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More adopts = more happy people!
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Created Nov 2015
Just another adoptable group on deviantart. We look at all types of adoptables and even ychs!
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Tokotas Super
every time is toko time
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Created Jun 2014
Welcome to the Tokota family! We are an independent rideable closed species ARPG with plenty of awesome features - including breeding, hunting, fishing and competing - to explore.

Please feel welcome to ask questions when you want, make suggestions if you want, you are even encouraged to make a polite complaint if something bothers you. This group is dedicated to keeping an open mind and welcoming attitude.

And an extra thanks to all members who form the squishy nougat center of our little group!
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Everything is Unlimited
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Created Jul 2014
Please send a note to KazeraVX if any of the folders are full, or if you need assistance with something else related to the group.

This group is to help fellow deviants expose their artwork. Whether its drawing to stamps it will be accepted! Contests that will award you premium accounts will take place occasionally!

:bulletorange: Everyone's free to be a part of our group! Simply click "Join Our Group" and your request will automatically be accepted, at which point you can start submitting deviations.


:bulletyellow: Deviations created merely to spread hate messages and/or bully other deviants will be promptly removed. Members are encouraged to contact us by note to report submissions to our gallery that are inflammatory. Continued submission of this kind of material will result in a permanent block from the group. This type of art is not what we as a group are trying to promote.

:bulletgreen: Those who submit their art to the Featured folder, we want to let you know that the Founder selects which art goes in the featured folder. You can submit your art into the other folders as much as you want but in the Featured folder you only get to select five deviations for review, and if we like them, we'll add them to Featured.

:bulletblue: Please ensure that you are submitting to the CORRECT folder. If you accidentally submit to the wrong folder, please send us a note or leave a comment on the main page and let us know. We reserve the right to remove deviations entirely for not cooperating with the folder system.


:bulletpurple: Please treat others with respect. Any comments/posts with antagonistic remarks or hateful content will be removed. Continued behavior of this nature will result in a block from the group. Just be nice! :)

*NOTE: All opinions declared by artists who submit art to this group are not necessarily the opinions of this group.
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Points in, adopts out
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Created Jul 2013
Point, cash, free, and DTA adopts! You have them, we advertise them~
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Promoting YOUR adoptables~
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Created May 2013
Delightful-Adopts is an adoptable group that is here to promote and advertise your adoptables! We accept both feral (animal), furry and humanoid adoptables as well as original species. Join requests are automatically accepted so don't hesitate to come check us out!
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point cash trade offer auction..
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Created Jan 2013
Points, cash, draw2adopt, auctions, trades, offers, pallet adopts, eggs, humans, kemonomimi, anthro, canine, avian, reptiles, ponies/horses, original species, mixed adopts, raffle or give away, free and adoptable bases....all welcome!
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The right group for you!
5,297 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
Adopt-Commish-Shop is a group dedicated to being a place where people can post their Commission info, finished commissions, and adoptables to sell. We hope that you will enjoy your time here. If you need any help, please contact one of the admins. Have a wonderful day!
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Auction Adopts Here!
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Created Apr 2013
A group only for auctioning adoptables! Come join to have your artwork be discovered! If you are looking for that one special auction adoptable, here is the place to find it!
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Support the Artist
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Created May 2012
Before the group as well as by sending your photo/work, please read the Rules located on the main page of the Group.
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Adopt here!
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Created Jun 2012
Rainbow Icon by Mini-Umbrella Hello everyone! [:
This group was made for any kind of adoptable! If you want to buy or sell adoptables, here is the place to come! ^^ Rainbow Icon by Mini-Umbrella


Rules -

heart bullet by Reverrii No fighting, discrimination, racism, homophobia is allowed.
heart bullet by Reverrii No stealing art.
heart bullet by Reverrii No adoptables more than 3000 :points: or more than 30 dollars.
heart bullet by Reverrii No boring adoptables, they have to be original, and creative.
heart bullet by Reverrii This group is only for adoptables, nothing else.
heart bullet by Reverrii Feel free to advertise on our profile!
heart bullet by Reverrii If the adoptables are all bought, please remove it from the group.

heart bullet by Reverrii We admins do our best to keep the group organised. In the end, it is up to the members that submit to the corrrect folders that do. Please consider others while you submit to this group! Help make Cutest-Adoptables an easy group to buy and sell adoptables.

heart bullet by Reverrii Note the group if you have a problem, me or one of the other admins will be happy to help you!
- fatsob
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