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Created Sep 2018
This is the first (that I know of) dA community for anti-contact non-offending MAPs, as in, minor attracted people who know children can't consent and aren't seeking relationships with them. Its goal is to provide help and support, spread scientific facts and seek out for new members for the anti-contact cause.

Points you must agree on if you want to be accepted here:

- Children can't consent. No "ifs" no "buts", no "when society changes".

- Child porn usage is a sexual offense. It doesn't matter that you're not touching them, you're still fueling cp market.

- Low age of consent in developing countries is a crime, not a respectable tradition.

- No age of attraction is better than another.
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Created Jan 2014
The Manga & Anime place. If your interested in stuff like this, feel free to check us out.
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furry, furries, animal, anthro
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Created Apr 2013
:star: A Place for All furries in world !!! :star: Anything About Furries,art,Literature,fursuits,anthro,animals is Welcome here! :la::la:

Enjoy and be a furry around :333
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CuteArtistUnite Super
To improve and to unite cuteness
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Created Feb 2012
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Give-LlamaGetA-Llama Super
Give a Llama Get Llama BACK!
10,977 Watchers
Created Sep 2011
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This Group is to Spread the Love of Give a Llama and Get one Back! We also accept Adopts/Adoptable/ Photography/Traditional/Digital Art/Stamps/icons/Pixel Art/pixel/ pixel icon/ art/ acept all ... Everyone is welcome to Our Group!
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AnotherContestGroup Super
Sharing new contests every day!!
13,681 Watchers
Created Nov 2010
Due to the amount of neglected contest groups I am living in hope that I could create this to reconnect people and contests through out dA. This group will also be playing host to some of it's own contests...
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We love curvy buns!
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Created Nov 2010
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Perverts Without Frontiers assoc
14,249 Watchers
Created Sep 2006
This is the PWFA, the "Pervert Without Frontiers Association" , at the start the club was a little joke and now this is one of the biggests groups in DA.

This is not an dirty art collectors group, we have a lot of fun activity like our contest called "The king of perverts". Thatīs an art jam, and the winner choose the next art jam theme and also gets the tittle of "King of perverts". We also promote our members specially the ones with cool art but unknown....

We just have two conditions for being a member
-be +18 or elder, thatīs mandatory
-second you must call yourself a pervert or being called pervert by your friends or you must have suspects about youīre a pervert....

We have our own logo and our own mascot, called Mr Nipple, this cute guy…
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What a WONDERFUL world!
4,365 Watchers
Created Jul 2008
We accept all kinds of art relating to our wonderful world.
Photography, drawing, paintings, fractal art,
craft, poetry, jewellery, animations, emoticons...
All is welcome

This club is about the BEAUTY of our world.

If you want to join us please bring a little gift: Show some deviation, which is like a wonder or something wonderful to you! We will feature it in the group if it fits our rules. So give us the link or a thumb in your joining request. It does not have to be a deviation from your own gallery, but it can be.
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We appreciate teen artists
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Created Jul 2009
Our aim is to make a club for young artists (anyone aged between 12 and 21) to share their art, and basically have fun!

We are a club for all types of art, whether you use a camera, mouse, pen or even a typewriter, we want to show your art.
We also want to promote art of users who have received less attention that they deserve, and we all know how frustrating that is!

As you can probably see, this is a new club, and we would like any support from affiliates or people who would like to join as possible. Whether that's informing us of new contests, people who'd like to join, or anything else, we'd be forever grateful.
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