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Anybody Can Write a Novel
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Created Nov 2015
This is the official group corresponding to Joseph Blake Parker's "Anybody Can Write a Novel" series of tutorials on the topic of writing. In the group, you will find a complete series of literary tutorials for how to write a novel, and will also have a place to submit Write-a-Novel Exercises for review, criticism, and creative input by other members. Overall, the goal of this group is to provide a resource and a community for writers of all skill levels who want to learn how to write a powerful story.
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Created Oct 2014
You will find here all kinds of resources, layouts and tutorials.
Just do it!
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Created Feb 2013
LearnAboutAnything is a group, where you have a topic each week and try to upload at least one picture (any level appreciated). You are encouraged to use reference to learn about the subject, but you are not allowed to copy the image! I will try to cover as much topics as I can. Learning about any subject really carefully is the best way to be able drawing it anytime from any angle. I am going for some challenges from time to time as well, designing new creatures, environments, cultures and anything you can think of. Everyone is welcome to join and have fun.
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Created Mar 2013
Hola, Bienvenidos a BigTimeEdition
:bulletpurple: Por Favor Coloquen sus ediciones en la carpeta correspondiente.
:bulletblue:Si no hay folder con el tipo de su edicion Coloquenlo en "Feature"
:bulletpurple:Si Quires Contribuir Manda Una Notita
:bulletblue:Unete seras aceptado AUTOMATICAMENTE Cx
Folder Icons are our thing!!!
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Created Jan 2017
If you like to customise your Windows (or whatever operating system you have) using custom made Folder Icons then this is the group for you.

We accept all types of TV, Movie, Sport, Music, Computer Game, Video Game (and near enough anything between) Folder Icons as long as they are submitted in the right Folders.

We cover Anime (where any Anime Folder Icons can be submitted), American TV, British & Irish TV, Rest of the World TV (where any Folder Icons for TV Programmes that aren't British, Irish or American can be submitted), Movies, Sport, Music, Computer Games, Video Games, Other (where any Folder Icons for anything not related to what I've mentioned above can be submitted).

Please do not post anything religious (unless it's A Folder Icon for some kind of Religious Drama, Sitcom, Film, Music, Computer Game or Video Game) and please do not post anything porn related.

I hope you enjoy your time here!!!

ChrisNeville85 (Group creator and founder).
Under Reconstruction
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Created Nov 2012
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Two Pieces Of A Broken Heart - D
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Created Jan 2015
Well, this a new group. We're a page in FB and we want to share our work to you and we want to see your own art, too. You can add here your art and share it with us or other people.

Bueno, este es un nuevo grupo. Somos una página en FB y queremos compartir nuestro trabajo con ustedes, también queremos ver tu propia arte. Puedes añadir tu arte aquí y compartirla con nosotros y otras personas...

A flash web community
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Created Oct 2007
a flash based club offering help with flash and AS
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For helping YOU improve.
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Created Jan 2017
This community is all about using help from fellow artists to improve your work. This may include tutorials, group feedbacks, monthly/weekly exercises to have a go at, contests and more! Here, its all about boosting your confidence and helping you improve.

This is for all artists, old and new, and whatever your level of art.
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For Users Of Second Life!
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Created Jul 2013
Welcome to Second Life Anthro's! In this group we will teach you the fundamentals of building in the online game as well as teach you cool tips and tricks on how to get what you want, when you want it! This group is dedicated overall, to helping each other out and making the Second Life experience more enjoyable and fun for everybody!

:::::What's Acceptable & What Isn't?:::::

This group will accept virtually any and all material as long as it's related directly to second life! Some examples include, but aren't limited to; Snapshots of your AVATAR, your CUSTOM BUILDS, or LANDSCAPE shots. Virtually anything within these three categories is acceptable, if you have any news to share that you think might be helpful? Then by all means write a blog about it and share it with everybody else!

Now I shouldn't really have to tell you what's acceptable and what isn't... But just in case your not sure I'll tell you. Stuff such as stupid memes aren't accepted , plane and simple, if it doesn't fall under any of the three categories, and doesn't seem fit for the group? Well.. that's why the voting system exists. If you have any questions or concerns, then by all means send me or another member a notice and you'll be answered shortly!
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