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Breedables & Adoptables!
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Created Aug 2013
Breedables & Adoptables Galore! Join and share all your wonderful creations!
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Created Oct 2008
We are the official costa rican group!

Photo, draw, and more art
Group For Only Dement People Art
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Created Nov 2009
Forum Designs All Style Gfx For More Information Visited
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ZaDr is LOVE
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Created Jul 2011
:icondiblaplz::iconzimla-plz: WE THE WEIRDOS OF THE WORLD!
DEMAND ZADR this is a club, for just that, share the love and weirdoness
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A Future Trunks Club
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Created Feb 2004
Welcome, fellow Trunks lovers! This is a club dedicated to the purple haired wonder, Trunks! The club is for all forms of Trunks, meaning baby, little boy, teen and mirai, and of course super saiyajin.
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Two souls have born!!!
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Created Jul 2008
Somos un grupo de dibujantes estilo manga de mexico, que empieza a desenvolverse en el mundo de la creacion y publicacion de comics estilo manga originales.
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2nd best musician of the 2000s !
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Created Jan 2010
:star: AVRIL LAVIGNE :star:
born- 27th september 1984
current age- 29
albums-:skull: let go
:skull: under my skin
:skull: the best damn thing
:skull: goodbye lullaby
info- :skull:second most successful Canadian artist of the 2000s!
:skull:in films such as "over the hedge"
:skull:has a clothing range called "abbey dawn" which is what she got called when she was little
:skull: She has her own charity called "the avril lavigne foundation" which is for children with disabilities and serious illnesses
:heart:black star - be your own star
:heart:Forbidden Rose - dare to discover
:heart:Wild Rose - dare to discover
:)-been in 3 mangas
:)-has several tattoes
:)-been involved with loads of charitys and sang in the special haiti single!
:)-advertises canon cameras
:)-has a unique original style!
:)-wrote the song "breakaway" for the film "the princess diaries"
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Tinker ,Tailor ,Soldier ,Sailor.
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Created Mar 2013
:bulletblack:We like & love favorite character of Rip Van Winkle from hellsing. For each of pic.:bulletblack::iconripclock:

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Pray for the Kahn's mercy!
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Created Jun 2014
Summary of Kotal Kahn :sun:

Titles: Emperor of Outword, the Kahn, God of Sun (yellow), God of Blood (red) & God of War (blue)

First seen: 9 June 2014 in the E3 build of MKX as part of E3 L.A. An early version of KK may show in Raiden's vignette of MK9:

Weapons: A macuahuitl; a wooden sword with obsidian glass stones embedded into its blades that was wielded by the Aztecs of the ancient Mexico. It bears a similarity with Wind God Fujin's Devastator, a giant sword in MK: Armageddon, which in the game's initial build belonged to the faux-Shao Kahn, Reiko.

He also sometimes wields a tecpatl, a double-edged Aztec flint knife made of the obsidian glass stone that he uses in his intro pose for example; made especially for human sacrifice.

Peers: Blood God Nitara (MK:A ending), War God Kratos (MK9), War God Ares (I:GAU), Thunder God Raiden, Dark Raiden, Wind God Fujin, God Argus, God Lucifer, God Zaggot, God Kochal, Fallen Elder God Shinnok, Fire God Liu Kang (MK9 ending), Earth God, Water God, Fire God, Emperor Shao Kahn, Dark Kahn (MK/DC), Aztec Fighting God Ogre (Tekken 3) a.k.a. Ancient Ogre or True Ogre, Dragon King Onaga, Reptile, Genghis Khan, Ögedei Khan, Quetzacoatl & Tezcatlipoca

Inspiration: Huitzilopochtli, Ogre, True Ogre, Quetzalcoatl, Shao Kahn, Onaga, Blanka, Montezuma & Kratos

Etymology: "Kotal" means a snake and comes from Quetzalcoatl — "feathered serpentine" in the Nahuatl language. "Kahn" means an emperor and derives from the Mongolian word khan. In the games, Kahn is used as a title rather than a name though.

Theme language: Nahuatl

Alignment: Evil, a tyrant

Realm: Outworld

Story: Mortal Kombat X will explain the rise and fall of this regal character. He is the Emperor of Outworld and the successor of Shao Kahn. In attempts to overcome the Champion of Mortal Kombat, Goro, Kotal uses the power of a Kamidogu artifact (see; the MKX comics).

Enemies: Raiden, Cassie Cage & Goro

Allies: D'Vorah & Ferra/Torr

Taunts: "Death comes to all." "Weakling." "I will drink your blood." "Die, unbeliever."

Intro: "Pray for the Kahn's mercy!"

Victory pose: "Let there be... Quetza Kotal Kahn!"

Special moves:

1) Blood Offering makes Kotal bleed from his wrist for extra damage. If you don't have enough health to sustain yourself when you use it, you'll lose the round.

2) Obsidian Totem is blue and increases Kotal Kahn's defense, reducing incoming damage.

3) Crystal Totem is white, increases Kotal Kahn’s damage output and can stack with his Blood Offering attack that also increases his damage.

4) Blood Totem flows blood/health to Kotal Kahn every time the opponent gets hit and lasts until Kotal Kahn gets hit or the effect expires by its own volition.

5) Sword Throw has a spinning sword that flies forward. War God Sword Throw hits multiple times and has a large potential hit area ("hitbox"). Using this move and then instantly running seems like an efficient way to close in space.

6) Shield Throw has Kotal Kahn throwing a shield that will hurt.

7) Shield Dodge has Kotal Kahn defending himself from projectiles.

Whenever Kotal Kahn lands a grab-based attack, the yellow marks on his body begin to glow. This gives him some temporary abilities, e.g. increasing damage with each grab.

Sun God throw will increase in power the more he lands it. Will cap at 3. He can cash out a throw stage to receive either health or meter, but will return the throw to stage 1.

X-ray move: knife through victim's neck, twist and knee to nose:

Finisher: Kotal Kahn cuts the enemy's chest with his knife in a saw-like gesture, takes the heart out and raises it above himself to drink the blood that drips on his face:

Appearance: Kotal has tattoos that glow in certain situations and a hawk-shaped helmet. Shao Kahn, Kratos and even Nightwolf have been inspirations. The skull theme is prominent and there are feathers from shin guards to the helmet.


Updates to the information will apply. Read our journal for more. The name of our club has no bearing with any triple K clan — in fact we are a 100% prejudice-free, friendly bunch of Mortal Kombat fans. Respect Kotal.
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Sonamy Tailsmo Knuxikal Shadouge
230 Watchers
Created Apr 2014
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