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We will get away with this! >=)
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Created Jan 2015
Our group is dedicated to fun, arousing, captivating, and enamoring pieces of DiD literature in DA. We want to unite DiD related fiction that ranges from Video Game gals, Comic Book heroines, Original Characters, and other misc characters.
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Memory Tattoos & Scar Tissue
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Created Feb 2011
We are here to proudly display the works of the talented poets on Deviant Art.
This is a safe place to come express yourself and to be yourself.
Submit your work, or browse through the works of others.
You are all Poets and Warriors here.
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Stories featuring female muscle!
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Created Jul 2015
This is a group for Female Muscle Growth stories. Girls who are already strong are welcome too. Writers can share their works, and readers of the genre can find new stories to enjoy!
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Are you one of us?
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Created Aug 2010
Hidden from everyday society, there are certain people who can transform into Pokemon. These are called Pokeumans. Some want to live in peace and harmony with humanity, while others believe that they are a superior race.

But not all is well. A secret war rages between the Pokeuman and the Pokextinction organizations. The former sees themselves as rebels, hiding from humanity due to fear of persecution or fighting against an oppressive system. The latter, on the other hand, fear the Pokeuman want a world ruled by only Pokeuman and thus, they strive to serve as humanities’ guardians.

You must be one of them. What's your name?
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Foot literature at its finest.
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Created Mar 2015
Decided to make my own group for foot fetish writing exclusively.

Membership is open, please submit as much as you want!

Am I missing something? Did I screw up? Don't hesitate to call me out on it!

NOTE: This is not an RP group. RP starters are permitted in the appropriate folder. Just don't solicit for RPs on the main page, if you don't mind.
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Write, write, write.
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Created Nov 2012
Writing-Commissions is the first DeviantArt group with the focus of literary commissions. Founded November 20th, 2012, we've expanded to be one of the most popular writing groups. With a growing membership and watcher count, we hope you decide to join our writing family!

This group was founded because the founder discovered many commission groups didn't accept literature commissions, and well, they had to change that! They never imagined the group would become what it is today, and thanks everyone who made it so. <3

We hope you enjoy your stay here!
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We Write Sometimes!
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Created Jan 2016
Please, do add your writings to the folders,
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The Right Place for Writers!
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Created Jul 2015
This group focuses on strengthening the literature community. We offer critiques, workshops, events, chatroom, tutorials and guides, features and love! If you have suggestions let us know, we are here for you!
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Created Nov 2011
What it is

FFL is here to unite flash fiction writers across the globe. Flash fiction pieces are shorter than a short story, and have all kinds of crazy rules and formats. Read below for the guidelines for flash fiction for this group.

What are we doing here?

As well as submitting flash fiction, nano-fiction and short stories, we'll also throw out some monthly prompts or themes to get your brain juices a' boilin'.

What are the guidelines then boss?

Flash Fiction and Genre Folders

The recommended word count is 500 words or less for pieces submitted to a genre folder (Or the straight up Flash Fiction folder if you don't want to be caged in by a genre), but a maximum of 1000 words is the cut off point.

55's Folder

This is a separate folder for nano-fiction masochists who want to submit 55's, and this is strictly limited to a 55 word count... no more and no less!

Short Stories

The lines between flash fiction and short stories are blurred, and we don't want to miss out on great writing over silly rules, so anything over 1000 words can go in here if you want to show it off to the community!

Oh, make sure your piece is actually flash fiction and not a vignette. By this I mean, is your fiction a self contained piece with characters and some sort of plot progression or is it just a short segment dedicated to a specific character?

Finally, please do include a word count in the description for every piece. It's not like we are going to count to check up on you, but it is nice to know how many words you managed to get your piece across in.

And last of all

Spread the word dudes/dudettes. If you know people who are into writing fiction, and want a bit of a challenge; get them involved! The more writers we have, the stronger the community, and then we can hold competitions and such.
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Forged by fire, refined by words
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Created Jul 2016
A Group for writers looking for a small but dedicated community devoted to quality work. We look for writers of skill and integrity, who continually put depth and passion into their craft.

We seek to create a healthy environment, wherein our talented members may further develop their skills. We welcome respectful and talented authors of all kinds, except fanfiction.
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