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@ProbablyAPotato for the icon!
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Created Sep 2018
Adopts that are not only in need of a home but also in need of some TLC
sharing is caring
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Created Aug 2018
Group from Adoptable Lovers to Adoptable Lovers.

We share all the adopts everywhere - among different platforms: IG, Twitter, TH, FB. Just send us a message.

Before submitting anything, please read our rules:

If you want to suggest something, write here:

Our links:
TH World:…
FB Page:…
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Sell Your Skills!
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Created Sep 2018
We Help To Share Your Undiscovered Commission And Adopts.. Submission Are Appreciated For Us!
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Closed Species
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Created Sep 2018
This group is home to a closed species called Soultors. They exist back when Gods were around in Norse mythology. They are a combination of a crow, snake, and wolf and were created by Hel herself.
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Created Sep 2018
Welcome to the Superhuman Paranormal Investigative Agency (SPIA) Project Comics and Stories.

Fire-themed characters, dragons, volcanoes, armored charcters, superheroes and villains and those in between, crime fiction...are all welcome here!

1. Please respect the authority of the administrator.
2. Violence/Gore and mild strong language are permitted; but adult (+18) material
is NOT permitted at anytime and anyplace!!!
3. Sensitive topics (involving religion, race, politics, etc) are NOT permitted at anytime!
4. Fanfictions are to be put into that folder
5. Please show respect to other artists' creations, and don't harass them for any reasons; instead
talk it out with respect.
6. Have fun with your own art and writing skills!
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Created Sep 2018
Jeku Kusanagi is the Leader of Justice Fighters, to protect of Planet Earth and other Galaxies with their supports Ultimate Defender, his best friend Ethan Tidwell who leader of their group, He recruiting any fighters wants to join and they agreed to stop any evil villains to rule or destroyed earth or galaxies at any cost!
Recent Blog: Justice Fighters, submitted 50 weeks ago
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Created Sep 2018
Welcome to the Group, If you like to Support the Shipping, you are allowed to. in This AcientShipping, Everyone must Respect each other. Also you can Draw Them as well. So We must Be fair on Every Term.
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Created Sep 2018
A place where the Closed Species named OcculVoids live.
You can join anytime!
Part of TheIslandUniverse
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Created Sep 2018
a about we are here to Adopts undertake Au's everyone is welcome to a adopts ^-^
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under construction
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Created Aug 2018
Drobbos are a semi-closed species created by snozzzz! They're tiny, gooey, and most importantly adorable chinese dragons.

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