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Stories are meant to be told
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Created Oct 2011
This is a group made for the writers, artists and readers of an original collaboration story, The Bell Keeper. TBK is a tale of a young girl named Sakura Kurama who goes on an epic journey to overcome racism, corruption, and the war that threatens to completely dissolve the peace in Drasgard. Drasgard is a fantasy world that combines the properties of classic fantasy and sci-fi, as well as influences from anime, manga and RPG games.
Recent Blog: The Bell Keeper: Tinkle 33, submitted 206 weeks ago
- Open again -
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Created May 2017
A Warrior Cats roleplay group focusing on custom characters based on Clans by the seaside. Currently in despair and wrecking havoc on each other, they are faced by the fact that StarClan has abandoned them in their time of need.

Rules | Joining | History
Recent Blog: [ * * ] Clan Names Masterlist, submitted 18 weeks ago
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Created Aug 2017
Recent Blog: important please read, submitted 40 weeks ago
Infinite Tickles=Happiness
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Created Apr 2018
Welcome to xXThe-TickleverseXx, the one true Tickling Universe!!!!! where tickling of all kinds can be found! infinite tickling means infinite possibilities!!!!
Taming Trolls Within and Without
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Created Oct 2015
A group for playing an online "game" based on RPs and battling. Centered around Troll species based on real-life problems. To join, please check out the introductory material in the Featured Folder, particularly the ToS and Troll Avatar choice posts. If you have any questions or need clarification on any point, please do no hesitate to contact the group founder Yenzig; she doesn't bite!

**Originally established as 'Troll Warriorz' on April 11, 2014. Group renamed to 'Troll Reformation League' on December 9, 2014. Group re-established under its current 'Saint-Cain' name on October 18, 2015.
The Underbelly of Gotham...
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Created Nov 2013
This group is dedicated to those who prefer more adult situations with our favorite crime clown and the other characters of DC's Batman. We expect all artwork submitted to contain dark themes, anything else will be rejected/moved.

This group is a behind the scenes/underground/weaponry/black market/erotic side of things.

Preferred images uploaded into this group should be adult or close to it. (very strict mature settings encouraged) But we make exceptions on lesser erotic/violent pictures. Tasteful nudity is accepted and any erotic situations must fall within DA guidelines of explicitness. No penetration shots unless there is a censor-bar and erections are not allowed. Be discreet about erotica please!


Please follow the rules of DA allowable content!!!

Here is what will be accepted into our folders:

Featured: Will be decided upon the admins. Works chosen must be of decent quality, meaning no quick sketches, no half finished images. They need to be completed and draw in the audience. Literature is accepted as well as poetry.

Joker digital: Any completed Joker images made on computer are accepted here. Ocs can be accepted here as long as Joker is the primary focus. Harley Quinn is accepted in this folder if she is with Joker and he is primary focus! Otherwise it belongs in the bad girls folder!

Joker traditional: Any completed Joker images drawn or created by hand are accepted here. Ocs can be present as long as Joker is the primary focus. Harley Quinn is accepted in this folder if she is with Joker and he is the primary focus! Otherwise it belongs in the bad girls folder!

Joker spawn: Any children, grandchildren, clones, etc. This folder is the exception for ocs being alone in a picture, but they must be Joker's spawn! Literature on Spawn accepted here too.

Photo manipulation: screen-caps, computer generated edits, etc are placed here.

Joker literature: All Joker related stories are accepted but must carry some form of dark themes.

Good Guys of Gotham: DC canon characters go here and they must be good guys.

Good Girls of Gotham: DC canon characters go here and they must be good girls.

Bad Guys of Gotham: Any bad guys who are not Joker go here. :)

Bad girls of Gotham: Any bad girls go here. :)

Ocs and canon pics: This folder is for canon characters (not Joker, he has his own folder) and ocs together in any medium.

Recent Blog: It has been brought to my attention, submitted 232 weeks ago
Welcome to the City
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Created Feb 2018
Welcome to Frost City. Where people gather from all over the world to socialize, Work on art together, And just enjoy Transformation in general. I hope you enjoy living here

HOW TO JOIN: Theres a problem with the join button. So if you wish to join, just press the Watch button and I'll send you an invite
Recent Blog: TFCity Discord Server (Final Update (Hopefully)), submitted 3 weeks ago
Summon yourself a new friend!
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Created Apr 2018
Welcome to the Summoners Port! This is a place where summoners, masters, and fans of lolimps can gather and simply have fun talking with others about lolimps! You may need to be a member of the group to participate in certain lolimp related events, such as raffles and contests.
Recent Blog: Event Ideas, submitted 17 weeks ago
Icon by @Martith
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Created Jun 2017
This is a group for artists and authors that work on dystopian/sci-fi/apocalyptic universes.
Here, we are aiming at giving a space for artists/writers (or both) to participate in a platform where there work is fully recognised and gathered in one place where they can thrive.
We are interested in effort, concrete projects, and mutual aid.
This is a space for members to exchange about their projects without fear of having their works stolen and be able to receive feedback and help in order to publish/get recognition for their work.
Censorship is also not an aim here except in very severe cases : This is a space where ideas must thrive in the most natural way.
This is a global group : All languages are welcome.
Recent Blog: Synthwave OC requests !, submitted 65 weeks ago
The odd ones out...
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Created Jun 2018
TheLostStars is a Warrior Cats fan group that takes place in a post-apocalypse world where cats have to fight for food, clean water, and territory. Many challenges will face these clans as mutations occur and where prey becomes the predator.
Recent Blog: Raffle Spots In Group! [OPEN], submitted 21 hours ago

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