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Three Friends
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Created Jun 2014
We're those guys. We draw stuff, color stuff, and cause trouble.

We like to draw with sparkls!
don't deny that we're dead
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Created Mar 2015
Adventuring around dungeons and dodging inside jokes
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Created May 2012
We are the CTJ High school Japanese Club we have created this group along with another group on tumblr in order to promote a more rapid spread of club information and i guess if you weirdos felt like it you could actually SOCIALIZE here or something.
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Created Jan 2015
Pickaway Ross's Amazing squad of soul reapers, quincy, and frost trolls.
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Created Nov 2016
Come and enroll in Lanearia Academy!

We are a small school located in Antarctica in an alternate universe called the esrevinu. Our mission is to graduate lifelong learners who understand and uphold the importance of respect, loyalty and fidelity, and compassion.

Group founded by

LumiereLight & SayuriSakurai
Recent Blog: The Three Guilds of Lanearia, submitted 108 weeks ago
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Created Jun 2011
Grupa prywatna, przyjaciół, którzy poznali się dzięki wspólnemu zainteresowaniu- Raymanowi :) Naszym celem jest skupianie i przedstawianie prac z nim związanych.
Recent Blog: Rayman Origins wyjdzie na PC!, submitted 358 weeks ago
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Created Jul 2013
WE LOVE COLORS !!! AND UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS !! We take any kind of art , as long as it's colorful . We highly recommend that you are positive and happy 80-90% of the time . If you're having a hard time doing that just note me. I'll be more the glad to help<3 We respect all sexualities . Gays, Bi's , and etc. We just want you to be you . YOu don't have to be cool or popular to be here. Also, Make some new friends here ! :D There are some awesome people on here! Thanksies !
Recent Blog: WELCOME, submitted 282 weeks ago
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Created Feb 2011
We're trying to make one Giant Group,
That's trying to include every single person from Diary, Haiku, or Flipnote Hatena. We want to see your artwork, whether it was made on Flipnote Studio or not!
Recent Blog: Why Studio47 is horrible, submitted 325 weeks ago
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Created Jun 2011
A group for roleplaying without any sense Any Hetalia Axis Powers character, just for fun :D
Recent Blog: : D Invasion!-lolwhut-, submitted 385 weeks ago
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Created Aug 2016
Dlaczego każecie mi ustawić opis grupy, nie mam pomysłów ;;
Recent Blog: We need YOUR memes!, submitted 122 weeks ago

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