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Luktra is lyfe
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Created Jan 2017
Welcome to the home of Luktra shippers! :D

If you ship Lukas and Petra and you want to find other Luktra shippers, here's the place for you!

All MCSM ships may be platonic for now, but this is where you'll find other awesome peeps who LOVE LUKTRA!

Lukas x Petra FTW!!
just fyi
Rush (the founder) is incompetent at founder-ing. She literally doesn't know how to do anything right.
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Are you ready? ^_^
50 Watchers
Created Sep 2013
"My excited heart is about to burst with 1000% love"

We are a group completely dedicated to UtaPri 1000% (pardon the bad joke ^_^). So come on and "check it out!"
Smellerbee love ♥
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Created Jul 2010
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Doctor who cuteness overload!
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Created Nov 2014
A group dedicated to doctor who chibis, time babies, child AUs, and more!

1. No porn or very sexual themes
2. No gore
3. Submit things to the proper folder (group images or images of several of the folder subjects aside from crossovers go in featured)
4. Fanfiction is allowed so long as it follows the above rules
5. Child Reader fics go in OCs
6. All ships are welcome so long as the images or fan fiction displaying them follow the stated rules
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Souls of the Mountains (OPEN)
45 Watchers
Created May 2018
High Stone Warriors is a warrior cat RP group that is primarly discord based.
Call us cats...we DARE ya!
51 Watchers
Created Jan 2007
Millions of years ago the Goddess Althena created the world of Lunar, and inhabited it with humans, beasts, and many other creatures. But the protectors, guardians and greatest beasts of this world were none other than the Four Dragons.

Each consisting of one of four colors and one of four elements. White (ice) Blue (water) Red (fire) and Black (earth). Each also taking onto itself throughout the generations to protect the world of Lunar.

This is a club for the fans of these dragons from the Lunar games. For full information, please feel free to check the previous journal entries.
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#Disney's Recess #TheAshleys
7 Watchers
Created Dec 2017
Are you, like, a fan of Disney's Recess? Do you think it's just Scan-dal-ous that The Ashleys don't get as much love as other characters in this show?
Do you also love their scandalously silly shenanigans?
There is now a Group for you here. As long as you're both a fan of Disney's Recess, and you're like, a fan of The Ashleys, You're welcome to join.

Hello, It's Ashley fans Only.......Just kidding.
Your name doesn't have to be Ashley, but if it is... :)
I might invoke Rule 5 Article 3 of the Playground Constitution, Under Cliques.

Not Allowed:
No Rule 34 stuff - I Will NOT ALLOW THIS.
Don't be a jerk to other members.
Any fan art submitted must be relevant to the show.
No Photo shopped submissions please.
(If it's blatantly obvious, No, but repaint are welcome)
Basically, Do as best you can do....You can do it.
Be different, be original.
Jiraiya x Tsunade ~ JiraTsu
87 Watchers
Created Jul 2011
We're a group for fans of the Naruto pairing Jiraiya/Tsunade.
Recent Blog: The Jiraiya x Tsunade Group!!!, submitted 317 weeks ago
Zenki x Chiaki
33 Watchers
Created Aug 2012
We're a group for fans of the Zenki pairing Zenki/Chiaki Enno.
Recent Blog: The Zenki x Chiaki Group!!!, submitted 304 weeks ago
The Journey Will Change You...
50 Watchers
Created Apr 2017
I made this group for my story, Evolonn. It's a fantasy story and I would like to place fan art of my OCs from that story here in this group along with any drawings I personally do for the story.
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