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Created Jun 2011
A fanclub dedicated a collect: fan arts, animations, fanfictions and any material in relation with the character of anime and manga, Hidetora Toujou -(c)Ryūhei Tamura/Beelzebub-
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You may find some Eevee here...
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Created Jul 2012
For adventurous Eeveelution lovers, this place is for you! We live in a forest near Lake Valor in Sinnoh.
We toxic but cute~
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Created Nov 2017
Welcome to the Jaromimi Closed Species. This means you cannot create one without permission or without participating in an event.

Jaromimi's are based off lab rats, and will be developed more deeply as we go along! Feel free to check out our current event on the right, and check out the current gallery of various Jaromimis! Thank you for checking out our page!

Join our Discord!
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Katy Perry
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Created Feb 2017
The world’s newest and craziest amusement park! :…

Take a spin on The Wheel: The most greatest ride in the universe.

Take a risk on a coaster called Bombs Away

Take a strange and cool ride called The Great American Dream Drop: The worlds first flying house ride.

So leave your white picket fence and explore utopia.

Katy Perry Welcomes You Here.

Grand Opening On February 21st!
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Dreams do come true~
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Created Mar 2018
Hello, and welcome to Dreamcats! We're an open species, that is about a species called Dreamcats! Dreamcats are created when someone has a dream that they wish is real! (ortheycanbecreatedviaacatdyingbutwedon'ttalkaboutthatwayofdreamcatsbeingcreated.) There is also 'rogue' dreamcats, which are created by nightmares! Make a dream come true today, and join us!
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Created Mar 2019
Wide-Waters is a roleplay group inspired by the popular warrior cats series by Erin Hunter, and makes a home on deviantART and Discord!

It is based on an edited version of southern Florida, in the United States, and the strange animals and threats faced on the coastline and marshes of a strange territory.

Four unique Clans coexist under the warm sun, divided by strict laws and old codes, hoping to make their ancestors proud. 
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We <3 Art
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Created Jul 2014
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Created Oct 2018
Un simple grupo de rol, con la ambientación de una tranquila cafetería en San Francisco.
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Free Spirit of the Horse
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Created Aug 2015
A powerful, immortal, fantasy horse breed. The breed descends from old spirits.
For HARpg and Non HARpg.
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Lovely and Deadly♥
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Created Feb 2016
This is a group for the lovely females of the creepypasta community.
We got the classics and rising pastas. Make sure to have warnings for gore and other mature content.
All is accepted from artwork,cosplay,photography,and literature!
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