom
Queen: Queen Goshawk. Profile:
King: King Eagle. profile:
Heir: Prince Redtail. Profile:

The Northwestern Kingdom
Queen: OPEN
King: King Quadpura. Profile
Heir: OPEN

Queen: Open
King: King Cerio. Profile:
Heir(s): Open

The Southern Kingdom
Queen: Queen Wildfire. Profile:
King: King Ignis. Profile:
Heir(s): Open

The Kingdom of shadows
Queen: Queen Cavern. Profile
King: King Eclipse (Not +Abyssal Lagi's Eclipse, its a different Eclipse.)
Heir: Princess Abyss

Make a journal and fill out this template and tag me once finished.
Dragon Profile Template!

Quote: (optional)



Titles/Nickname(s): (optional)

Name Meaning: (optional)



Hatching Day: (optional)

Kingdom of Hatching: (optional)

Kingdom Now: (optional)





Markings/Scars: (optional)

Accessories: (optional)




Family: (optional)

What God/Ancient do they follow?: (optional)


Bio: (optional)

Extra Info: (optional)

Art Credits: (optional unless you are using someone else's art)

Abillities (apperances past this)
here are the basic powers of umberian dragons.

N. Ice: Cold resistance, wind resistant wings, Frost breath.
S. Ice: Can blast cold blasts of water if they have enough fire in them.
But otherwise blasts of ice and some cold resistance but at the same time being able to take hot climates. They also have good vision.

Flame Dragons: COMPLETE resistance to heat, they can bathe in lava.
Super hot flame breath. Hard scales.

Desert flame dragon: Heat resistance, can go a long time without water.
Flame breath.
Can dig well.
Love the sun.

Shadow Dragon:
Night Vision, Shadow flame breath: (it looks like fire but made of shadows)
Long talons.
Large wings.

Nature Dragons: Lots of spines of their tails like a rose stem, rareley venomous.
A very strong bite that can break bones.
Seraded talons.
Manes. (like a lion)
some hibernate.
Middle Dragons:
heat resistance.
Tough leathery scales.
Long talons that are sometimes retractable.
Blistering flame breath.

There are no requirements on horns in all of the species.

Northern Ice Dragon
the main color must be White, Light Grey, or icy blue.
Frill, and wing membrane colors can range from blue to Light violet (although blue and turquoise is the most common)
eye color can be green, cyan, blue, or black.
A tuft of hair at the end of tail is a sign of a purebred northern Ice dragon.
They can have feathered or membranous wings

Southern Ice dragon:
their color can range depending on how much fire dragon they have in them, some can be even a deep red. but the common ranges are Grey to black
and grey to dark red.
They always have very large wings, and large frills.
they have a lot of frills, the males have larger frills. (they get this from fire dragons)
eye color can be red, yellow, or green or blue.
they can have feathered or membranous wings

Flame (fire) dragon
Scales tend to be a deep volcanic red, but they can also be orange or yellow.
their scales are thick
they have a lot of large frills and their wings are large.
their eyes are usually yellow or red or green.
they usually have long curving necks.
long black talons.
sharp teeth.

Desert Flame dragon
Fire dragons adapted to living in the desert.
they often have dusty colors or orange colors.
they always have large frills to help cool their blood.
their tails are thick and stout (they store water like camels)
their eyes are usually yellow
and their wings are large.

Shadow dragon:
Their scales are always black or grey.
they often have manes of fur like horses
their horns are black.
their eyes tend to be green.
they can have feathered or membranous wings.

Nature Dragon
tend to have manes of fur (like a lion mane while ice dragons tend to have a horse like mane) they tend to have horse like snouts, but dragon like maws. imagine a horse but with the mouth of a dragon. they have spines running down their.. spine. and often have deer like antlers. they have whiskers (like an eastern dragon, not like a cat) Their fire is green. and their tails often have sharp spines on them like a rose stem.

Feel free to ask questions!

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