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'Cause we all love nature!
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Created Jun 2010
We all love nature! The aim of this group is to show works of deviants which are related to nature photography. We want to support them and show their stunning photos to the world!
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Infinite Global Photography!!!
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Created Jul 2010
:star: Welcome To Photography Unlimited :star:

Find us on Facebook:…
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Created Aug 2010
We try of dignify Cosplay Art but at same time we want to refresh concept of erotism. Our members are older than 18, but we want to get young people with a with a healthy vision of true beauty, capturing moments of fantasy and inspiration.
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Young photographers unite!
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Created Dec 2009
young-photo-club is a group made exclusively for young and aspiring photographers around the world, under the age of twenty-five. People from all skill levels can join, it doesn't matter where you're from, or what kind of photography you do, we're a close knit community that will help you find inspiration and help your skills flourish! This is the perfect group for you to deepen your understanding of photography, as well as develop your skills and learn from others. This group is geared for young photographers who are passionate about what they do, and want to be something more!
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Share your love for photography!
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Created Dec 2009
PhotographLove noun; [foh-tuh-grahf luhv] - A place on dA where all photographs are accepted as equals. The only place where all photographers and photo lovers come to participate in contests, win prizes, get exposure, meet others, seek inspiration, & everything else that has to do with the art + love of Photography!
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Phototography at its best.
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Created Jan 2010
Photography-group is a place for beautiful and amazing photography. You can join us and be a part of something great!
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Black White Photography
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Created Jan 2010
This is a group about Black & White Photography.
It doesn't matter what kind of photography it is, it could be
nature, people, nude stuff,
urban stuff etc.
but it has to be a black & white photo!
Photos in colour and hard manips (with added wings and stuff) will not be accepted.
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Created Feb 2010
Our goal is to gather the best and most promising portrait artists in one place for us to enjoy.. Share your art and discover others.

A group for Portrait Lovers
A club 4 the finest photography
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Created Feb 2010
Group dedicated to present fine art photography, and that is photography done with heart body and soul.
Group for ALL Photographers
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Created Mar 2010
This Group is for photographers of all kinds, we are looking for YOUR best photos. We are more of a 'right out of the camera' type of group, keep your post processing to a minimum, please.
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