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Created Apr 2019
A group for the fans of Sherlock, where everything is allowed, from art to role playing!feel free to post even older drawings, you have done! The more drawings the better!
Find us at the end of a rainbow!
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Created May 2019
A group for all sorts of art!
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Our flock is fire and blood!
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Created May 2019
:bulletred: Our flock world is fire and blood! :bulletred:

:star: A "Mad Max" themed DracoStryx flock focused on the Arena and activities.
:pointr: Only open to active DracoStryx members!
:pointr: Must submit at least one deviation to the flock once a month to count as active.
under construction
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Created Apr 2019
what if you lost yourself in a world where if you wish hard enough, you could be the best version of yourself?
what would you do?
would you try and escape?
(this is an rp group)
Kira--meki Super
A.K.A. Vasiliev Studio (50%)
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Created Apr 2019
Kira--meki is a RP group about the city of Shinyu; whose 'face' is that of the performing arts studio: Kirameki. Kirameki as well as Shinyu house some secrets that have yet to be discovered.

This group is a WiP
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Created May 2019
A roleplay/art group about witches and their bonded humans in a medieval/fantasy setting.

Rated 18+.

(Discord based ll Supernatural ll Fantasy world ll Witches and humans ll Semi-casual)
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We're now open!
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Created May 2019
A SU rp group that have very unique gems with their different stories to tell.
Steven Universe | RP | Fantasy | PG-14
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Destiny-Dynasty Super
Where does your loyalty lie?
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Created May 2019
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A Flowering Closed Species
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Created May 2019
A world full of the closed species Blumenaugen! Group is a work in progress.

We currently have a 3 Month MYO Event going on here:…

Our icon is by MOCHI-ALIEN
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Ninth-Oracle Super
Under construction
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Created May 2019
Ninth Oracle is a Xianxia (仙俠) roleplay group, in which the story takes place in an alternate, fantasy world influenced by ancient China. Members play as practitioners of martial arts and sorceries on their adventures in a land filled with dangerous entities from a foreign realm.
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