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Cats of Wandering Stars
4 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
CoWS is a roleplay and art focused group based in a similar universe to Warrior Cats. The cats of the Tribe of Traveling Paws wander the wilderness, not claiming nor settling any land they find, following the path that the stars have cut out for them.
Recent Blog: [!] ALLEGIANCES AND STATISTICS, submitted 7 hours ago
we are ready
49 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
welcome fellow Connor fan^^
the main focus of this group will be to draw anything relate to connor^^ that means ships with ocxcanon or canonxcanon or maybe just connor^^
even though the main focus is connor,
all art for dbh,
even if they don't have connor in it^^
to see the rules go to the about us or click the link on the right bottom of the page^^
otherwise feel free to submit your art in^^
this is a new group, so feel free to put how ever much you would like^^
Recent Blog: Christmas art^^ will be featured^^, submitted 10 hours ago
As good as it gets.
13 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
A Warriors RP group being revamped on its 7 year anniversary! There are 5 warrior clans, and a ridiculous power struggle in each.
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Space Boy x Earth Boy
16 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
a group dedicated to zadr fans to show their arts and support for this lovely ship of our beloved irken and his human
We are here to serve you!
13 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
Welcome to Adoptables-Shopping! A Shopping full of cool stuff to buy! That may include ambitious brands (original species)! Come back when you can! ;)

If you want to be a seller here, join requests are automatically accepted!

ºONLY adoptables or stuff that you can sell. This is a shopping!
ºSubmit to the right folders!
ºMature content is ok, as long the mature content filter is here. Light mature content (censored nudity, floating limbs, swimsuits, people harmed, etc.) can be submitted without problems!
ºHave fun!
Shooting for January!
22 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
Roleplay group based in China about Spirits and Unfortunate humans. Semi-Casual.
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"Reconnect. KINGDOM HEARTS" :]
9 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
Its just an idea I had in mind whilst waiting for Kingdom Hearts III. It's about forming a group discussing ideas and/or theories to include in a potential future Kingdom Hearts IV once the Xehanort Saga ends.

For example-what kind of approach would KH IV take upon beginning the next phase of the Kingdom Hearts storyline. What could we expect both from and of it? what Worlds would Disney allow for Square Enix to use? would they also use properties based on Marvel, Star Wars and Studio Ghibli maybe?

Its basically things like this that the group I have in mind to create would talk about. To be honest, its also about testing all of our skills together and see whether or not there could be someone among us who could apply for a dream job at Square Enix, in order to work on future Kingdom Hearts games.

Interesting idea? kind of fun? please share everything on the table about the Dearly Beloved franchise that has touched all of our Hearts as it were :]
Recent Blog: Ideas and/or Theories :], submitted 2 days ago
A Parasite's Paradise
11 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
A group focusing on Nexteres, a closed species created and owned by Avericchi
Recent Blog: [ Nextere ] Masterlist, submitted 1 day ago
[ 100%... terror time ]
20 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
DangaRonpa based RP group...
Welcome to the ever-changing island
Recent Blog: : reserves [ open ], submitted 2 days ago
En construcción.
5 Watchers
Created Dec 2018
Grupo Rol de gijinkas Pokemon en español basado en la saga Mystery Dungeon.

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