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>Will you fight for our freedom?
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Created Jun 2018
In the perfect city of Citadel, an unknown disease has tainted the citizens and has rendered them unable to be able to roam the streets ever again. Driven into quarantine by the government, the prisoners have been constantly experimented on and treated like they are not human just to find a cure. With no hope left anymore, the only thing they can wish for is a miracle..
Recent Blog: [STATS + BATTLE SYSTEM], submitted 13 weeks ago
Anime Weekend Atlanta Deviants!
584 Watchers
Created Jul 2006
For all the people going to the annual anime convention, Anime Weekend Atlanta.
We wont bite...without BBQ sauce
835 Watchers
Created Apr 2007
Texas Deviant Meet group. We love devmeets!
Recent Blog: Dallas Museum of Art, Saturday March 23rd!, submitted 289 weeks ago
Iowa's Anime Convention
99 Watchers
Created Aug 2009
This is a group for deviants in support of or attendance of the AnimeIowa anime convention, held annually at Coralville, Iowa. For more information on the convention itself, see their official site:
Toronto Deviants
909 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
Bringing Torontonians and surrounding deviants closer together. Whether you love our twisted city, or loathe it but want to find other Torontonian artists, look no further. We specialise in organising devMEETs with the help of our Members.
Tentacle ponies
155 Watchers
Created Mar 2012
A groups dedicated to the rare Tentacle pony Owners (A MLP fan OC created by mea0113)
All tentacle ponies as well as octo ponies and any variations may join.
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Created Jul 2018
We are a North Carolina social group where models and photographers can share stuff, also, maybe meet up. We do not provide any personal information on the site, it will automatically be deleted if posted, for your safety. Can provide town of location but no address. Must be at least 18+ for modeling. Traveling acceptable.
Please provide Information about your experience and photo, below, and if your a model or photographer. Discriminating, and disrespecting others will be banned.
Recent Blog: Modeling Pages, submitted 11 weeks ago
furry OC ecchi hentai social
92 Watchers
Created Nov 2014
A little group for all fans of furries to post in their arts!

Momo being the principal owner of the place, made it so ALL furries and even human can enjoy a good ambiance with food and well...SHOWS!
Recent Blog: Welcome to the great Opening!, submitted 200 weeks ago
The-Last-Arcadia Super
Enter : Round 2
180 Watchers
Created May 2018
TLA is a fantasy feline roleplay, where you and your character enter into a sinister game made up of three rounds. Win the game and you win it all.. Lose and well.. you can take a guess.
Recent Blog: Final 5 Slots [TLA open], submitted 3 weeks ago
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Created Jul 2018
Solastine Flats, a gorgeous new apartment building in Solastane Bay, California, is accepting new residents. There are some rumors to it being haunted, but it's brand new, how could that possibly be true?

Welcome to the Solastine !
Recent Blog: EVENT TWO : A Warm Welcome ! [ OPEN ], submitted 3 weeks ago

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