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enter a new era of DA
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Created Jan 2018
this group will be host to all created breeds by the Deviant IcyMountainKennels
Recent Blog: Australian Buhund hound standard, submitted 3 weeks ago
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Created Sep 2015
I Am Heavy Weapons SpringTrap and i will kill you
Hi Im The owner of you if you join this is team fortess 2 and Fnaf in one!
Lovers of wildlife and nature
52 Watchers
Created Jan 2013
This is a group that focuses on nature, wildlife and the elements. Any type of deviation is welcome, but we mostly have photographs. To maintain a high standard of work submissions to featured will be reviewed but you only need one vote to get your devation onto this page. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 10 SUBMISSIONS A DAY. If you wish to be a co-founder then please message me. I'm not on all the time but i will be happy to reply to any questions you need answered. Enjoy :)
Recent Blog: More help needed :), submitted 256 weeks ago
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Created Aug 2010
This is an Australian DeviantART Group for any deviants and members around Australia.
Recent Blog: REQESTS - FROM OC's to Basically anything, submitted 121 weeks ago
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Created May 2010
Words from the heart allows you to express your feelings without being told that you shouldn't write that. We accept any type of poetry or writing. We don't criticize you on on your writing unless you want to.
Recent Blog: My Lecture on Art, submitted 335 weeks ago
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Created Nov 2012
I first group ive ever made <3 Hi byez Lols :):):)
Recent Blog: About us: Hello-fantagianz-15, submitted 313 weeks ago
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Created Oct 2011
Where you put our team mates in the group, where my fav or gallery pics is posted
Recent Blog: hi, remember about contest, submitted 350 weeks ago
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Created Aug 2011
This is a New group designed to have Deviants in the Gold coast all the way up to Sunshine coast to meet up and have some fun discussing art, taking pictures, drawing. things like that. FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR ARTISTIC PIECES HERE!
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Created Jun 2012
hey everybody everyone is invited to this group but this group need to have cute hot sexy pictures in it and also when it is some one's birthday you need to make a super cute animal.
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Created Oct 2018
This group is dedicated to MMD users on DA who are Australian and love MMD. Please feel free to share your creative ideas and inspirations. You can post your models as long as they follow the guidelines of MMD


* This group is free for anyone to join but the main focus of the group is to bring the Australian MMDers together
* Please dont bully members here. People who bully will be removed.
* Please be nice and give creative criticisim
* No R18+, Hentai, Child Pornography, Hateful, Self Harm
* If you feel like you are being bullied please notify an admin

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