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Created Aug 2011
A-rtist R-eady T-orture
A group for creatures of all kind to be evil and cause destruction. Whether you be vampire or spirit.
We Love Those Kawaii Collages!
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Created Feb 2016
This group is all about artists who are a fan of Total Drama who also like to make collages about them or just simply adore collages of their favorite TD cast!

· Please be friendly
· Put the collages you make in the right folder
· Be active
· Dont submit anything that is not connected to a collage or a TD collage!
· Dont be rude or curse here, or else you will be kick
· Constructive Criticism is allowed
· No bad comments or explicit collage (We wont allow this behaviour)
· Dont hate people's work, everyone is not perfect!
· Communicate with people!
Have you ever seen a flower die?
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Created Jan 2012
This is a club to celebrate Victor and Nora Fries. How a mans undying love can bring two people together, and how determination can pay off.
Recent Blog: Devious Journal Entry, submitted 420 weeks ago
An eye for an eye is justice.
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Created May 2019
A classic, plot-heavy cat RPG.
Recent Blog: [yfg] Opening!, submitted 1 week ago
Group OPEN
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Created Mar 2020
Operation Equinox is a Cyberpunk inspired roleplay group that centers on an island with its own governing system but is mostly known for it's organization called Nemico that trains some of the best scientists and assassins in the world.
Recent Blog: .:Announcements || Group OPEN!:. , submitted 8 weeks ago
Aether Beasts
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Created Oct 2017
~Where friendly Aether beasts gather~

Snap-Perks are a closed species owned by Cheshiretails


What are they?
Snap-Perks also known as 'Snapers' are a species of Aether (magic) based creatures.
They come in many shape sizes and colors!

-Important information-

Rules & Terms Of Service-…

General Species information-…
OCs often have rapsheets.
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Created Mar 2015
Welcome to the Original Character Crime Database. A place to promote your projects, and showcase how your original characters are punished. This could be for being bad or good. So...what are your OCs in for?
Rikio x Yata
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Created Jan 2013
We're a group for fans of the yaoi K (K Project) pairing Rikio Kamamoto/Misaki Yata.
Recent Blog: The Rikio x Yata Group!!!, submitted 404 weeks ago
Suomen Hopeanuoli-fanit ry
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Created Apr 2014
Suomen Hopeanuoli-fanit ry on Ginga-saagan ystävien 2012 perustama maanlaajuinen yhdistys, jonka tavoitteena on järjestää Suomessa Hopeanuoli-fanitoimintaa ja lisätä Yoshihiro Takahashin sarjojen tunnettavuutta Suomessa ja muualla maailmassa.
Recent Blog: Haku 2019 hallitukseen auki!, submitted 87 weeks ago
The Only True Couple in KOF
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Created Nov 2012
Yuki was Kyo's lovely sweetheart and love interest in KOF Games and Manhwas.
Recent Blog: my birthday during Raya, submitted 277 weeks ago

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