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Aesthetics for all
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Created Sep 2018
A group filled with F2U (free to use) assets for decorating your profile page! Whether your looking for wallpapers, dividers, bases, etc, we have it!
hello, are u made of pixels too?
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Created Sep 2018
welcome to 1-800-PIXELS-4-U!!
here we welcome all aesthetic pixel art resources.
wheter its space, candy, or even f2u pixel bases, you can submit them here!
if its not free to use, please say so in the description or the title of the deviation.
have fun and enjoy all the beautiful creations that everyone makes!
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Created Aug 2018
Needing advice or help? Then join this group with like minded people.

Everyone in this group should have an active interest in photography.

I just write journals with helpful photography information.
Recent Blog: Helpful photo journals, submitted 3 days ago
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Created Sep 2018
a group for those that make resources for tumblr rp such as icon psds, promo templates, mobile headers and more.
Recent Blog: RULES !, submitted 2 weeks ago
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Created Sep 2018
under construction under construction under construction
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Created Sep 2018
This is for any and all art focused on LGBT flags/ topics - This means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, and the focus will remain on these groups. Feel free to submit yours/others' work, as long as they are alright with it!

Note pixel-lgbt to be added to the group.
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Created Sep 2018
Hello everyone

tierd to look for free texture fotos? Wellcome to the group. All fotos you can find here are free to use (because of that. Please do not upload fotos you do not own or you do not want to share for free and without any credits).

This group is for a real free to use. Of cause we are happy for favs and naming the artist ^^ But it is up to you and your good education ;)

I am a huge fan of using textures to get life into my art. And I found there is a lot of things out there, but I always wonder about copyright and in the end I just use my own fotos. That's why I created this Group.

Enjoy the texture fotos made for the purpose of fotobashing or overlay them in your cool art ^^

I try to organize them for simple use. As a new group please be patient still figuring things out ^^
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Created Sep 2018
I want to create the environment of a place where artists can go to get better at art and get feedback for their art. It will be a little bit like a school, with assignments and weekly critique. The first few months of this group might be a bit of a free-for-all, until we build up enough people to effectively carry out my idea for this group. I will try my best to make the assignments applicable to every way of drawing, but I might have to eventually make different assignments for different kinds of art. Unfortunately, this group is only for people who draw or paint, so no photographers, writers, or others like that. I hope people are interested in this group and are happy to learn and improve. Happy drawing!

Recent Blog: Cartoon Skeleton Project, submitted 1 week ago
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Created Sep 2018
este grupo es para crear y compartir muñequitas verctoriadas :)

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