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Haunted-by-Humans-RP Super
Under construction 1% done
896 Watchers
Created Mar 2018
A long time ago, when humans started to summon heroes... demons started to be extinct.
Be a demon... or an adventurer that subjugates them.
Welcome to "Haunted-by-Humans-RP", an role playing group in a fantasy sword and magic setting.
Recent Blog: Quest Board, submitted 10 hours ago
105 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
♥ Join us in this mysterious world ♥
Recent Blog: Ookamonos Masterlist, submitted 6 weeks ago
Wisped Cream
220 Watchers
Created Jun 2015
This group is dedicated to Wispies, a collection of an original closed species by FiestyDreams.
Recent Blog: Official Group/Species Rules, submitted 143 weeks ago
For every one Photoshop
274 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
Those who work with Photoshop CS3!!
From beginner to moderate / intermediate to advanced and professional!!
All are welcome!

Icon is modified of chaser123chris's deviation.
Recent Blog: It's been a while + Update, submitted 330 weeks ago
Obsessed with llamas!
469 Watchers
Created Jun 2016
This is a llama badge trading post, for the collectors!

Keywords for search:
llama llamas
llama badge
llama badges
llama trader
llama traders
With Icing and Sprinkles on Top
568 Watchers
Created Oct 2017
We Accept All Adopts! Buy, Sell, Trade, Gift, and Adopt! :D
Recent Blog: CHEAP AUCTION ADOPTABLE!! 25 points SB!!, submitted 1 hour ago
Pocket-Island Super
When In Doubt: Blame the Pidgey
386 Watchers
Created May 2015
We are a Pokemon collection, RP, and Art group that is focused around doing multiple things based upon the Pokemon universe!
Recent Blog: (Pocket-Island) Safari Zone, submitted 142 weeks ago
Adopt a Treasure!
836 Watchers
Created Jul 2013
Every adoptable is a valued treasure! Come find yours today! We accept most kinds.
Recent Blog: A reminder., submitted 1 week ago
For all your Sweet Tooth Desires
777 Watchers
Created Jan 2013
Welcome to the CandyLand where ALL sweet tooth desires are welcome!
Recent Blog: And the WINNERS are:, submitted 267 weeks ago
Adopt an Ikon!
197 Watchers
Created Aug 2013
1. Be nice and friendly
2. Make sure to add pics to the folder that it belongs in
3. If you don't want your Ikon anymore give it to who you got it from OR Tomboy-Kei. They will most likely be put back up for adoption or put in a box
4. Have a fun time
5. If you leave the group, your ikons are no longer yours and they will be taken back and may be put up for adoption again , Sorry they are a closed species ♥
Recent Blog: HELLOHELLO THIS IS AN IMPORTANT UPDATE!!, submitted 104 weeks ago

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