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Agent-Elrond's Web-manga
111 Watchers
Created Feb 2008
The Official Group of the web-manga Angeldevil. Read the comic, post fanart, share stories, and meet other fans! Manga artists/writers/readers are also welcome.
Recent Blog: That's all, folks!, submitted 310 weeks ago
Terremotos hasta el fin
145 Watchers
Created Jun 2009
House of the Mexicali's Online Earthquakes
Recent Blog: Deviantart Baja California, submitted 177 weeks ago
We stay up late!
462 Watchers
Created Dec 2011
We like to stay up late. All night if we want to.

Group for the room #NightOwlsChat.

You cannot submit art to this group unless you are a frequenter of our room.
Recent Blog: #ThumbHub: New Art Sharing Chatroom, submitted 176 weeks ago
Home of Diclonius OCs
138 Watchers
Created Feb 2011
A club for Elfen Lied OCs of the Diclonius species
Recent Blog: Looking for new help!, submitted 252 weeks ago
Come join in the fun!
186 Watchers
Created Jul 2010
For anyone who wants to share, meet new people and have fun in North Carolina. We'll be having regular DevMeets to get to know each other. ^_^
Animation: Vieux-Montreal
307 Watchers
Created Sep 2006
A little place for the 2D and 3D animation students at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal to hang out and share their work.
Recent Blog: Premier Defi Estival!!, submitted 177 weeks ago
West coast Anime Gamer Culture
69 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
This group is for anyone is enjoys Anime and Gaming culture. We hang out making friends and just having a blast.

Join us for convention news!

Everyone over age 13 is welcome.

Shawn Murphie (Sea/Tac WA) Co-Founder

Lance Ballardo (Sea/Tac) Co-Founder

Brody Heitmann (Bremerton WA) Co-Founder

Chris Vale (Silverdale WA) Co-Founder

Hannah Beazley (Portland OR) Co-Founder

Liz Tron (Portland OR) Webmaster, Con-Mom
Recent Blog: FB Youthful Otaku Club Site (NEW ONE), submitted 396 weeks ago
Toronto Deviants
908 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
Bringing Torontonians and surrounding deviants closer together. Whether you love our twisted city, or loathe it but want to find other Torontonian artists, look no further. We specialise in organising devMEETs with the help of our Members.
Recent Blog: Hiatus., submitted 62 weeks ago
We Celebrate our FMA OCs!!!
122 Watchers
Created Apr 2012
Brother group: :iconfma-addicted:
Recent Blog: Contest, submitted 328 weeks ago
Let's Strive to be Active!
27 Watchers
Created Dec 2011
We're the Mangaka Club of Stuyvesant and now we're on DA!
Recent Blog: ICON-CONTEST :D, submitted 287 weeks ago

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