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Anime Artist and Anime lovers
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Created Jan 2011
Anime-Creation is a group made for anime artists, even if you aren't a anime artist you still are welcome to join.
:bulletgreen: No Swearing
:bulletgreen: No spamming
:bulletgreen: No advertising pages, groups etc.
:bulletgreen: Do not be mean to other artist or members
:bulletgreen: No spamming with art works
:bulletgreen: Have fun :la:
Join the :iconanime-creation: chat room here >…
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Traditional art; a lost treasure
3,837 Watchers
Created Aug 2012
Recent Blog: - A L L T H I N G S T R A D I T I O N A L 2.5 -, submitted 194 weeks ago
3,986 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
We are the eldest Minecraft group on DeviantArt and, during active operation, we were the most popular.
A Little Mermaid Fanclub
2,188 Watchers
Created Aug 2007
Hi and welcome to club.ariel. We are a Little Mermaid fan club. Since the creation of the Walt Disney masterpiece back in 1989, there has been a generation who grew up with Ariel and have grown to love the classic under-the-sea tale. Notably it is one of the best Disney animations to ever grace our screens. So for this reason club.ariel was created!

Our club is a place where you can meet other TLM fans, view awesome art in our favourites gallery, showcase your TLM art or fanfiction, join our cast-crew, enter competitions, find out TLM news and much more.

Everyone is welcome to join our club, wether you’re a die-hard fan or not. Our club is pretty low-maintenance; you don’t have to submit art once you’re a member, we’re happy if you just want to have a browse through the club’s galleries every now and again. We also love our members to be involved in our club; we welcome their suggestions for improvements, contests and any TLM news they want to share.
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Where all your dreams come true
3,183 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
A FanClub for Alice In Wonderland Fans - Both The Original and New Movie.
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Promoting All Australian Artists
2,173 Watchers
Created Jul 2009
Australian-Deviants is a group of support and feature of all Australian Artists.
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Australian Art Community
1,748 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
To promote all forms of art in Australia including digital, photography, traditional, literature etc.

To showcase the amazing artists from around the country to the rest of the world.

To get to know one another and build the Australian art community.

To encourage our artistic development as peers.
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Charity ArtBook for Redkite
1,328 Watchers
Created Dec 2012
A charity art book featuring the some of the most talented Australian and International artists. Proceeds go to Cancer Charity Redkite.
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Melodies of the Heart Comic
1,819 Watchers
Created Jul 2010
Group for readers and fans for comic series "Melodies of the Heart" and a place to collect everything about the series from official pages, animations, artwork, fanart, etc <3
Recent Blog: Melodies art book [One more guest artist needed], submitted 349 weeks ago
100% P u r e . L o v e
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Created Jul 2007
Hey there and welcome to F o r e v e r . M i n e

This club is dedicated to all that is related to the pairing Inuyasha & Kagome! :blowkiss:


:bulletblue: Members gallery submissions require 1 vote from the admins [us] before it is posted by the group. This is to oversea possible art theft, duplicate submissions and TRACING.

:bulletblue: Tracing is prohibited. Yes it is part of the learning curb however we want to see YOUR art not art you have mimicked – besides it isn’t looked well upon by deviantART admins.

:bulletblue: Please try to limit your weekly submissions to a maximum of 3 a week. No one likes spam.


:bulletblue: All members can suggest favorites for the group, however they require an admin to approve the suggestion with a vote for it to be finalised.

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