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Learn · Grow · Write
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Created Dec 2013
We are here to help you become a better writer. Let us nurture your craft and make you the best you can be.
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Pears and runaway keys, OH MY~!
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Created Feb 2010
We are the awesome fanfic writer duo ANJU, consisting of Anju and Keys. We still in the process of writing our first fic's though... eheheh. You can find any and all of our writing here, wether or not we wrote it together.
Cartoon Characters!!
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Created Jun 2016
cartoons most people have ever seen before in real
Animal's = Great Fiction
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Created Apr 2011
Have you written a story with animals as your main characters? Here, you can upload your written work for others to read and get input. We also welcome concept art, illustrations, comics, and OC sheets. Don't write? That's ok! Upload fan art of your favorite animal fiction.
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Superhuman Love
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Created Aug 2015
This group's main purpose is for writers of superhero stories to show off their works! From DC to Marvel to original: as long as there is a superhero/villain theme, you can submit your work here!

This group is for literature only!
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Write because you love to.
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Created Dec 2011
A group for original writers and their original characters.
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A place for your stories
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Created Dec 2013
Hello, this is a place where everyone can post stories of any kind! Short stories, stories with chapters, fiction, nonfiction, anything you like. I would like this to be a place where writers can receive positive and constructive feedback. My hope for this group is that it will be a place where members can help writers to improve their works.
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Work in Progress
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Created Oct 2012
A simple group to praise all you great writers, poets, song writers & all others!
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Providing facts for your fiction
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Created Dec 2009
"Publish-Write" is a group dedicated to providing accurate and helpful advice, tips, and help to all the deviants who write, and are thinking of being published. Not sure how to format a manuscript? Want to know if you need an agent or not? From helpful links to lengthy tutorials, Publish-Write can help any writer or poet to get their foot in the door of the publishing world - or at least tell them how.

#Publish-Write, aka "publish right," is basically just a resource for any and all writers to look for all those helpful links and tutorials that help us to get ready for publishing, and take us through the process.
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Created Apr 2018
Automatic Wasteland is an up-and-coming series created by RizuFurike / TheNerdShinigami22 / and Soldier-Ixdigo. Here is the place where you can read up more on the series, and see art, writing, and future concept work.

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