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Where writers workshop writing!
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Created Oct 2006
Writers-Workshop is a literature community group that enocurages writers to explore their writing through a workshop enviroment.

Our team facilitate each writing workshop for you, working behind the scenes to ensure the workshop runs smoothly.
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writers everywhere
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Created Jan 2007
We are a group dedicated to showcasing our member's literature as well as encouraging our members to critique each other's works.
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Literature Lovers
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Created Aug 2009
Live-Love-Write is a club all about helping the writers here on deviantArt, new and old. Through contests, features and much more, writers are given a chance to express themselves and learn more from others.
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A home for writers everywhere!
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Created Aug 2009
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Where We Live to Write
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Created Dec 2009
Do you love to write? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author? Are you simply a lover of literature?

We aim to support you as you strive to achieve excellence. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join our cause: supporting and promoting the community's literary growth and knowledge. We welcome a variety of literature: prose to poetry, fan fiction to fantasy, mystery to romance.

Spreading community, influence, and positivity since 2009.
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For the writers and readers
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Created Dec 2009
Are you an unnoticed poet or story writer? Join us! This group is for writers who want to show their works off to fellow writers.
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Poetry Feeds Our Souls
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Created Jan 2010
Welcome to LooseLacesPoetry, despite our name, we accept other forms of literature as well. We're a group of writers from all over, with different styles and skills, hope you enjoy your stay. Check out our affiliates as well! <3

Click on the links below, hopefully they should help =)


Rules & How To Submit

Affiliates' News

Birthday List

Current Contest
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The words are the spark.
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Created Dec 2009
We want you to grow as a writer and help others grow! We're a literature group centered on critique, encouraging you to critique people’s work and for other people to critique your work as well.
To keep the flame of creativity alive, we provide writing prompts, chat events, and workshops. We also share contests and events from the Literature community. We feature our members on a regular basis.

[the written] revolution |ˌrevəˈlo͞oSHən|
1. a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it.
2. an auspicious movement dedicated to the evolution of writers and their various distinct crafts through a cycle of community-based motivation, critique and improvement.
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Moving. See journal.
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Created Jan 2010
Author's Escape is a group for authors of any type of literature, be it novel, short story, or poem. We work to promote literature here on deviantART, so if you're an author - especially one who's not commonly seen - please, feel free to join!
Home of the FANs of Fanfiction
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Created Jan 2010
Hello and welcome to our home for all sorts of fanfiction. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join - writers and readers alike - so long as you love fiction.

If you have any questions, shoot us a comment or contact one of the admins. We're here to make sure you feel welcomed to this awesome community.
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