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Vixins Super
A new beginning!
80 Watchers
Created Oct 2017
A closed original species community that hopes to be fun for everyone!
Recent Blog: [ Reboot Guest Artist Sign-up! ], submitted 1 day ago
We love all animals!
89 Watchers
Created Dec 2016
If you are an animal lover, you've come to the right place! Join anytime!
For all your Tournament needs
72 Watchers
Created Jan 2018
for OC Tournaments from multiple fandoms (e.g Naruto, DBZ, Fairy Tail, Beach etc)
Ever wanted your Naruto OC take on a saiyan from the Dragonball world? Or your Bleach character fight someone in Boku no Hero? Or even show off your original characters more- Then heres your chance to possibly have one of those crazy freaking fights. Join here!

Note: This is LITERALLY just for fun; I dont wanna see no powerscalers in the comment section of this group bitching how one anime fandom is superior to another please and thank you
Welcome home.
5 Watchers
Created Nov 2017
Fractured hope co. is a group of utau-users, who create a group of utau, draws arts and write the story for them. Totally we are separate users who SOMETIMES collaborate.
Recent Blog: FRACTURED HOPE RAFFLE 1!, submitted 7 hours ago
Bass Cannon Babies!
64 Watchers
Created Nov 2017
Bazagons are an evolving species that grow and develop as you draw and write for them! Bazagons start off simple, but eventually become complex characters with relationships and stories all their own. What might your Bazagon become?

The group is currently open, but we're still starting out! Please excuse our dust!
Recent Blog: Biweekly Prompt #1, submitted 12 weeks ago
Closed for applications!★
77 Watchers
Created Feb 2018
A Cowboy Bebop/Outlaw Star inspired RP group set around bounty hunters in space.
Recent Blog: Bounty System and Shop, submitted 14 weeks ago
Robot Girls
82 Watchers
Created Sep 2011
An open group for gynoids and robot girls.
Nom Nom Nom
8 Watchers
Created Feb 2018
Kuchidemon is a semi-open species of flesh eating demons. They are recognizable for their main feature that is the massive mouths going from their necks to their hips.

The Group is officially open! Please check the MYO event
Recent Blog: Extended MYO opening event (OPEN), submitted 8 weeks ago
We're swimmers AND artists!
47 Watchers
Created Nov 2012
If you swim and have a passion for art this is a group for you! Even if you used to swim but still love the sport you can join this group too!

We're on a mission to find as many swimmers on dA as possible! If you swim join the group. If you know someone that swims tell them about the group.

We all have our favorite past times. But who says you can't have 2? That's also what this group is about, we all love swimming and we all love art. Why don't we all come together and form a group full of art-loving swimmers.
Excellence. Perfection. Quality.
13 Watchers
Created Jan 2012
This is an HARPG Group only for FateSpoiled and myself. We hope you like our horses!
Recent Blog: SWS Showing [SUMMER], submitted 266 weeks ago

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for hot boys and girls only!
Created 1 hour ago
Is this an RP group or a pigeon?
Created 12 hours ago
still working on it!
Created 9 hours ago
All welcomed in the stars
Created 5 hours ago
currently wip!
Created 17 hours ago
we are all mc noobs
Created 9 hours ago
Dressage, Jumping, Racing
Created 12 hours ago
semi-open species!
Created 19 hours ago
Under Construction, Watch Us
Created 21 hours ago

Created 3 hours ago

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