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dAmn It All!
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Created Jan 2010
A group dedicated entirely to the official Legend emoticons and other chat friendly emotes.
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Created Jan 2012
Something mainly for the fans of the Creepypasta "Sonic.exe"

And before anyone bitches, this is NOT an anti-God group. So please don't complain about the "I am God" thing

Please, please, PLEASE put your art in the correct folders! I can NOT stress this enough! The mods here can't do all the work you know, as Sonic.exe has quite a bit of art of him. So let me break this down for you.

Sonic.exe himself: This folder is just for Sonic.exe SOLO! If other characters appear, including Sonic himself, it does not belong in this folder. This is not limited to super/human forms, so if you have a super sonic.exe, go ahead and put it in there. Just as long as it's solo.

Other Official Characters as .exe: This is for other OFFICIAL characters as EXE's, not so called "original fan made" characters. This folder is only for any characters from either the games, Archie/SatAM, Fleetway, X, Underground, Adventures, OVA, or published by either Sega or Sonic Team. However, this is not limited to just the Sega universe. If you have something like 'Mario.exe', then he would qualify for and official character. However Megaman.exe is not acceptable since that's the battle network series and not a '.exe' like Sonic.exe. alsobecausebattlenetworksuckedhorriblyjustlikelegends

.exe Fan Characters: This is the folder where you put your Sonic.exe fan characters, or the .exe form of the character. If it's a group of fan characters as EXE's, they still go in this folder. Again, this is not limited to just Sonic fan characters. Just as long as it's not battle network FC's, then were good.

Group:This folder is for anything involving more than one exe character. If it's an OC with an FC, they can be here. Also note, if Sonic is in the picture it still counts as a group picture due to them being separate beings.

Writing: This folder is for anything in writing. Pretty much self explanatory.

Stamps and Icons: A folder for anything that is an icon or is a stamp goes here. Again, pretty much self explanatory.

Sprites: A folder anything sprite related goes in here. No matter what it is.

Misc: This folder is for couples, random comics, or anything random.

Photos: This folder is for anything that is for anything that has been photographed. Like sprites, no matter what it is it goes here.
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Tasty Adopts from A to Z!
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Created Feb 2014
Buy, sell, trade, and browse adopts!
dark, black, art
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Created Dec 2010
This group is for all the dark artists and dark art lovers.

No rules!
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Beware of Cuteness❤
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Created Nov 2014
Join our kawaii group army if you are a cute or kawaii artist. Also, don't forget to invite your friends, it will be greatly appreciated. c:
Find Cheap or Free Art here.
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Created Aug 2012
Unless other commission groups, we focus on free requests or limited commission sales!
We are based on drawings only, so please do not submit any adoptables, even if they are free. We also don't feature artisan crafts or any items sold.
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Share The Love Of Da Around!
360 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
This group is for everybody who love's DA , everything related to DA will come in this group !
And the art thats in here is made by/for/with DA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be sure to visit the page of one of our affiliates
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Inspiring Medals of Honour!
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Created Jan 2011
The Official dA Senior Group!
Senior Members are users who have a medal as their symbol on DeviantArt.

This group serves as a connection between Senior Members and the DeviantArt community. Only Senior Members may join this group as a Member. However, all deviants can get involved with our current happenings by watching us to stay tuned for our latest updates. Please browse the group for more Senior-related information.
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The Helping Hand of deviantART.
657 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
Here at the Deviant Mentor program, we pair newer artists up with seasoned ones to give advice, critique, and encouragement. We're here to support new or growing artists of the deviantART community and to make a difference in their art lives.
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Features and more!
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Created Feb 2014

Feature schedule

- Monday -

Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Theme spotlight Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara

- Tuesday -

Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Medium Spotlight Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara

- Wednesday -

Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Artist Spotlight Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara

- Thursday -

Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara News and events around dA  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara

- Friday -

Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Awesome articles and features Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara

- Saturday -

Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Members Spotlight Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara

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