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tg, cd, tv, feminization, sissy
2,762 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
The group for all who like TG, CD, TV people! Welcome to the largest DA transgenders group!
~ Come in and sell ~
554 Watchers
Created Apr 2015
~ Come in and sell adoptables, artworks and crafty things ~

This is a group that allowed most kind of adoptables °u°
Whether they are perfectly drawn or not. Everyone deserves a chance ^v^

We don't accept My Little Pony (chibi horses in own styles without cutiemark are welcome), Disney, Pokemon or other fandom adopts.
Recent Blog: -IMPORTANT- because of MLP, Pokemon and so on, submitted 154 weeks ago
Dedication A2Z
1,676 Watchers
Created Sep 2012
deviantart Design, Digital Art , Graphics Design, Photography,stock collection
Recent Blog: 25 Days of Xmas - The Stocks Edition~CHRISTMAS DAY, submitted 81 weeks ago
devMEET Community Stuttgart
102 Watchers
Created Jul 2009
We're a devMEET Group for deviantART-Meets in Stuttgart/Germany
clouds, we love clouds!
359 Watchers
Created Feb 2018
- Adopts
- Auctions
- Bases
- Gacha customs
and much more
come on everybody!
592 Watchers
Created Jun 2009
Devianteurs, devianteuses,

Suite à l'événement de l'année 2009, à savoir le tout premier Official deviantMEET Parisien avec le staff de dA pendant le World Tour, et voyant le nombre de personnes déçues de ne pas avoir pu y participer, TheNeoShaman a décidé de créer un Group servant au lancement de grands meetings afin de rassembler la population française de deviantART.

Nous espérons que cette idée vous plaira et que vous serez nombreux et nombreuses à y participer.


Dear Deviants,

Following the event of 2009, namely the first Official Parisian deviantMEET hosted by dA staff members during the World Tour, and seeing the number of people disappointed that they were not able to make it, TheNeoShaman decided to create a Group that will be used to launch big meetings in order to gather the French population of DeviantART.

We hope that you will like this idea and that you will be a lot to take part.
Recent Blog: devRACLETTE (v.48) - 17 decembre 2016, submitted 84 weeks ago
Here we learn to love all OC
756 Watchers
Created Feb 2012
This is a group for love to all OC.
We can learn to love all OC :heart:
Recent Blog: Need help, submitted 4 weeks ago
For Realzies?
309 Watchers
Created Oct 2014
This is a group dedicated to a character from the Movie Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

Like those of her bandmates Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk's bat-like wings are translucent and non-feathered.

In music terms, the word "sonata" refers to a composition for an instrumental soloist, often with a piano accompaniment.
Recent Blog: Answer:, submitted 175 weeks ago
Let's meet in Finland!
58 Watchers
Created Jul 2010
Hi! We're #devMEET-Finland and we would like to have some meetings in Finland.

Hei! Olemme #devMEET-Finland eli Suomen devMEET-ryhmä. Tavoitteenamme on järjestä tapaamisia deviantARTin käyttäjien kesken Suomessa.

Liittyminen meihin ei sido sinua mihinkään. Voit myös vain seurata meitä.

Jos tahtoisit järjestää tapaamisen, luo uusi blogikirjoitus ryhmään. Ilmoita, milloin ja missä olisi kiva järjestää tapaaminen. Tapahtumaidean kirjoittaminen blogiin ei myöskään sido sinua mihinkään. Voit myös tiedustella, jos joku muu olisi halukas lähtemään samaan paikkaan, jolloin siellä olisi mahdollisuus tavata toisensa.

Ryhmä on tällä hetkellä melko epäaktiivinen, mutta olisi erittäin mukavaa, jos saisimme tänne jonkinlaista aktiivisuutta.
Recent Blog: Miitti#228, submitted 111 weeks ago
326 Watchers
Created Oct 2012
For all Gruvia Lovers and Fans , here welcomes all from text to art :)
Welcome :icononionsmileplz:
Recent Blog: Gruvia Week ( read more ), submitted 276 weeks ago

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