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Created Jun 2011
A fanclub dedicated a collect: fan arts, animations, fanfictions and any material in relation with the character of anime and manga, Hidetora Toujou -(c)Ryūhei Tamura/Beelzebub-
Recent Blog: Welcom to the Hidetora Toujou FC!, submitted 412 weeks ago
Breedables & Adoptables!
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Created Aug 2013
Breedables & Adoptables Galore! Join and share all your wonderful creations!
Recent Blog: Thank you Everyone, submitted 192 weeks ago
ZaDr is LOVE
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Created Jul 2011
:icondiblaplz::iconzimla-plz: WE THE WEIRDOS OF THE WORLD!
DEMAND ZADR this is a club, for just that, share the love and weirdoness
Recent Blog: Welcome new members! Plus some usual stuff., submitted 140 weeks ago
Tinker ,Tailor ,Soldier ,Sailor.
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Created Mar 2013
:bulletblack:We like & love favorite character of Rip Van Winkle from hellsing. For each of pic.:bulletblack::iconripclock:

Recent Blog: New username Page Facebook Group in Facebook., submitted 156 weeks ago
Curse of the Lycans
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Created Aug 2013
This is a role play group about a village by the name of Leathain under a dark curse, and the lycans within the great walls. Train under a master swordsman and become a war hero or work a shop within the safety of the walls and have a family.
You will decide your own fate for the better or worse. Traitors are marked a wolf's head, honorable villagers and fighters are given lives of comfort and honor.
Hecho en México
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Created May 2010
Todo hecho en México!
Join us in the Opanine World!
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Created Sep 2011
Hey guys! We're now open, so don't hesitate to send us your applications!

Group Rp Chat When posting ooc, use ) or ].…
Recent Blog: Plot 1: The End of Peace/ Status Update, submitted 401 weeks ago
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Created Aug 2013
yo amo a ese huevo
por su singular forma de actuar
usarlo de cualquier
pero sobretodo por ser el de los huevos de reptil
Recent Blog: dibujos primitivos, submitted 4 weeks ago
Artistas Dominicanos
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Created Jan 2010
This group is dedicated to all dominican artists on deviantArt and their work.

Aceptamos a todo tipo de artistas dominicanos, ya vivan en RD o no. Sientanse libre de agregar los trabajos que quieran, mientras hayan sideo creado por ustedes claro. No se permite art-theft, pero todo lo demas es bienvenido.
Recent Blog: Grupo en Facebook, submitted 268 weeks ago
Love can never be broken.
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Created Jul 2018
A group dedicated to my very first "Ed, Edd n' Eddy fan fiction, "Love Through Time!"
Recent Blog: Part II is Right Around the Corner, submitted 42 weeks ago

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