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The Deviantart Classroom
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Created Jul 2010
This is a group that focuses on becoming a community, a helpful one, where our lifeblood is based off of tutorials, critique and communication. Come help out your fellow deviants or just learn a thing or two in Mini Mentors!
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art and decorations
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Created Jul 2018
35% done
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Created Jan 2014

En abril de 2012, empecé como hobbit y desde agosto de 2013 comencé mi carrera sobre diseño.

Mi correo es

© Credits for the pictures go to their respective photographers. There is no intention to infringe the copyright rules. LadyNataly92

Technical Lettering Illustration
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Created Feb 2014
Typography, Photoshop Brushes, Fonts and more... a great source of resources and network for Professionals.

dove :frail:
Folder Icons are our thing!!!
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Created Jan 2017
If you like to customise your Windows (or whatever operating system you have) using custom made Folder Icons then this is the group for you.

We accept all types of TV, Movie, Sport, Music, Computer Game, Video Game (and near enough anything between) Folder Icons as long as they are submitted in the right Folders.

We cover Anime (where any Anime Folder Icons can be submitted), American TV, British & Irish TV, Rest of the World TV (where any Folder Icons for TV Programmes that aren't British, Irish or American can be submitted), Movies, Sport, Music, Computer Games, Video Games, Other (where any Folder Icons for anything not related to what I've mentioned above can be submitted).

Please do not post anything religious (unless it's A Folder Icon for some kind of Religious Drama, Sitcom, Film, Music, Computer Game or Video Game) and please do not post anything porn related.

I hope you enjoy your time here!!!

ChrisNeville85 (Group creator and founder).
No game without its image!
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Created Jun 2012
With the new Steam Beta update, you customize the game images that appears in the Grid View, Steam or non-Steam games.
Vectoring EqG since 2017!
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Created Jan 2017
We are a group dedicated to vectors dedicated to the movie series My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. We want to fill our gallery with the finest and most creative vectors and resources. We strive for quality, so we're not here to accept just any vectors.

The group is only in its baby stage currently, but we're working on sprucing it up!

Our lovely group icon was designed by :iconrobocheatsy: using a base by :icongasara:.
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Where ugly mounts derp together
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Created Apr 2011
This is a group dedicated to all the poor, beautiful animals who became hideous monstrosities via beginning taxidermists. This group features support for beginners to help them improve. Here you can get help, learn what you're doing wrong or just get some cheap lols.

Please note that people may laugh at you ugly mount. If you submit something please be prepared for that. Also you may get petards bitching about it. We can't help you there. Just tell them to fuck off or mark them as spam.

How do I join? Just click the 'Join our group' button and you'll be automatically accepted.
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"Ohta su marvalic plesodoro!"
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Created Feb 2015
This is a group for those who enjoy playing Star Wars roleplaying games, be it Saga Edition, FFG's new stuff, or even the old West End Games d6 system. Pretty much, if you think others would enjoy some material you've created to enhance the game, then feel free to submit it here.

I created this group because I realized that a lot of the Star Wars roleplaying groups were image-heavy and are more for things like screen captures from video games or artwork of their characters or ships. My goal is to make this group a place to come if you're looking for a new NPC or need a quick location to throw your players in, but don't have time to draw up a whole map and scenario.

The only hard and fast rule I want to enforce is that if you are submitting artwork, make sure there is either a story or a game stat block accompanying it, either as a separate submission (as I usually do), or in the comment block, and please tag it with the system you used to create it, i.e., El Super Duper Star Destroyer uses the d20 Saga Edition ruleset. Or, just *SagaEdtion (hashtags don't seem to work right...)

Also, one thing that is not a rule, but I ask of everyone, including myself: If you do use someone's stuff in your own campaign, leave some feedback and let the author/artist know what you liked and didn't, and how it worked out in your game. That way, we all can learn what works and doesn't and improve our games.

Also, no advertising. If you want to contribute, that's great! Love to have you. But don't just post in the comments, "I'm available for commissions..." or anything like that. This is a resource clearinghouse for people to come when they need new material, not shop for an artist/author. If you have a link for your campaign, or some new material that just came out, great, but no spamming.

Keep in mind that this site is still under construction right now as I try to figure out how to use all this stuff. If you have a suggestion for the group's look or the way it is run, or if you simply have questions, feel free to PM me and I'll answer as best I can. All PMs are answered, so don't think you'll never hear from me.

Thank you for your patience. With that, let's get out there and do some gaming!
Quality Resources for MMD!
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Created Nov 2012
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