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Naruto Awesomeness!!
7,349 Watchers
Created Jul 2010

HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (1)(<---press this)

HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (2)(<----press this)

:below::star:RULES AND SUBMITION GUIDANCE:star::below:
:bulletgreen:First be nice to others
:bulletgreen:Second submit your art to the right folder ,If a member submit to the wrong folder,will get informed,{ so please keep the correspondence items(art/gallery requests)} and have to resubmit their own deviation to the right folder
:bulletblue:Admins of the group should let the members know why their deviation got rejected (usually wrong folder) and tell them where to submit if there is a wrong submition
:bulletblue:IF you want to join as an admin please contact with the founder.If admins are needed you will probably be accepted , if no more admins are needed you will be rejected.However we will be glad to join as a member.
:bulletgreen: You can submit to this group only if you are a member.
:bulletgreen:No porn, hard sexual deviations,nudity deviations
:bulletgreen: Cosplays are welcome
:bulletgreen: Have FUN
:bulletgreen: There is a limit on deviations (1 per week!)
:bulletgreen: You allowed to submit only your own work here
:bulletgreen: If you have any questions you can note the group

Right Submission's Journal(<-----press this)

Group-characters folder 2
Team 7
Team 7 folder 2
Team Gai
Team 8
Team 10
Sand Village
7 Legendery Swordman
3 Legendery Sannin
Your Own Characters -OC Naruto
10 tailed-beasts
Other chars-stuff

The Founder: :iconinsolem:
Recent Blog: Greetings everyone, submitted 193 weeks ago
Furry Sexiness~<3
8,768 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
furry, anthro character with sexiness!
Sexy females or males as anthro/furry character!
Recent Blog: ++Rules and Folders++, submitted 277 weeks ago
Welcome true believers
5,157 Watchers
Created Mar 2005
For all those who love drawing or writing about superheroes.
Recent Blog: New Folder ..., submitted 14 weeks ago
Cuteness overload!
21,544 Watchers
Created Mar 2008
All is accepted!
Recent Blog: ++Rules++, submitted 277 weeks ago
Claim a Warriors character!
3,526 Watchers
Created Oct 2009
A club for fans of the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter. When joining a member chooses one of the numerous cat characters from the book to claim as their own. ♥
Recent Blog: Contest WINNERS!, submitted 248 weeks ago
Fighting in the name of the Moon
2,687 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
A Fan group dedicated to the characters of the Sailor Moon universe as well as otaku senshi!
Recent Blog: The usual Greeting., submitted 181 weeks ago
A group dedicated to Apple fans!
1,428 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
A group for people who appreciate the work from Apple Inc.
This is for anyone who loves their Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad or any other products the company has produced.
Recent Blog: More categories, Looking for active contributers!, submitted 370 weeks ago
Spread Gerza´s Love! Erza-G
1,480 Watchers
Created Jun 2010
Yeah! Gerard and Erza, from Fairy Tail..
We will accept your picts about Gerard and Erza..
And, join to us, if you have pictures about them, they can fighting, hugging, kissing, or whatever...
The pictures can be from Manga, or you can draw them yourself or it can be sketch, or whatever... ^^
We will wait for your joining, just feel free to join us! :meow: nya~
Recent Blog: Gerza - Icon - Contest results!, submitted 311 weeks ago
Haruhi suzumiya
889 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
Hello i am chloe and me and my friend are looking for people who like yuki nagato because we cosplay as haruhi and mikuru but we need someone to be yuki so if u like anime and watch Haruhi suzumiya please let me know thanks you
Recent Blog: The Mystery of Haruhi Suzumiya, submitted 200 weeks ago
English/French Fan Club =D
1,509 Watchers
Created Aug 2011
We speak : Flag of France by tenderchick / :flagus: / :flaguk:

Blue-Yellow Flower by Snowfleet Share your Passion for T-M with us !
:bulletblue:All Join Request are directly approved ! ;)
:bulletblue:Toutes les demandes pour rejoindre le groupe sont directement approuvées ! ;)

Blue-Yellow Flower by Snowfleet Share your Art with all other Fans !
:bulletblue:You can post 5 deviations per week !
:bulletblue:Vous pouvez poster 5 déviations par semaine !

:bulletpurple:Rules about submission / Nos règles : typemoon-universe.deviantart.c…

Blue-Yellow Flower by Snowfleet One Feature Each Week !
:bulletblue:Themed of General, in a new journal.
:bulletblue:A thème, ou Générale, dans un nouveau journal.

Blue-Yellow Flower by Snowfleet Have Fun ! Amusez-vous !
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