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pray for a better year
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Created May 2013
You love art, me too!
Your life is falling apart bc of cartoons? SO DO I!
Come my friends, come ~
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The World of KAWAII & KOWAII!!!
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Created Jul 2008
The World of KAWAII & KOWAII!!!
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pray for a better year
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Created Jan 2011
For all of who love Sonic by ya real heart like me ♥ Like 4ever!!!!!!>w<
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Imaginary Friends Studios
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Created Mar 2008
Imaginary is much more than a concept art, comics and illustration studio. With its “By-artists-for-artists” mantra and its small but ever-increasing cult-like online fan following, Imaginary truly represents a next-gen creative approach to the creative business by hot-housing its established and fresh new talents, delivering creative services and content to a global audience.

Imaginary has grown to a stable of 30 full-time digital artists between its two studios in Singapore and Jakarta in only 5 years. During that time, Imaginary artists serviced big-name international clients on major entertainment and promotional projects. As a testament of the studio’s dedication to quality and professionalism, most of these clients continue to be serviced by Imaginary to this day.

While enjoying the opportunity for collaboration and to work on properties that they already love as fans, Imaginary also has its own original properties in development for various markets such as comics, film, new media and merchandizing and for various demographics. By bringing together a powerhouse collective of a new generation of artists capable of delivering a diversity of creative approaches running the gamut of western to eastern styles, Imaginary is delivering creative services and content for the new global entertainment market.

Imaginary and its crew of artists continue to enjoy frequent cover and interior features with international art publications such as 2D Artist, ImagineFX, Artzmania,90+10 and international art annuals such as Spectrum, Exotic and Expose. The studio was even featured separately in FHM South Africa and FHM Singapore, in addition to appearances on television shows, radio segments and news programmes.

More importantly, the Imaginary team are fulfilling their dreams as artists and creative people by simply doing what they love, doing it well and doing it the way it needs to.


Concept Art
Character Design
Entertainment Illustration
Advertising Illustration
Comic Production
Graphic Design
I.P. Development

For more info, please visit:
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Created Dec 2009
Were artists who come from Philippines in the continent of Asia
We are varied artists who love to draw, do photo-manipulation, and much more.
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We're Thai!
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Created Jan 2010

:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletred: THAI-Artists :bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletred:
ยินดีต้อนรับ กรุณาอ่านมารยาทของกรุ๊ปก่อนสมัคร…
:new: We now have a Chatroom for #Thai-artists!
กลุ่มศิลปินจากประเทศไทย ไม่ว่าจะอยู่ที่ไหน หากคุณคือหนึ่งในศิลปินไทย อย่ารอเช้า เข้ามา Join และ เผยแพร่งานได้ที่นี่
A Group of the artists from Thailand. You can get in touch with other Thai artists here!!
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For kpop lovers
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Created Mar 2010
For all those who dig K-Pop and the Korean music and entertainement business.
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Let's all be Free!
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Created Jul 2013
The story revolves around Haruka Nanase, a boy who has always loved to be immersed in water, and to swim in it. He participated in a swimming tournament along with his fellow swimming club members, Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki and Rin Matsuoka.

If you watch, know, a fan of the anime Free! Then join us! Also, feel free to donate, submit, and contribute. Thank you so much and have fun!
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Created Jun 2012
Tatakai Club is a secretive Club located in Japan, and only the most elite fighters from the world know about it and are able to join. The Club tests all the players skills and knowledge of fighting. Every fighter has their own special moves hidden within them.
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Created Jul 2012
Join us if you love Adventure Time :D
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