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enter a new era of DA
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Created Jan 2018
this group will be host to all created breeds by the Deviant IcyMountainKennels

Aussie Mountian Dog

The Aussie Mountian dog is a fairly new breed, having originated in Australia in a small farming town located in the coalfields of central Queensland. they were developed for their high prey drive making them an excellent around working dog. Their long-legged thin body is well suited for the harsh Australian climinets in which they work in, they can run for miles without need a break.

Though developed for herding, people have started to expand their use from guard dogs to hunting dogs, they work wonderful alone but if brought up with others they work great in groups. There are reports of farmers using them as livestock guraiden dogs. Many breeds were matched together to create the AMD ( a shortening of the name) a few including the German shepherd dog, Australian cattle dog, kelpie and the dingo, there are reports that the Australian stumpy tail cattle dog has been add to give the dogs their well known short tail.

Australian Indian Hound
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Lovers of wildlife and nature
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Created Jan 2013
This is a group that focuses on nature, wildlife and the elements. Any type of deviation is welcome, but we mostly have photographs. To maintain a high standard of work submissions to featured will be reviewed but you only need one vote to get your devation onto this page. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 10 SUBMISSIONS A DAY. If you wish to be a co-founder then please message me. I'm not on all the time but i will be happy to reply to any questions you need answered. Enjoy :)
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Created Jun 2017
Maeffles are small, rodent like creatures, that share some resemblance with snakes! They are a closed species, and are still a WIP, but we shall get there eventually!

They live on the same planet as :iconastrolytes:
Go check them out! They are a semi-open evolving species!~
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Created Nov 2017
home for all your Australian Kelpie needs from working titles to conformation shows or just general information to answer all your questions.
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Created Oct 2015
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Created Feb 2018
.: A group for all of my PKMNation stuff! :.


Welcome to the Almia Region, home to Pokemon of all shapes, sizes, patterns and types. There's even crosses between Pokemon breeds, too! Please consider paying us a visit!
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Created Aug 2010
This is an Australian DeviantART Group for any deviants and members around Australia.
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Created May 2010
Words from the heart allows you to express your feelings without being told that you shouldn't write that. We accept any type of poetry or writing. We don't criticize you on on your writing unless you want to.
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Created Oct 2011
This group was created for all who love cross hatching. anything and everything to do with cross hatching will be accepted, such as fan art, portraits, etc, etc
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Created Sep 2013
twilight training sack aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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