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Created Dec 2009
We are the eldest Minecraft group on DeviantArt and, during active operation, we were the most popular.
Create timeless memories
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Created Dec 2009
For all types of scrapers ;D
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Cosplayers WA Perth
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Created Aug 2011
About Cosplayers WA Perth ( Australia )

Cosplayers WA Perth was to promote the significant number of people from Perth, Australia who cosplay. (Also because there was no other group made before this one for all cosplayers of Perth).

Open for all people in and around Perth who cosplay, please join~!

And even you cosplay just a little or LOTS!!

Join and meet new and tons of people, and having fun is the BIG point.

Keep in mind this is a non cyberbullying site, and please be respectful to every cosplayer.

~ ✩ For cosplayers of Western Australia ✩ ~
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Created May 2010
:bulletwhite:This group was started out of frustration with the amount of pornographic accounts here on DA. We wanted to create a place where a group of like-minded artists and art lovers would be free to discuss what art means to us, what it means to create something, and to sponsor a gallery for art not porn.

:bulletwhite:We define pornography as "creative activity with no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire."

:bulletyellow:Please check out the blog entry on submission guidelines before submitting any works. Info, Rules and F&Q
Cosplay is our Life
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Created Nov 2012
where cosplayers and cosplay lovers come together!
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100% P u r e . L o v e
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Created Jul 2007
Hey there and welcome to F o r e v e r . M i n e

This club is dedicated to all that is related to the pairing Inuyasha & Kagome! :blowkiss:


:bulletblue: Members gallery submissions require 1 vote from the admins [us] before it is posted by the group. This is to oversea possible art theft, duplicate submissions and TRACING.

:bulletblue: Tracing is prohibited. Yes it is part of the learning curb however we want to see YOUR art not art you have mimicked – besides it isn’t looked well upon by deviantART admins.

:bulletblue: Please try to limit your weekly submissions to a maximum of 3 a week. No one likes spam.


:bulletblue: All members can suggest favorites for the group, however they require an admin to approve the suggestion with a vote for it to be finalised.
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Cookies, Bedtime tea with DEATH!
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Created Oct 2011
Animu Tea Time is an anime/manga group that me and my friends made. It is run by us, and our stupidity.

The name is an inside joke.

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A Place For People Who Love Mice
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Created Jun 2011
:iconfurryglompplz: A Place For Mice Lovers Submit Pics Of Your Loved Mice Or Even Just Join For The Fun! :D No Pics Of Dead Mice Please Thx :)
Also MouseLovers Is A Place For People Who Love Mice Not Mice That You Use On A Computer But The Animal They Mean No Harm And Once You Own One As A Pet You Get Quite Used To Them!

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Home of Queen Funnehs
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Created Feb 2011
This Group is all about comics about our favorite band-Queen!

Plz join! :D
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Quality New Zealand Nudes
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Created Feb 2010
NZNude is a group that promotes quality New Zealand artwork that uses nudity in some form or another.

It is designed to bring together Kiwi deviantART contributors and models for networking and information exchange as well as to showcase the best of the artwork in our genre that is being produced in New Zealand.

The artwork covers the genres of Natural Nude, Artistic Nude, Fetish and Glamour. The emphasis is firmly on quality vs quantity and all artwork displayed here is expected to raise the profile, standing and respectability of our art.

We aim to promote the fact that Nude artwork can be beautiful, sexy and erotic but does not have to be Rude or Pornographic.

Search tags: New Zealand, NZ, Kiwi, Kiwis, Glamour, Glamor, Nude, Fetish, Artistic Nude, Natural Nude
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