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Created Nov 2018
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We are aiming to showcase any literary-related pieces that our members have on their sleeves whether it be poetry, haiku, short stories and the likes. Our goal is to also help any aspiring writers out there not just to improve their writing techniques, but to learn new ones as well.
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Created Nov 2017
My name is Carmen, and I started this little group here with the goal of creating a common place in which Zelda fanfiction writers (and readers) could come together! I wanna keep this short, sweet, and friendly, so here's a few points.

-WE LOVE VARIETY. All genres, all mediums of expression using the written word, they are allowed here. THIS INCLUDES COMICS.
-Even though we love variety, we love it even more if you put your variety in the CORRECT FOLDER.
-Headcanons are our lifeblood. Please give us all your headcanons.
-OCs are absolutely, 100% welcome in this group, as long as they interact with at least one canon component of a LoZ game. The term "component" extends to both characters and settings, meaning your OC riddled work is allowable so long as they are within the Zelda universe.
-I really shouldn't have to specify this, but yaoi/yuri is absolutely allowed. I only ask that you be respectful.

I'm pretty lax, but here's some rules that, if you choose to break, will earn you the benefit of my holy fury:

-For Hylia's sake, use your mature content filter!
-FOR HYLIA'S SAKE, use the "Mature Content" folder for your 18+ work.
-A word about relationship abuse, rape, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. I am an artist, and I recognize that stories can include these phenomena in such a way that is thoughtful and/or conducive to a plot. HOWEVER, any works which portray these phenomena in a positive light, particularly those which fetishize them, will be removed, and their creator banned. No exceptions, no second chances.
-Please don't harass other human beings.

And finally, the rules regarding the "Featured" folder
-Right now, I am only allowing one deviation per person to be included in this folder.
-You choose what that work will be! I'll accept whatever, so making sure you're showing your best is totally on you.
-If you've previously submitted a work to the folder, and want to replace it, just send me a note.
-If you have any questions, send me a note! =)

The number one rule here is RESPECT. The number two rule is KINDNESS. If you have these two things, the fun will follow. Please enjoy yourself!
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Collaborative Disguise Fiction
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Created Aug 2017
Test group to host collaborative story writing in a relatively open environment. Message (send a note) Nakaris, Dieterschaumer, or Buttbun on DA if you would like to be approved as a contributor.

Jambo is Swahili for hello. The more you know.
we throw hearts.
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Created Feb 2010
we feel. we want to throw our hearts against the walls. we're here for the poetry and literature. angsty literature and photography accepted!
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Danger is my Homework!
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Created Jan 2014
This is the official group of The Adventures of Toby Robin, where we publish all the official and fan made artwork of Toby Robin O'Keefe and her friends.
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Keep Writing, Lovelies!
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Created Dec 2014
Here at the Beauty of Poetry, we welcome new and old writers alike to share literature with one another, provide critique and admire the beauty of words.

* Please DO NOT submit to the Featured Folder

* Respect the writing of others, Comment with kindness and clarity.
* Do not submit one piece to multiple folders.
* Submissions must be poetry only

Remember; enjoy and be proud of your writing, and others will do the same.
Happy Scribbling!
Anthro Furry Science Fiction
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Created Oct 2017
This is a Group for my story about Anthropomorphic Wolves, called Lupains

The lupains lost their homeworld, so they had to search for a new Planet and finally they found a new one... The Earth. Desperate without anything to eat or drink, they made a contact and eventually found help. Now it's 2047 and lupains have been living on the Earth for almost 17 years and even universities created competition, to teach Lupains who hold interest for this project, the human linguistic proficiency and the human culture. But with time going on it all got more and more difficult for the humans to find food for the lupains. In fact making it even more complicated the Lupains refused to share their technology. The US Army decided to oust the Lupains, but this plan has failed. Altough the lupains were peaceful, there were able to defeat the Soldiers of the US Army and eventually won this war. The US taskforce didn't accept their breakdown, so they planned a payback. All lupains who went to the universitys were kidnapped. Following on this they erased their natural memory and created new faked memories implementing knowledge of fighting in those who were capable of that. All the others were used for experiments.

In this Group you will see, Story Parts, Artworks and Comic Pages
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Fans of Zito and Seela :)
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Created Feb 2011
We are fans of the ZASC series. We are fans of TLoS series which is part of the ZASC series in a way. We are fans of dragons. We draw dragons, we write their personalities, stories, and backgrounds. We are Authors, Artists, and Readers :XD: This is what we do.

Enjoy viewing our group :)

Joining applications are always open :)
More Haiku Please!
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Created Feb 2016
This group is for National Haiku Writing Month; which takes place every year in February.


1. Haiku and closely related forms only.
We really want to feature only haiku for this month, so please limit yourself to this form and variations of this form. Other forms of poetry will not be accepted, but feel free to suggest them to our favorites folders.
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Created Oct 2015
welcome everyone here to join,No matter you are vegan, veg ,non vegan .......We are just love the food,love the earth, love the life and everyone....... just join with us, chatting, share information, share experience, share everything about......VEGAN~

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