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For all your Sweet Tooth Desires
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Created Jan 2013
Welcome to the CandyLand where ALL sweet tooth desires are welcome!
Glam up your profile
780 Watchers
Created Jul 2012
Premium and non premium members can come here to get resources, tips, and images to add some flare to their profiles.
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Obsessed with llamas!
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Created Jun 2016
This is a llama badge trading post, for the collectors!

Keywords for search:
llama llamas
llama badge
llama badges
llama trader
llama traders
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Created Jan 2012
Something mainly for the fans of the Creepypasta "Sonic.exe"

And before anyone bitches, this is NOT an anti-God group. So please don't complain about the "I am God" thing

Please, please, PLEASE put your art in the correct folders! I can NOT stress this enough! The mods here can't do all the work you know, as Sonic.exe has quite a bit of art of him. So let me break this down for you.

Sonic.exe himself: This folder is just for Sonic.exe SOLO! If other characters appear, including Sonic himself, it does not belong in this folder. This is not limited to super/human forms, so if you have a super sonic.exe, go ahead and put it in there. Just as long as it's solo.

Other Official Characters as .exe: This is for other OFFICIAL characters as EXE's, not so called "original fan made" characters. This folder is only for any characters from either the games, Archie/SatAM, Fleetway, X, Underground, Adventures, OVA, or published by either Sega or Sonic Team. However, this is not limited to just the Sega universe. If you have something like 'Mario.exe', then he would qualify for and official character. However Megaman.exe is not acceptable since that's the battle network series and not a '.exe' like Sonic.exe. alsobecausebattlenetworksuckedhorriblyjustlikelegends

.exe Fan Characters: This is the folder where you put your Sonic.exe fan characters, or the .exe form of the character. If it's a group of fan characters as EXE's, they still go in this folder. Again, this is not limited to just Sonic fan characters. Just as long as it's not battle network FC's, then were good.

Group:This folder is for anything involving more than one exe character. If it's an OC with an FC, they can be here. Also note, if Sonic is in the picture it still counts as a group picture due to them being separate beings.

Writing: This folder is for anything in writing. Pretty much self explanatory.

Stamps and Icons: A folder for anything that is an icon or is a stamp goes here. Again, pretty much self explanatory.

Sprites: A folder anything sprite related goes in here. No matter what it is.

Misc: This folder is for couples, random comics, or anything random.

Photos: This folder is for anything that is for anything that has been photographed. Like sprites, no matter what it is it goes here.
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579 Watchers
Created Nov 2010
Ever get a shitty group rejection? NOT UP IN HURR YA WONT
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Everything But Nikon
785 Watchers
Created Jun 2010
the place for Nikon addicted, for everyone in the world
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Best quality: their wiggles!
182 Watchers
Created Mar 2018
This is a group for the closed species Symphonies!
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icon base by xipako font by pjuk
589 Watchers
Created Jan 2017
A group where all kind of advertisement are accepted,from commissions to adoptables and contests!
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Its like ball of life but adopts
806 Watchers
Created Jun 2016
Its like, "ball is life" but instead its for adopts. Any and all adoptables welcome!!!
Spelled so right it's wrong
819 Watchers
Created Jan 2013
An adoptables group I created with my friends ^_^ It's a place for all honest adopt makers and buyers to come together, and everyone is welcome
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