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The World of KAWAII!!!
4,553 Watchers
Created Jul 2008
Recent Blog: harajukuHAVEN ADMIN HIRING!, submitted 10 weeks ago
For kpop lovers
3,532 Watchers
Created Mar 2010
For all those who dig K-Pop and the Korean music and entertainement business.
Recent Blog: KpopTeez, submitted 356 weeks ago
China Art Chinese
466 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
This is a group for fans of all things China! Anyone can join the group so long as you are a fan. Though I it pains me to do this.
Just a few rules
• No policy
• No religion
• No chinese ? Send only chinese art (inclued HongKong or Republic of China) or photography
Want to join this Group ? Send a note (in english please) or Click "Join our group"
• Send minimum 4 chinese art in your request for join this group
Because RC crack is panacea.
558 Watchers
Created May 2010
An Axis Powers Hetalia group for all the wonderfully hilarious RoChu (Russia x China / Ivan Braginski x Yao Wang) works full of crack and craziness. Because we all know that although RoChu is far from a crack pairing, the insane ideas Rochu fan artists come up with are amazing and never fail to make us cry-- from laughing too much that is. :)
APH, in essence, is a parody, so too much angst in its fandom is overrated. In this group it's time to just be crazy and celebrate the hilarity-- of ROCHU. :D
Recent Blog: Cleaning up the gallery, submitted 358 weeks ago
7 Watchers
Created Dec 2017
チャイナ系 , or china kei is an asian fashion made for chinese culture~
It's all about Asia!
1,376 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
The Asian Culture Club is a group for people who want to emerge into the world of fabulous Asian Culture. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern and much more. Any country that is within the Continent of Asia will be accepted. Love the taste of Sushi? Ever wondered what they do at Chinese New Year? Join this Group and see what it is like in the East!
Recent Blog: Asian Culture Club needs new admins!, submitted 349 weeks ago
Mizo Deviants
84 Watchers
Created Mar 2010
Initiated to foster cooperation, acknowledgment and exposure among our growing Mizo art community.
Recent Blog: Latest News, submitted 285 weeks ago
Bikin doujin yuk!
628 Watchers
Created May 2005
We're here as a community for Indonesian doujinka and doujin lover.
Recent Blog: Apa kalian tahu?, submitted 404 weeks ago
sweet pool
265 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
This is the group for all fans of the BL game, sweet pool!
Creators of the game: Nitro+CHiRAL

Rules are simple:
1. No tracing, eyeballing or usage of artwork owned by others (official, doujin etc), unless you can prove that you received permission from the owners.
2. You have to be a fan of the game (pretty obvious this one).
3. Only sweet pool fanart are allowed.
4. With exceptions of figurine photoshoots, pictures of merchandise are NOT considered art.
5. Submit your own work under "Featured" (no self Fave submissions), while other's works as "Favourites".

If there are any questions, just contact the admin

Drama CDs released:
~駒波学園 学園祭~

For anymore info on the goods and merchandise, visit the sweet pool Livejournal community or contact the admin.

Our affliates (please contact admin regarding affliating):
Recent Blog: Nitro+Chiral game appreciation booklet project, submitted 246 weeks ago
marathi land/culture/people
60 Watchers
Created Sep 2009
This is a DA group for marathi chayachitrkar group at flickr

Marathi is the world's 15 most spoken language. And this group is about all the ART/Literature about the culture, people of the region. We have 490 members at flickr at the last count & were awaiting groups at DA to bring some of our members here at DA.
Recent Blog: How to Submit to the Gallery., submitted 431 weeks ago

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