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Everything stock!
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Created May 2010
This is a group for those people who want to have their stock images,brushes and textures to be used and recognized. It is for all skill levels. :)
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Nurturing-Narratives Super
Learn · Grow · Write
482 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
We are here to help you become a better writer. Let us nurture your craft and make you the best you can be.
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Learn Photoshop on dA
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Created Apr 2004
3,061 Watchers
Created Feb 2011
Dedicated to compiling a library of tutorials, and reference materials for visual artists.
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Paganly Stockolicious
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Created Oct 2007
dAPaganStock was created to assist Pagan artists and photo manipulators find resources for their artworks pertaining to Paganism, and also to provide a place for Pagan stock providers to contribute their Pagan stock.
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Created Feb 2010
This group was developed so that anthro / furry artists can practice practical anatomy, which is a subject that is rarely seen with anthro / furry art. We have weekly projects, along with contests and a plethora of reference and tutorials.
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Created Mar 2006
Gurukitty is the combined stock account for jeriweaver and Marker-Guru. Converting to a group will make it easier to display and promote the artists that use our stock, as well as easier to post new stock more frequently :)
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Providing facts for your fiction
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Created Dec 2009
"Publish-Write" is a group dedicated to providing accurate and helpful advice, tips, and help to all the deviants who write, and are thinking of being published. Not sure how to format a manuscript? Want to know if you need an agent or not? From helpful links to lengthy tutorials, Publish-Write can help any writer or poet to get their foot in the door of the publishing world - or at least tell them how.

#Publish-Write, aka "publish right," is basically just a resource for any and all writers to look for all those helpful links and tutorials that help us to get ready for publishing, and take us through the process.
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Created Sep 2011
Have you ever wanted to learn about making your own 3D models and accessories for MikuMikuDance? Are you already an accomplished modeler who wants a place to show off their work, no matter the skill level? Come on down to West-Side-MMD, the community for English Speaking modelers and 3D artists!
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Created Jan 2010
This is a group for voice actors amature or professional.
Here you can talk about your voice acting experiences, ask questions, and read up on the industry.
If you are looking for a voice actor for your piece of animation weather it is a short, movie, series, or game feel free to check out all of the talent here.
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