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Created Dec 2018
we accept adopts, ychs and commissions ! grab ur points and have fun
Recent Blog: looking for contributors and co-founders, submitted 2 days ago
Cats of Wandering Stars
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Created Dec 2018
CoWS is a roleplay and art focused group based in a similar universe to Warrior Cats. The cats of the Tribe of Traveling Paws wander the wilderness, not claiming nor settling any land they find, following the path that the stars have cut out for them.
Recent Blog: [!] ALLEGIANCES AND STATISTICS, submitted 6 hours ago
we are ready
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Created Dec 2018
welcome fellow Connor fan^^
the main focus of this group will be to draw anything relate to connor^^ that means ships with ocxcanon or canonxcanon or maybe just connor^^
even though the main focus is connor,
all art for dbh,
even if they don't have connor in it^^
to see the rules go to the about us or click the link on the right bottom of the page^^
otherwise feel free to submit your art in^^
this is a new group, so feel free to put how ever much you would like^^
Recent Blog: Christmas art^^ will be featured^^, submitted 10 hours ago
Rebirth-of-Hyrule Super
Grand Opening!
34 Watchers
Created Nov 2018
A roleplay group based on the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild! This is an OC centered group, around the idea of rebuilding Hyrule after the calamity.
Recent Blog: What Are the Resurrectors of Hyrule?, submitted 1 day ago
Commissions Open!
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Created Nov 2018
everyone will have their own individual folders

you can post journals, commissions price lists and pieces you have done to your own folder
Under Construction
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Created Dec 2018
Roleplay group focusing on slice of life/university life and all around it!
Recent Blog: ..:: D I S C O R D ::.., submitted 1 week ago
Rainmeter Skins
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Created Nov 2018
This DeviantArt Group is dedicated to all Rainmeter developers and fans!
Your submissions and join requests will be accepted automatically!
As good as it gets.
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Created Dec 2018
A Warriors RP group being revamped on its 7 year anniversary! There are 5 warrior clans, and a ridiculous power struggle in each.
Recent Blog: Dead Archive, submitted 2 hours ago
What will you believe?
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Created Dec 2018
This is a 5e D&D based Warriors group based in a dystopian European state known as France, with no clans established and only groups of vagabond cats staying in the forestry and the ruins of what once was a thriving city. Fables of relics that give life have caused uproars, territory fights, and multiple deaths. What will you believe?
WIP, but still look around! <3
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Created Nov 2018
Furarriums is a closed species group made of canines and felines who have glass tails and other parts of their bodies, which holds liquid that is their blood, in a sense.
Recent Blog: Furarriums: The Complete Guide, submitted 1 week ago

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