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Videogiocatori italiani uniti!
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Created Apr 2011
Questo gruppo nasce con l'intento di riunire gli artisti italiani appassionati di videogames..sappiamo che siamo in tanti, ma restiamo sempre stupiti nel ritrovare un connazionale tra le migliaia di persone che popolano DeviantArt :) Molti di noi sono già parte di altri gruppi del genere, ma sono praticamente tutti in lingua inglese.. se parli italiano e sei appassionato di videogiochi, questo è il gruppo che fa per te! :)
Camoflouge?... Or just fashion?!
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Created Sep 2010
We support all the spotted and striped animals! from cheetahs, tigers, zebra, thyacine, leopard, leopard gecko, jaguar, apaloosa horse, pufferfish, ocelot, gulf frillarly, spotted caiman, spotted tailed quoll and all the animals, spotted and striped!

if you have a deviation in which the subject is beautifully marked/colorful/has great contrast between them and the background, submit here

we also hold a monthly mini game called guess the spots/stripes where the group posts a partial picture of an unknown animal, and you have to guess from the markings what animal it is!
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its hot out
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Created Nov 2013
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grand opening spring 2019!
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Created Mar 2019
A magical adventure-fantasy roleplay group which centers around the lives and relationships between students of the world's finest magical conservatory; St. Spell.
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turfside Super
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Created Dec 2016
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The Third Era
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Created Mar 2017
A wolf group predominantly featuring characters who live, fight and fall in the valley known as The Rift. Tensions are high among the packs, and there's only so much time one has before the wire snaps. Where will you stand when it does?
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Where the LOVE never ends!
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Created May 2011

:bulletred: This is a k-pop group for all those fanatics out there!
In this group you will find information/updates on many k-pop artists.
More folders will be added as we get more requests for specific artists.
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Rotten to the CORE.
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Created Aug 2015
Disney meets Ever After High in Descendants, a tale of choosing your own path and following your heart -- no matter what your background! Released on July 31st 2015, the Disney Channel Original Movie starring Dove Cameron, Kristen Chenoweth, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson and Mitchell Hope has thrown open the doors to so many character and story possibilities... and we want to see them! Join Auradon Prep -- the first Disney Descendants group -- and show your love for heroes and villains, canon AND oc!
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Searching for Hidden Talent
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Created May 2015
Hello everyone!

Welcome to “Project Expose”, the group which strives to discover hidden talent and support those who may be finding it challenging to gain exposure for their work. We focus around doing good deeds for others by welcoming them to the community, helping them to gain exposure, and by taking the time to search for hidden gems to feature within our group. We hope to establish a team of deviants who are passionate about searching for treasures in the vast seas of DeviantArt and would love to help bring the much deserved exposure to individuals and their work. If you love to feature the works of others, or you feel that your own work deserves more recognition, this is the group for you! :aww:

Do you like to search for undiscovered art?
If you enjoy searching for hidden talent or love featuring the work of others and feel that you could commit to doing so for this group, we would be delighted to have you on the team! Please send a note to the group with the subject “Contributor Request” and briefly explain why you are interested in helping other deviants.
If you do not wish to become a contributor, we would still love you to send any works you come across to our group! :heart:

Why did you make this group?
Throughout my time of being a deviant, I have come across many fantastic pieces of art with so little recognition. I can’t help but feel saddened and slightly frustrated every time this happens, so I thought to myself, why don’t I do something to help? As a result, this group was created. I really wish to give something back to the community and do my best to help others get noticed for their great work! I get a real sense of joy when I am able to do that!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Have a great day!

Love Namiiru
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Panic! at the Disco Deviants
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Created Jan 2010
Panic! at the Disco is a super cool Emo-pop-Punk band. With unique voice of Brendon Urie. Panic at the Disco had had Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, but now they are The Young Veins. Anyway, we still love them.
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