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Welcome To Your Insanity!~
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Created Jun 2014
:blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:Well hello there Stranger~ guest~ newcomer~ wanderer~ visitor~ drifter~ or maybe acquaintance~ Welcome to my little world~:blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:


I built this city for those that have been deemed as crazy, insane, psycho, psychotic, madden, crazed, lunatic, mad, goretastic~ to live in peace and harmony~ A place to where they can call a home~

So welcome dear stranger to my home~ Welcome to your insanity~

:blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:Its a world where all people and artist can be who they are, where they will not be judge, they will be accepted for whatever they are into, draw, write, or make. A place where artist can make friends and feel safe without a feeling of being left out.:blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:
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RoKoLa TaPaTiA
417 Watchers
Created Jul 2006
Hola a todos! Somos una comunidad de deviants residentes, originarios y/o amantes de los habitantes de Guadalajara, Jalisco AKA tapatios.

Intentamos crear un espacio donde se puedan intercambiar ideas, promocionar a nuestros miembros, encontrar nuevos amigos, entre otras cosas.

¿Qué esperan para unirse?
Okaerinasaimase Goshujinsama!
81 Watchers
Created May 2011
:bulletpink: Okaerinasaimase Goshujinsama, Ojousama!!
We're the "KiraKira Moe Show", the first Maid Cafe to start in Texas!! We're currently based out of the Central Texas Area (Austin specifically), but we perform at anime conventions all over the state! We also perform at public events and private parties!

:bulletpurple: We strive to bring our guests good service and a "moe" atmosphere (basically an overwhelming feeling of joy and cuteness)! We want to bring smiles to the faces of our guests, and give them a happy feeling that stays with them the rest of the day!

:bulletpink: Please explore our DA group and our website ( to find out more about the "KiraKira Moe Show" !
Anime Weekend Atlanta Deviants!
585 Watchers
Created Jul 2006
For all the people going to the annual anime convention, Anime Weekend Atlanta.
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Created Jan 2010
We are a cosplay group based in San Diego, California. We are committed to all aspects of the cosplay experience and encourage our members to get involved.

We have regular meet-up and photo shoot events around Southern California, convention get togethers, as well as trips to theaters and dance studios for performance tips. We're here to help you take your cosplay to the next level!

For those interested in photography, videos, the intricacies of costume construction, and accessory design, there will be guest speaker events and workshops.

Together we can take your cosplay to its finest art form. Are you ready for Masque Cosplay?
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This is a awesome sauce group.
361 Watchers
Created Jan 2012
Hi i'm Hikari Lilo Katsumi . This is a group for Ooo Royalty!
All you princes, princesses,queens, and kings;this is the place for you.
Here's the rules:

( if you wanna join you have to read the rest!!!!)

1. No rudeness to others.
2. NO hentai or sexual pics
3.No racial,religous,or anything discrimination.
5. Please submit your deviations to the correct folder.
6. don't bombard the co-founders or myself with questions about the group on our ask accounts!
Those are the rules! Now what happens if you wanna be a controbuter?
here's how:
1. you have to be a member...DUH! have to submit 5 deviations to this group.
3. follow the rules...
That's it for that topic!
Ok so about those folders!
Ok so if you are a Controbuter or just a member this is the order!

princess answers go in the : Princess folder
Prince answers go in the : Prince folder
Queen answers go in the:Queen folder
King answers go in the : King folder
For co-founders as soon as your a co-founder you get a folder of your own ( ex: Hikari's folder)
Ok if you have any questions just ask me or the co-founders... Yay!
Animation: Vieux-Montreal
310 Watchers
Created Sep 2006
A little place for the 2D and 3D animation students at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal to hang out and share their work.
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anime boston
402 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
Anyone going to Anime Boston or has gone? This is the group to make and find cosplayers you saw there and meet up and talk and what not. :3 See whos going and find all your friends.
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Gain Exposure!!!
206 Watchers
Created Nov 2012
Network-With-Us is a group that is dedicated to helping new and undiscovered deviants reach their audiences! Any and all members are welcome even if you are a senior or professional, we would love to have you too! We are looking for people to be shining examples in the community and help others grow!
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United we stand!
207 Watchers
Created Jul 2011
Hello and welcome to the Ask-A-State group page. Glad to see you here! If you're confused in anyway and have questions feel free to ask one of the admins however vers-l-avant, AskTheSoonerState, and N-aturally are our quicker respondents.
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