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The this-is-Sparta! of MMDC
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Created Feb 2016
This group is focused on using MMD to produce fights/battle/action related artworks. MMD is a free amatorial animation/posing 3D software ( ). We mostly share useful downloadable contents (models, stages, accessories, motion data and so on) but also finished artworks. This is not an "all purposes" MMD group.

:bulletgreen: Submit MMD contents (DLCs, artworks, resources, tutorials, etc) only!
:bulletgreen: Submits MUST concern fights/combat/battles/action in MMD
:bulletgreen: Post artworks and DLCs in the proper folders
:bulletyellow: Password sharing: allowed under conditions (see README)
:bulletyellow: 3rd party's links: allowed under conditions (see README)
:bulletyellow: R18/NSFW contents: : allowed under conditions (see README)
:bulletred: DLCs for a fee (including DA points) are forbidden
:bulletred: "url shrinkers" links can be removed (see README)

Have fun and action with MMD! :D
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Learn draw traditional & digital
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Created Aug 2014
IN THIS GROUP, many many categories for :

manga, anime, photoshop, sai, illustrator, inskcape, vampire, western, drawing, drawings, tutorials, watercolor, traditionnal art, acrylic, scanning, comics, cartoon, realistic, superhero, manga, beginner, pin-up, and more and more, more, more stuff...

drawing tutorial
drawings tutorials
draw tutorial
learn drawing
apprendre dessiner
learn manga
learn landscape
water, fire, metal, p
lant, space art, body,
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For all your stage needs~
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Created Jul 2012
A MMD Group that focuses on stages to make your life easier when looking for the perfect stage for your video or picture.
Bases are Magic
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Created Sep 2012
A group for MLP FiM bases, all joins accepted!
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Created Dec 2011
This group is a resource for Paint tool Sai brushes

You can download paint tool sai for 30 days here or pirate it

Icon by Tazawa

Hope you enjoy this group!~
Read our info and blog!
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Created Jun 2011
This group exists to collect and organize non-pixel bases. These images are known by many different names, such as drawing bases, blank character models, reference sheets, body patterns, base figures, profile templates, fashion croquis, and custom adoptable bases. Basically, they are drawings of bodies without clothes (and usually without hair, eyes, or other defining features) that the creator allows other artists to use for their own image creations.
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Xnalara-Customized Super
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Created Dec 2010
This group is for any artists that have and want to display their xnalara custom models. Recolors, retextures, original, anything goes. If you made it and want to share it, please join. We also welcome people who just want to use the models. If you use Xnalara and are on the hunt for some new models to use, this is the club for you. We welcome all kinds of models. Items, sceneries, characters, animals. We want to spread the 3D love!
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HIGH QUALITY reference photos
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Created Feb 2011
This group offers high quality animal reference photos. Looking to draw a picture of a particular animal and need a reference? Want to improve your anatomy drawing skills? Looking for inspiration? This group it for you!

Each photo accepted into the group must meet a very specific set of guidelines designed to provide only the most useful references.

Whats the difference between us and other photography groups/ google images? Well unlike those forms of reference, you actually have permission to use these images by the photographers (be sure to read rules for specifics).

Photographers, this is a place to show off your best work and see how others interpret your photos in their art.
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Free Plush Patterns & Tutorials!
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Created Apr 2011
A collection of free patterns and tutorials for stuffed animals and dolls.
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MLP-VectorClub Super
Infinitely scalable ponies
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Created Apr 2011
This group promotes artists who do vector work in relation to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
It brings more of the true style and nature of the show to life. This group also works as a ground for collecting different vectors in one big gallery for easy browsing. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to use high-quality transparent images for comics, videos, t-shirts, posters, wallpapers, and so much more.
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