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You make it! We share!
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Created Mar 2014
We are PSD-Lover! You make PSDs and we share for all. You can upload your PSD at here, make your PSD more famous!!
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we connect artists to services
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Created Nov 2013
JiMi Agency is composed of two members. Jiny ("Ji") and Miso ("Mi")!

Our website :

We are currently based in Seoul. Between the two of us, we have participated in both anime and comic conventions iInternationally for more than 6 years.

Since living here, we've learned that there are items and services that are awesome, yet not widely available outside of Korea. Using our experience, convenient location and bilingual skill, we've decided to help link the resources here to the international Artist community.

Our current service is providing “Prism Bookmarks," also known as the shiny/sparkly bookmarks.

We aim to do more research and provide a variety of services in the near future, so stay tuned for more incredible products and goodies!
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arabic design
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Created Apr 2010
Arabian Artists only arabian artists , for the people who can't speack with english language
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Resource for Photoshop
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Created Aug 2013
Hello everybody /:love:/

NaResource - 1 group share resource Free đã đến DA :v

Ngoài resource bạn còn có thể up tut, art nhé ^^
link tại Zing (k hđ) :…
indonesian tutorial
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Created Oct 2013
Indonesian Animeartist Basecamp (lol)
share your knowledge about drawing here..
you can ask for critiques or suggestion for your art..
(closed group...only indonesian will be accepted, I want indonesian artist compete with japanese artist)

(not open yet, I'll create tutorial every week... may be will be open after I create more than 10 tutorial)
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Created Jan 2013
Dedicated to ulzzangs. Ulzzang is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking".
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Editing Group
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Created Dec 2017
Welcome to Servering-Team~

We're serve Materials & Tutorials Editing
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Created Oct 2013
Photoshop graphics software is used to process bitmap images as well as the professionalism of the company Adobe Systems, it can create all the effects that the user wants, even beyond expectations. With these tools and superior features, this is not one soft indispensable for anyone doing professional photos or graphics, to create the world's first full color and fantasy images.
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Created Feb 2014
Chào mừng các bạn đến với I-LOVE-PS ~
Group được lập ra để các bạn Share phụ kiện Photoshop mà các bạn tìm được hoặc làm ra . Nhưng như vậy cũng không có nghĩa là không được đăng ART nhé ^^ Nếu có hứng thú các bạn hãy Click nút "Join Group" để tham gia và cùng xây dựng Group nhé! Thanks for Watching ^^!~
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Created Mar 2012
Provide Resources ,Tutorials and Chatting With Peoples
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