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All Art Accepted !
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Created Nov 2019
Welcome to the group "All Art Of Creation"

This group allows you to publish your best creation and talent as an artist or beginner in digital art or other
discover art from around the world just for you and the folder are accesible member only

Group created on 30/11/19
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Gotta Adopt Em All!
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Created Feb 2017
Needing to give your adoptable a new home? come join us here in a paradise filled with adopts where anyone can come, share, advertise or giveaway their creations!
Smash that join button and slowly but surely, we'll become the best, most active adoptable group ever!
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The true place for adopts
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Created Apr 2017
03/March/2018 - a new DTA, OTA YCH folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a Journals folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a Comissions folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a new set prices folder has been created.
15/January/2018 - a raffles folder has been created.
07/December/2017 - a new auction folder has been created.
26/November/2017 - a new set prices folder has been created.
17/October/2017 - a new DTA, OTA YCH folder has been created.
21/July/2017 - a new set prices folder has been created.
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ych yourcharacterhere auctions
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Created Jun 2015
For everyone who loves quality ych's. For makers and buyers, and enthusiasts. All welcome.
For Artists & Commissioners
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Created Sep 2015
A place for both Hobbyist & Professional Artists of ALL skill levels to submit their Art Commission Information as well as pieces they have been commissioned to make. Even if you do not offer Commissions at this time, or even if you do not draw, you are still welcome to join the Group.

Tips & Tricks for Artists taking Art Commissions. ex. How to Price your work. How to use the dA Commission Widget to make points into real life earnings.
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OfficialArtFight Super
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Created Aug 2014
The official group for Art Fight. Open to all participants of all years!
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Never stop dreaming!
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Created Aug 2012
This group is dedicated to all digital artists that are not afraid to dream. Our mission is to connect and inspire digital artists, providing a place for all the gentle souls and lost dreamers.
#commission #art #literature
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Created Jan 2012
This group is dedicated to all kinds of commission orders.
Digital-Artists, unite!
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Created Jun 2011
All kinds of digital-artists are welcome!
Feel free to join and share your digital-art.
:bulletred:Please read the rules!:bulletred:
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Let's get adopting!
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Created Aug 2011
Welcome one and all to Adopt To Ya Drop! We have a wide range of great adoptable's which are are all in need of a new home, will you help us by adopting them? From Point adopts to Free ones, we have them all! ^3^

Thankyou all for the support!
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