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promos, freebies, giveaways,
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Created Nov 2018
the official deviantArt group companion to the moneymonkies tumblr blog - providing you with tips and tricks and resources to make extra money/points. we're hoping to become dA's best resource for living cheaply, freebies, unique ways to earn, and more.
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Created Dec 2018
Here is a place for writers to share their work, fiction or non-fiction, poems, stories or articles. Submit them for constructive feedback, whether you are trying a new style, developing your technique or simply want something proofread, you can do it here!

Become a member and share writing tips, suggest creative kick-starters or simply read and enjoy the work of other writers.

NOTE: While all feedback given will attempt to be positive or constructive, sometimes it may not be what you wish to hear. Like all artforms people will always have differing opinions and the feedback given here is only to be taken as advice and not meant to cause offence or in any way criticise anyone's ability.
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Created Nov 2018
Grupa powiązana z Polskim Społeczeństwem Robloxa - PRC. Zapraszamy na naszego Facebooka:…

Grupa o tematyce graficznym związana z Robloxem mająca na celu uczyć i showcasować pracę członków.
Zaliczamy do niej:
- GFX (Grafika)
- Ubrania
- UI (interfejs w grze)

Dołącz do nas już dziś!
Recent Blog: Poszukiwany/Poszukiwana - osoba do tutoriali, submitted 2 weeks ago
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Created Nov 2018
Its a dump for references, what else could I say about it?

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