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Luktra is lyfe
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Created Jan 2017
Welcome to the home of Luktra shippers! :D

If you ship Lukas and Petra and you want to find other Luktra shippers, here's the place for you!

All MCSM ships may be platonic for now, but this is where you'll find other awesome peeps who LOVE LUKTRA!

Lukas x Petra FTW!!
just fyi
Rush (the founder) is incompetent at founder-ing. She literally doesn't know how to do anything right.
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We'll have a Skele-TON of fun!
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Created Oct 2015
Hello! :D This group is dedicated to Undertale fans!


- Submit art in the right folder
- Ask us anything
- Feel free to join
- Have fun
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Created Aug 2014
Hey! This Is a Group For Five Nights at Freddy's fans! FNAF Freddy Fazbear, Toy Bonnie Chica Foxy Mangle Puppet Balloon Boy comics fanfiction etc
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Created Nov 2014
The group for all the Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) lovers!
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Steven-Universe-FC Super
Steven Universe Fan Club!
12,946 Watchers
Created Mar 2015
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W-I-T-C-H-Ultimate Super
W.I.T.C.H. Is BACK... Forever!
7,712 Watchers
Created Apr 2013
This is a Super Group for W.I.T.C.H. fans!
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Kill the titans!
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Created May 2013
So like many of you know, there is an EPIC anime out there called Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese). Let us gather all the Attack on Titan fans here and share the love and awesomeness of this anime together!
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Red. White. Black. Yellow.
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Created Nov 2012
Welcome to RWBY!
Hello everyone, and welcome to this group dedicated to show fan art for Monty Oum's (:iconmontyoum:) RWBY.

Watch RWBY on YouTube or on the Rooster Teeth website !
If you're interested, please support Monty and the RWBY team by going to the Rooster Teeth store for the various volumes of RWBY on DVD or Bluray, the iconic soundtrack, all of the cool RWBY t-shirts, and more!

Monty's Rules on creating RWBY OC's and Teams
Enjoy our collection of art from RWBY fans everywhere! It's going to be a wonderful ride.
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Sex, Hentai, and Perverts!
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Created Mar 2013
Hentai, fetish, pervert material are all accepted here! This includes anything related to anime and sex. Submit all your perverted art work to this group for deviants to view and appreciate! (aka fap)
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Doll Creation Appreciation
3,673 Watchers
Created May 2012
You can check out the application here: (Contains adult material. Must be 18 years or older to view!)

You can check out the developer's Twitter here: if you have any suggestions or questions.

What's Kisekae 2, you ask? Well, it's a flash application developed by a Japanese Developer that goes by the name of "pochikou" which contains doll-like characters (based off of some of the main characters of the popular anime "K-On!") where you can manipulate their expressions, arm and leg positions, as well as changing their eye style, eye color, hair style, hair color, clothing, plus many more. This application is constantly updated with fixes and on the occasion adding in new features. This is a group focused on all of the deviants out there who enjoy messing around in this amazingly crafted application.
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