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Blurring the line
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Created Mar 2011
Inside here we are a group of artists who draws both anthro art and normal animals. We also work together to improve ourselves, share knowledge and of course, make new friends.
So please make yourself at home and join us today.

Submission Rules:
Submit your art into the appropriate folder, according to medium and subject.
Any art that requires a mature content filter on it is to be submitted to the mature content folder.

Have fun!
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Created Apr 2017
Grupa Motywacyjna Specjalnej Troski w skrócie GMST
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Where frozen dragons roam!
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Created Jan 2012
A group for all you dragon artists that live in Antarctica! We welcome all kinds of dragon art. :D
meme noodles
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Created Jun 2015
c u l t s a r e n t a l w a y s b a d
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Created Jul 2011
That your mortal
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Created Nov 2016
A group of friends committed to their Fictional universe. We strive to create a semi-believable and well thought out world where factions interact to make a better future for everyone (Or worse. ;) )
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Created Apr 2014
just some meme-lovers looking to find some other meme-loving pals
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Created Jul 2012
Ciroc is a semi-realistic, play-by-post wolf rpg founded in 2009! We were originally on proboards, but can now be found here:

This group is for member's art, manips, writing, stock, and anything else Ciroc-related, really. If you like what you see, why not check out Ciroc?
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Created Aug 2013
Random writings, arts, and fetish related stuff. <3
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Created Oct 2010
this group is the Modern Version of the Z-fighter or Z-Warriors what ever your preference fight to defend the Galaxy and there many different Divisions there's the galactic federation, a space fleet but their in the back round but the main Focused ate the army(traditional Z-Fighters) and dragon ops each we make shore earth is defended but also play are allies safe by :iconfusionwarrior: and :iconlink-hero-of-light: ok now Z-fighters move out!!!!!
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