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We are here to serve you!
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Created Dec 2018
Welcome to Adoptables-Shopping! A Shopping full of cool stuff to buy! That may include ambitious brands (original species)! Come back when you can! ;)

If you want to be a seller here, join requests are automatically accepted!

ºONLY adoptables or stuff that you can sell. This is a shopping!
ºSubmit to the right folders!
ºMature content is ok, as long the mature content filter is here. Light mature content (censored nudity, floating limbs, swimsuits, people harmed, etc.) can be submitted without problems!
ºHave fun!
no adopts without dream ~
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Created Dec 2018
dreamy--adopts is a group for designs collection.. as we can say, there would no adopts without a dream ~
★ Just an adoptable group
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Created Dec 2018
Is just an adoptable group. In this group you can find the best oc for you, if you plan to search for a new one.
This is a group for animal adopts: POINT adopts and OTA.
Bases are also allowed.
Recent Blog: Adopts: Pups for Sale!, submitted 6 days ago
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Created Nov 2018
A disaster is coming fast and it is not natural. It will destroy all that we have worked for. The disaster will happen immediately after the Eclipse arrives. it is up to us to rally together as a community and stop it. Now I have a question for you, are you ready to protect our precious art gallery?
Join Us In The Rainforest!
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Created Nov 2018
This is a group about the original species, Rabitookanas. (See information:…)
Created by Kindnese , we hope this group will thrive!
Rabitookanas are a species in which you must adopt or ask permission to create one.
If you got a rabitookana, and are an artist, by all means, submit art of your rabitookana here.

Give us a llama! :D
We’d appreciate it!
Recent Blog: Questions and Answers, submitted 3 weeks ago
create, share, trade, sell, gift
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Created Dec 2018
An adoptable group for people to make adopts to sell, trade, give away etc!
adopt some adopts lmao
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Created Dec 2018
Post some adopts and.. adopt some adopts!
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Created Nov 2018
A group were you can make your own Canine characters to enter in contests, activities and other fun things! this is an ARPG, your character will receive medals, awards and achievements upon completing certain tasks!
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Created Nov 2018
Hey ! Ici c'est un groupe pour parler de pleins de trucs ! Tu peux mettre tes dessins et le groupe donnera son avis ! Allez ! Viens nous rejoindre !
#Bems #Bem "Bellymunchers
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Created Dec 2018
Welcome to the main home of Belly Munchers! You can call them Bems for short. Here you can join in events, adopt, buy items and much much more!
Recent Blog: {Lore on Belly Munchers Origins}, submitted 5 days ago

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