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Created Jan 2018
Comic coming in March...
Always i will shipp it! :D
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Created Feb 2016
Un grupo para los shippers de todo DA C:

eres bienvenido a nuestro grupo :D

unete ! es gratis :V
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Created Apr 2016

Magic, alive and thriving through the streets of a village known as Aeston as in the sky above this town, a Witchcraft and Wizardry school that accepts only those who have blood of a mage. No matter how large or small the amount of magic that runs through a person's veins will be accepted into Eureka Academy. It's just a long drive into the middle of nowhere but lush forest and broom ride away for young mages to harness their powers to be a Nightingale Mage or even future their knowledge and get an apprenticeship under one of the Seven Virtues of Arcane. A student will undergo twelve years of education and training. After this, it'll be up to the mage to decide their life path as either a Rogue Knight or a Nightingale Mage.

In the Virtues, We Thrive and Prosper to Be A Mages of the Night
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Three is the Magic Number!
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Created Jun 2016
This is the place for every trio in Hetalia! Want to post about the Axis trio? Go ahead! Want to talk about a trio you just invented and try to gain it some popularity? Do it, do it now! Whatever you're here for, this is the place to do it.
Internet Hellhole
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Created Aug 2016
Hail to the Queen
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Created Jun 2014
We are a group dedicated to the princess of Hyrule in Hyrule-warriors. This is the first time Zelda has been fully playable, and we love that!!
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The Champion Is Waiting...
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Created Dec 2013
~Hello all you Pokémon Trainers~

Have you ever wished to have your very own original Pokémon adventure? An adventure that you can completely create with your own imagination? Well, this is the time to start one right here in PokeReign.

We are a region that allows you to go on your very own Pokémon journey; capturing your Pokémon with your own original character and battling against the Gym Leaders/Elite Four/and other trainers to truly become a Pokémon Master. One day facing the Champion of this region.

In this group, you will have the opportunity to write/draw/role play your very own adventure. As usual you will start out with a beginner Pokémon, but from there and on you will be growing and progressing your way into the bigger leagues. Twice a year we will have a special Pokémon OCT (Also known as Original Character Tournament) and an annual big contest, both containing prizes~. But before you start your adventure (And before you click the join button), you will need to make an application. When you finish your application, click the join button linking us to your deviation and in a week, us Admins will review your Application and see if you meet the requirements to be accepted to the group. If you would like to know more about this group, then go to our journal section and read the rules and info.

Now let me ask you… Are you ready? Because… I, Meiko, the Champion of this Region, is waiting~

~What to Expect:
Incredible Teams~
Legendary Battles~
Role Playing~
Amazingly Unique People~
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Will be a super group shortly.
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Created Feb 2014
This is a semi-literate RP group revolving around unicorns.

Please read the journals for more information c:
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Feral Chickens
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Created May 2014
Sylvus Valley is home to feral chicken flocks - join us today.
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welcom2loser town! population: u
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Created Sep 2013
yeah only cool kids should not join this because they 2 cool

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