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let's show them Syrians !
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Created Nov 2011
this group founded to create the largest gathering of designers Syria on the Internet
Recent Blog: Syrian Designers .. we need your support, submitted 344 weeks ago
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Created Feb 2011
We are a group focused on creating artwork pertaining to the medieval Crusades, to illustrate this most fascinating period of military history. All those who share our interest and love for the Crusades are welcome.
Together, We Change!
237 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
Top Shabab

Top Shabab is a youth organization focused on empowering youth to take up their share in improving the world and make them the future leaders.

Top Shabab started as Facebook group, and as time passed the number of members interested in joining that group increased, which helped us notice some potential talents in young people. Then, we came to a great discovery, if these talents and abilities were invested and directed to the right way, they can change the world and make it a better place to live in. And today, with more than 7,800 members on our Facebook group, our new website, the YouTube Channel and our accounts in all social media sites, Top Shabab is becoming a member of ROTA Youth Service Clubs around Qatar.

2011 Top Shabab
Recent Blog: One more Day!, submitted 436 weeks ago
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Created Mar 2012
    A group 4 Emirates Here we can express our feelings towards our { country } and our { rulers } :heart:
Gamestop Doratios
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Created Sep 2011
A bunch of dumb jerks who draw pictures.
Lebanese Bronies Unite!
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Created Jan 2013
Members: :iconthemam: :iconabcron: :icongusteaureeze: :iconoptimus91: :iconcanon-lb: :iconhope-n-forever: :iconhelsaabi: :icon3imad: :iconevilscaught: :iconmohammadnour:
Recent Blog: Lebanese Bronies Skype Group, submitted 246 weeks ago
Everything And Anything Cosplay
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Created Jul 2013
We are a group that is absolutely devoted to EVERYTHING Cosplay.
Recent Blog: Welcome~, submitted 270 weeks ago
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Created Aug 2010
this group specifically targets Anime Artists from the Arabian world
Recent Blog: Arab Anime Artists group rules and policies, submitted 424 weeks ago
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Created Mar 2007
Featuring Syrian photographers and artists and to share techniques and skills
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Created Jul 2012
this is a group dedicated to the iberian wolf. they are so unique in appearance that you simply could not compare any other wolf subspecies with it. they're rare however, not exactly on the endangered species list, but not very common that you spot one. they are found in zoos however, so you'll be lucky to chance upon one up close.
Recent Blog: where do you photograph your subjects?, submitted 261 weeks ago

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