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Created Jul 2012
English: This group is focused on art created by fans of anime series/manga/videogames/comics. We accept all kind of art (fan art, drawings, cosplays, wallpapers, gifs, etc). Please read our rules before joining the group.

Español: Este grupo se centra en arte creado por fans del anime/manga/videojuegos/comics. Aceptamos todo tipo de arte (fan art, dibujos, cosplays, wallpapers, gifs, etc). Por favor lee nuestras reglas antes de unirte al grupo.
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Official Group Weapon: Chair
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Created Sep 2012
Oriented around the hit YouTuber, "Markiplier"! Check out his Let's Plays!


Icon created by: anonymousXnightmare

Group originally founded and created by: ccucco
Red. White. Black. Yellow.
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Created Nov 2012
Welcome to RWBY!
Hello everyone, and welcome to this group dedicated to show fan art for Monty Oum's (:iconmontyoum:) RWBY.

Watch RWBY on YouTube or on the Rooster Teeth website !
If you're interested, please support Monty and the RWBY team by going to the Rooster Teeth store for the various volumes of RWBY on DVD or Bluray, the iconic soundtrack, all of the cool RWBY t-shirts, and more!

Monty's Rules on creating RWBY OC's and Teams
Enjoy our collection of art from RWBY fans everywhere! It's going to be a wonderful ride.
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Created Apr 2012
This is Adventure Times art fan club!:D
Where we all agree that ADVENTURE TIME ROCKS!!!!:squee:
Please join us!!!;P
Pony Liberation For All!
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Created Apr 2012
Free The Ponies, For Everypony! - Grab Your Ticket, Today!

We accept all original pony related artwork and literature, as long as it meets DeviantArt guidelines. Just submit to the 'Submission Box' and we will handle the rest!

Feel free to join if you're interested. We promise to be different from some groups you may find around Deviant Art - Yes, we know that's pretty vague, but that's part of the surprise! You'll just have to watch or join our group to find out what we have to offer, right?

Our main belief, however, is that every fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic deserves a place within the fandom. While some groups accept all forms of art, there are others that have an elitist view on what is and isn't acceptable, and we believe that this goes against the central premise of the show.
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Doll Creation Appreciation
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Created May 2012
You can check out the application here: (Contains adult material. Must be 18 years or older to view!)

You can check out the developer's Twitter here: if you have any suggestions or questions.

What's Kisekae 2, you ask? Well, it's a flash application developed by a Japanese Developer that goes by the name of "pochikou" which contains doll-like characters (based off of some of the main characters of the popular anime "K-On!") where you can manipulate their expressions, arm and leg positions, as well as changing their eye style, eye color, hair style, hair color, clothing, plus many more. This application is constantly updated with fixes and on the occasion adding in new features. This is a group focused on all of the deviants out there who enjoy messing around in this amazingly crafted application.
key code: three letters back
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Created Jun 2012
A Fan-Group for the ever so amazing, Gravity Falls series on Disney Channel! :dummy:
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A home for all things pony.
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Created Jun 2012
This will be a group dedicated towards artwork, comics, literature and other works all based around the TV show, My Little Pony.

Rules of Submission:

Art Theft - This is pretty straightforward. if anybody notices art that has been stolen, inform me immediately and I will carry things on from there.

Sex and Nude Art - While I'm more than willing to have risqué pictures in the gallery, I would ask that no outright nudity be shown. If you're unsure of whether the art you have in mind qualifies for this, attempt a submission and I will let you know if it can be accepted or not.

Violence and Gore - In a similar vein, art heavily depicting horrific images or excessive violence will not be permitted. Again, if you're unsure, submit and I will look it over.

Harassment - This right here is completely unacceptable. If any members of this group try to harass each other, action will be taken.

I hope that clears things up for all those just joining us. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Created Jun 2012
Still here!
Still active!
Still solving mysteries!

We are the Largest and #1 most active Gravity Falls group on DeviantArt.

Why join? We accept artwork from artists of all skill levels and do weekly features of the prime pieces that best represent our group.
We host events and contests!
We have an active, approachable staff!
Our folders are NEVER full!

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FiM's Shipping Factory
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Created Oct 2011
There have been many groups here on DA that promote My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic shipping groups. There has been a yuri, a yaoi, and a hetero group of FiM, but this group will bring ALL those under one group. This group brings together ALL different kinds of shipping for FiM under one group. Want to submit a Twixie fic or pic? Go right ahead. Have a Soarin X Big Macintosh fic to show? Then dump it here. Have a Sparity pic that you'd like to promote? Here is your group then. Every pairing whether it's yuri, yaoi, or hetero will be welcome here with open hooves. We promote love for every pairing of FiM out there and this group spreads the love for all pairings of every kind out there.
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