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Naruto Awesomeness!!
7,330 Watchers
Created Jul 2010

HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (1)(<---press this)

HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (2)(<----press this)

:below::star:RULES AND SUBMITION GUIDANCE:star::below:
:bulletgreen:First be nice to others
:bulletgreen:Second submit your art to the right folder ,If a member submit to the wrong folder,will get informed,{ so please keep the correspondence items(art/gallery requests)} and have to resubmit their own deviation to the right folder
:bulletblue:Admins of the group should let the members know why their deviation got rejected (usually wrong folder) and tell them where to submit if there is a wrong submition
:bulletblue:IF you want to join as an admin please contact with the founder.If admins are needed you will probably be accepted , if no more admins are needed you will be rejected.However we will be glad to join as a member.
:bulletgreen: You can submit to this group only if you are a member.
:bulletgreen:No porn, hard sexual deviations,nudity deviations
:bulletgreen: Cosplays are welcome
:bulletgreen: Have FUN
:bulletgreen: There is a limit on deviations (1 per week!)
:bulletgreen: You allowed to submit only your own work here
:bulletgreen: If you have any questions you can note the group

Right Submission's Journal(<-----press this)

Group-characters folder 2
Team 7
Team 7 folder 2
Team Gai
Team 8
Team 10
Sand Village
7 Legendery Swordman
3 Legendery Sannin
Your Own Characters -OC Naruto
10 tailed-beasts
Other chars-stuff

The Founder: :iconinsolem:
Recent Blog: Greetings everyone, submitted 180 weeks ago
Furry Sexiness~<3
8,627 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
furry, anthro character with sexiness!
Sexy females or males as anthro/furry character!
Recent Blog: ++Rules and Folders++, submitted 264 weeks ago
Welcome true believers
5,071 Watchers
Created Mar 2005
For all those who love drawing or writing about superheroes.
Recent Blog: New Folder ..., submitted 1 week ago
Cuteness overload!
21,359 Watchers
Created Mar 2008
All is accepted!
Recent Blog: ++Rules++, submitted 264 weeks ago
Claim a Warriors character!
3,514 Watchers
Created Oct 2009
A club for fans of the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter. When joining a member chooses one of the numerous cat characters from the book to claim as their own. ♥
Recent Blog: Contest WINNERS!, submitted 235 weeks ago
Fighting in the name of the Moon
2,678 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
A Fan group dedicated to the characters of the Sailor Moon universe as well as otaku senshi!
Recent Blog: The usual Greeting., submitted 169 weeks ago
one piece
1,798 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
We are a One Piece group.
If You like this manga/anime, join us!
Be our nakama :3
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Gardien(nes) du Cristal
385 Watchers
Created Dec 2014
Groupe/FC francophone.
Vous voici sur le Fan Club dédié à Eldarya, ce nouveau site et jeu crée par Chinomiko, et visant principalement la communauté francophone des fans.

Venez découvrir les fanarts divers et variés tournant autour de ce monde féerique et mystérieux qu'est Eldarya.
Peu importe que vous fassiez partie de la Garde de l'Ombre, de l'Obsidienne ou encore de l'Absynthe, vous trouverez sûrement de quoi vous régaler les pupilles ~
Recent Blog: Do u wanna take back the group, submitted 32 weeks ago
Spyro OCs n FanArt Welcome here!
399 Watchers
Created Jul 2010
This is a group for everyone that has a Spyro OC, this group is here to suport fan OCs from Spyro and Skylanders OC then its both OCs that is for Classic and TLOS & Skylander Spyro. You can add pictures of your dragon or dragoness playing or anything else they do It is like a play place for your dragons More information will come.

1. How to Join ---> "Can i join".. Just click the button and i accept you into the group! :)

2. Hate art ARE NOT allowed. Harrassment to other members in the group is NOT allowed! if spamming, harrasment on group will lead to kicked out or blocked. NO hate art on SPyro or official/Canon Characters.

3. NO Anthro Dragons Allowed, only Anthro's allowed is if it is hybrid or own specie (no penises or nipples on it! >C) or a hybrid/mixed species anthro.

4. Humans Characters Are Not Allowed! But You can submit Elf/Elfs is Allowed. Only Human expection is Kaos & his Mother but only because they are Official/Canon "Spyro Villain".

5. Be Nice to the other members.

6. Crossovers ARE NOT allowed. Nightfuries is NOT Spyro specie! its HTTYD also a crossover.

7. Toys, sculptures, plushies and screenshots ARE NOT allowed.

8. NO Journals UNLESS they are FAN FICS Related.

9. If you have any Questions feel free to send a Note to ASK Me/Founder.

10. Bases, Vectors and Linearts will ONLY be accepted if it is for references. if you try submit it like anything else it will be denied.

11. NO Adoptables/Adoptions allowed.

12. Try submit to the right folders and listen to the admin. If user a user keep ignoring the rules and keep submits what is wrong over and over it can lead to being blocked from the group.

13. Dont spam the group with non related stuff unless it is a question about group, folders or if its contest.
Recent Blog: warning for spyro art and comic theif!, submitted 33 weeks ago
Natsu x Lucy
1,193 Watchers
Created Sep 2012
here submits all Nalu art and fan things!

Join if you are a Nalu hard fan ! Or just for fun .. xD

No shit comments .. because I will banned u then .

Everyone can join .. but if you hate Nalu then why even bother to read more?
Recent Blog: GrayXErzaXJellal, submitted 161 weeks ago

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