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Tutorials and Resources
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Created Dec 2009
Welcome to the world of Flash!

Here you can learn anything you need to know and hopefully this group will continue to grow to help those disadvantaged become advantaged!
Recent Blog: Collabs anyone?, submitted 135 weeks ago
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Created Aug 2010
Epping boys High Visual arts group.
An online documentation of your BOW.

Every week you are required to comment on other students work about 100 words. Different artworks each week. You cannot write 2 comments for one person unless its a new week.
Recent Blog: YR 12 ASSESSMENT TASK!!!!!!!!, submitted 392 weeks ago
Bowagi: Social Community
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Created Jul 2014
This group is to share artwork, ideas and discuss new features in Bowagi: Social Community.
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Created Oct 2010
A collection of digital scrapbooking kits, embellishments, packs, pages, textures, tubes and add on's provided for free for non commercial projects, scrapbooking pages and art.
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Created Jan 2010
We are the ground that are only beginners at tablets.
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Created Jan 2014
Formed to assist enthusiastic artists with exhibiting their work.
Also starting tuition group in March 2014
Recent Blog: Exhibitions and memberships, submitted 232 weeks ago
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Created Oct 2013
This group is ONLY for students in Miss Simmonds' Art class
Recent Blog: Daniel Wright, submitted 239 weeks ago
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Created Jan 2010
First on Facebook, now here on dA, the goal of the guild is to collect an up to date archive of Cosplay resources (from tutorials to stores) as well as develop a community dedicated to the betterment of Cosplay craft.

The group is open to All Australian Cosplayers and All makers of Cosplay tutorials. Experienced and beginner cosplayers welcome.

So come on and join us!

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