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Tips and Tricks about using dA
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Created Dec 2009
This is your one stop shop for all your need to know about dA. If you're not sure how something works or you just want to give someone a decent tutorial, you'll find it all here. Are we missing something? If you have it, join our group and submit it yourself! Our weekly blog posts link you to the most recent goings on on dA, from concerns to new features to contests and events.
Forever loving! We need a home..
563 Watchers
Created Jun 2017
Recent Blog: OTA CHARACTER PURGE, submitted 2 weeks ago
Driftlings Super
Drift Away
373 Watchers
Created Jul 2017
Driftlings - Hold on tightly~
Home of the Served.
139 Watchers
Created Jun 2010
This group is for deviantART's former ^ and @ only!
Recent Blog: Any volunteers?, submitted 380 weeks ago
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Created Oct 2018
Greetings fellow artistic homo sapiens (specifically those who partake in the illustrious creation of adoptable designs). Feel welcome to join "Team Adoptables"; mi casa, su casa.

Press "F" to join the group ;>
Recent Blog: Adoptable Artists Feature | December, submitted 1 day ago
Love for Cake and Birthdays~!
264 Watchers
Created Oct 2010
A place to Trade, Gift and Share the joys of making one smile and feel good! This can be done with the aid of using DA's lovely Cake Badges or perhaps you'd rather draw a picture with a cake involved? The Cake Badge is enjoyed different ways by many folks but the idea for this place is to support ALL those ways and bring a group together where folks can help others feel good rather from a simple act to create a smile or from something larger to get a Really Big Hug! The depth of it is up to you and what makes it fun!
Recent Blog: None atm!, submitted 292 weeks ago
Inspiring Medals of Honour!
865 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
The Official dA Senior Group!
Senior Members are users who have a medal as their symbol on DeviantArt.

This group serves as a connection between Senior Members and the DeviantArt community. Only Senior Members may join this group as a Member. However, all deviants can get involved with our current happenings by watching us to stay tuned for our latest updates. Please browse the group for more Senior-related information.
All deviations accepted!
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Created Jan 2015
-=For any kind of adoptables and general art!=-
Recent Blog: Holiday Clearance!! (OPEN) MASSIVE SALE!!!, submitted 1 week ago
Addicted to Adoptables ♥
745 Watchers
Created Sep 2012
Love adoptable characters? Need a character fast and having trouble coming up with a design? Made some adopts and they aren't selling so well? You've come to the right place!
Recent Blog: Adoptable Theft, submitted 153 weeks ago
SymphPond Super
Best quality: their wiggles!
353 Watchers
Created Mar 2018
This is a group for the closed species Symphonies!
Recent Blog: About the Wishing Well, submitted 3 days ago

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