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Created Jun 2017
This is a group for artists and authors that work on dystopian/sci-fi/apocalyptic universes.
Here, we are aiming at giving a space for artists/writers (or both) to participate in a platform where there work is fully recognised and gathered in one place where they can thrive.
We are interested in effort, concrete projects, and mutual aid.
This is a space for members to exchange about their projects without fear of having their works stolen and be able to receive feedback and help in order to publish/get recognition for their work.
Censorship is also not an aim here except in very severe cases : This is a space where ideas must thrive in the most natural way.
This is a global group : All languages are welcome.
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A WIP! Check back soon!
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Created Dec 2017
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Created Apr 2016
This is a group dedicated to JYP's super girl group TWICE! All fans of TWICE are welcome to contribute, so come join us!☆
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Created Jan 2018
Dangan Ronpa RP group. Discord based RP group with scheduled updates on our group page. We will have reservations, app checks, and full applications to fill out. Have fun here at Dreams of Hope Academy!!
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Ship Or Be Shipped <3
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Created May 2016
Howdy! Welcome to the group dedicated to Flowey x Frisk! Or also known as "Flowisk" & "Flisk". Enjoy your stay!
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It's like a drug.
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Created Oct 2012
Welcome to Bad Fanfiction! Here, we submit stuff that has to do with badfics, trollfics, Mary-Sues/Gary-Stu's, and lots of other stuff.

1): I don't care if you credit, have written permission or whatever, but PLAGIARISM will not be tolerated. If someone of the original artwork (dressup game, etc) asks you take it down, and you don't, I'll remove it from the group if I hear about it.
2): MSTing and sporking is allowed, provided you credit the original author.
3): Stamps are allowed if they have something to do with horrible fanfiction, Mary-Sues and the like.
4): Please, if you can, submit to the right folder. I'm not going to ban you for it, but is it a bit too much to ask?
5): NO dArama here, please.

I'll add more rules later when I think of them/the need arises.
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If it's pie, it's good
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Created Nov 2012
Nous sommes fabuleuse tarte .w. AND YOU JUST JELLEH 8D
all anime and videogames art
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Created Feb 2017
this group is for every artist that love anime and videogames and like a lot draw anime and game's characters
i hope that in this group every artist could see great draws and improve with his\her personal art (this count for me tooXD)
i hope that for every draws post here will be a lot of people that gives at the artist advice about how improve (of course you can only say "i like it" or "i don't like it" too but if you give advices the members will be greatful to you)
well i write a lot XD i still want say a thing:we will accept every tipe of art digital and traditional in every style
i hope that a lot of you join (especially artist still unknown)
mature art is accepted but without overdo it (you can show the naked body of the character but nothing more)
gore art is accepted too but always without overdo it (no draws too cruel and macabre if you can...yandere characters are ok)
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Created Aug 2013
Who doesn't love Cosplay! We dedicate this group to Cosplayers and fan artist from all over the world, but especially those in the Inland Empire of Southern California! We usually go to the AnimeExpo in Los Angeles and would like to go to others. Please put forth your best effort and help each other to improve upon your artistic endeavors! Hopefully you can get notices as well!
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Only a Shadow at Play
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Created Jan 2013
See that darkness flitting from the corner of your eye? Remember those whispering voices ringing about in your ears in the hours of the night? We can help you with that, dear person. We give you our word, the monsters you remember will be but a memory.

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