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TalentedWritersGuild Super
Talented writers, quality lit!
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Created Jul 2010
We are a selective literature group; not all submissions make it through, and we ask you to be understanding of this. A declined piece is not a bad piece; it's just not what the judges perceive to be exceptional.

While we welcome open dialogue, harassment or abuse of admins will not be tolerated.
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NaPoWriMo Super
National Poetry Writing Month
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Created Mar 2013
Welcome to National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo! Your task is to write thirty poems during the thirty days of April. This group is dedicated to helping you churn out those thirty poems by providing you with prompts, challenges and inspiring discussion.
Recent Blog: NaPo 2020 Winner #9 kuku88, submitted 31 weeks ago
WorldOfPrimordia Super
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Created Apr 2020
We are a friendly, easy-paced ARPG Based group revolving around the lives of felines and canines in a post-mankind world. How they live and survive in a changing environment now that man has deserted them.
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F09 Super
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Created Mar 2007
Riserverse-Tales Super
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Created Jul 2019
All of the stories pertaining to the Riserverse will be located here; these are primarily written by myself, Kibo, Evan, & Kerrigan.
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