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Helping artists through sharing.
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Created Jul 2014

Okay About this group...

Vlogs to keep you informed about what this group do:
- Hold in your own hands mini printed toys from your OC's;
- Our group own 2D MMORPG, convert farm in-game currency into dA :points:;
- Our group's own printed Art Book each year;
- Voice acting for your comic/manga stories and literatures;
- Feature your art lworks in our free folder or in our paid folders;
- Our Vloger prints your artwork to feature it to the camera;

This group is made for you, because you keep developing this group.... You are the members of this group.... this group is alive!

Join now for free!!!

Thank you! :hug:
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Every commission need.
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Created Jul 2012
Welcome! This group is intended as a way to help forward prospective commissioners to artists of all kinds who are looking to sell their skills. Membership is encouraged for anyone who wants to peruse our commissioner list and receive updates on new people who are accepting commissions!

We will also offer a commissioner/artist finder service! Are you a commissioner trying to find an artist for something specific? Let us know via group note and we will put our best foot forward to find someone that fits your needs! Just be sure to tell your new artist that you came from us!

Are you an artist who wants to advertise their commissions? Look no further! We'll keep an extensive list of artists and their skill set [drawn/crafted/written/etc!] and help you find those out there who want to make use of your abilities. I want to make this a referral service of sorts so I can host contests, but I think it might be better to make it work differently. If you get a lot of extra work as a result of this group it would be greatly appreciated if you would be willing to donate a basic to mid range [up to you] 'commission credit' for use as contest prizes, etc.

We will also offer a prints feature folder for those of you who wish to sell prints through DA with no expectation to the group besides a simple thank you [text, verbal, we aren't worried which!] for helping promote your prints ^^

Happy Commissioning!
Dead Group
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Created Dec 2011
Our group specializes in getting your commission prices, adopts, raffles, contests, art works and more out to the right people. We have fast working ready to help staff on hand and our goal is to make sure you can contact the right audience for your commissions! If you need any help of have any questions, feel free to note us as it is the best way to contact the staff and we will help you the best we can.

Current founder: :iconalphaacrest:

Former founder's: :iconskitterkins: :iconwtfmoments:
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Share your art with the World!
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Created Nov 2010
AllArtSupport was created in Nov 12, 2010 by MamoruK1N :iconmamoruk1n:

"This Is A Group Created To Share Your BEST Art With the World."
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Created Jul 2012
Rising-Artists is dedicated to giving helpful feedback, support, critiques, and much more to artists who wish to promote their art as well as improve their skills! This group focuses on all types of art including digital art, traditional art, photography, artisan crafts, literature, etc!

Each month, we host a variety of activities such as contests, prompt challenges, and weekly features to give all of our members a chance to promote their art and develop their talents!
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Open arms and open hearts
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Created Dec 2009
This is a group, among several others, that is a safe haven for all members of the LGBTQIA community. If you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, pansexual, polysexual, intersex, questioning, or a luverly ally you're more than welcome to join and submit work!!
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We LOVE Digital Art
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Created Jan 2010
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You are LOVED!
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Created Jul 2017
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Promoting Unseen artist !
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Created Oct 2013
This group is for people to make the most of life, people who support others to live life to the fullest, conservation people, anyone who lives instead of just existing. keep living. :)
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Boobs All Day, Everyday!!
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Created Apr 2010
We are here to show our love for everything on your chest. Big, small, we love them all!

We are also here to help others increase their skills at drawing breasts and the female figure.
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