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Worship Zorc-sama...fools.....
302 Watchers
Created Jun 2008
A club to celebrate me, Bakura, as the God I should be.
Recent Blog: It's About Time, submitted 400 weeks ago
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Created Feb 2012
13 Months of Sunshine
42 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
This is for all those on DeviantArt who deviate about the country of Ethiopia, or Abyssinia. Whether you love or hate it, this is the place for all Ethiopia fans and Ethiopians alike to belong!
Even Abyssinian cats are welcome!
Recent Blog: Ethiopia named Best Tourism Destination 2015, submitted 156 weeks ago
Write, the Beloved Country
22 Watchers
Created Mar 2015
Azania, a land of hope and redemption, the poetic name for South Africa, spoken by the poets and writers of the past. A dream, a fantasy, a poem, this is Azania!
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Srsly man
1 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
We're a fanclub dedicated to Dr-Anna:heart:Dr-Anna ! They are a really cute couple!
comics BD madagascar
8 Watchers
Created Feb 2011
Bienvenue aux auteurs de bandes dessinées de Madagascar
Recent Blog: Thematiques, submitted 366 weeks ago
136 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
This groups wants to bring together the elephant photographers and photographs on dA, and maybe beyond.
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Created Apr 2012
Cosplayers from all around South Africa! Feel free to add your cosplay works! (Into the correct folder, if the folder is not there, submit it to "Other" for the time being and then post a comment with the folder name in it for where your photo should go, so we can make one for you). All types of cosplay are allowed; anime, manga, comics, movies, games etc. Yaoi and Yuri are also allowed.

*Please note, you may only submit deviations if you are from South Africa.
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30 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
Groupe for HL2 ............................................................................................
31 Watchers
Created Jul 2012
this is a group dedicated the the ethiopian wolf of Africa. the canine is native to the country of Ethiopia. they are rarely seen as it is because of their total population size. there are less than 200 ethiopian wolves left in the wild and you cannot go to any zoos or wildlife parks to view them. their decline in population started with the spread of rabies from domestic canines in the area. the population has continued to dwindle over time. the most threatened wild canid on earth and critically endangered. its a shame since they are so lovely and gorgeous.

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