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Photoshop Styles
674 Watchers
Created Mar 2010
Are you looking for best styles? more expressive ... more effective ... more splendid ... exactly as you want ... as you imagine, and inspired by nature ... of her beauty ... Here i am : The Best Of Styles.
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Naked, head to toe.
902 Watchers
Created Jul 2015
FullBody-Nudes is a resource group for the aspiring figure artist that needs more images of the human figure in its entirety.

Its premise is simple, it only takes digital Illustrations, photography, drawings or 3D renderings that feature a full body image (Head to toe) of a female figure completely nude.

While it primarily is for figure artists who need more images of human anatomy in its entirety. it can also cater to those who are simply looking to see some tasteful nudity.
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For all your male parts needs!
669 Watchers
Created Oct 2011
Find all the male model parts you need here for MMD!
TCG Fake Resource
875 Watchers
Created Apr 2011
PokemonCardResources (PCR) is a group specifically created for Fake card creations regarding the Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game).

General things you might see here are : blank packs, single uploads, pre-made card designs, official copies, resized (small and large) images, holosheets, symbols, type icons, etc.
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We ♥ Game Icons
925 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
GameIcons aims to feature the best high quality and high resolution customized icons for videogames from all deaviantART.

There are several categories in which you can also upload your icons, if they meet our quality standards.

Greetings from the admin board.
..whispering you the answers....
837 Watchers
Created May 2014
Purpose of our group:
We aim to be a special and unique group to help others grow!

We share in our galleries and favorites...
-tutorials-step by step and more,
-inspirational ideas/events,
-life lessons,
-useful freebie programs,
-useful references,
-other resources,
-100s of other affiliated groups that are similar to us!

*Somewhere in the future we may make a special 'finished-art-after-studying-the-tutorial' features.

>Here< are our plans & ideas for our group
>Here< are our updates for our group

Of course we need some more Admins 'cause the other Admins are not very active unfortunately.

Group's Icon created by :icondivine-angel-heroine:

Tags: deviantart submit art helpful help tutorials tuts tips tricks advice inspiration concepts ideas free freebies freebie answers collection collections steps step by step resources resource open source programs inspiration support awareness learn learning improve improving educate educating education environment earth green recycling reusing reducing detailed technical group affiliation information guides lessons

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programs Audacity Autodesk 3Ds max Blender GIMP Inkscape Krita Paint Tool SAI Photoshop Source Filmmaker Maya tech support technology

brushes tools stock poses memes

My Little Pony MLP FiM
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So much to learn. So little time
844 Watchers
Created Nov 2012
This place is where you get to share your knowledge, skills, and materials from the Feral Heart community.
This group has plenty of tutorials, free presets, free objects, and more! Check out our Gallery!

>Official Feral Heart website here<

So what is FeralHeart? (FH)
The owner of the game is :iconkovulkd:
More info in the >official website here.<

If you want to join this epic role playing game, you have to sign up on the official forum/site, and you NEED to make your user-name short or else you won't be able to log in the game! You can't make an account in the game menu.

1. Feral Heart Registration will be randomly open and close daily.
Why? Go >here to understand!<
Sign up ( make your username short! ) >Here<


3. Download >Here.<
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Mobile Customization Resource
415 Watchers
Created Sep 2010
Mobile Design focuses on the mobile device model rendering, OS and app user interface design and fully designed themes. Our goal is to provide a central means for developers to showcase and download from, the mobile device creations on Deviant Art. There is certainly more to be added once the group is setup and submissions become available.

Membership is now open.
Community Flight Provider
601 Watchers
Created Jul 2004
Your #1 Winged Stock One-Stop!!
Recent Blog: How to Properly Credit Stock Providers, submitted 102 weeks ago
Design of Color
268 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
Este grupo fue creado para todas las personas que quieran sumergirse a lo que es el mundo del coloreo digital. Aquí podrás encontrar todo tipo de información referente al
coloreo digital, descargas, tutoriales,consejos y mucho más.
Recent Blog: Artbook #2: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, submitted 197 weeks ago

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