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All aboard the inspiration train
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Created Apr 2019
Hello and welcome to Imagination station,
This is a place for all fantasy, cartoony cute imagination loving people who wish to share their art and find new artists to enjoy.
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For all your beautiful OCs <3
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Created Aug 2015
Have an OC you'd like to share? Art you want seen? To make friends who love making/talking about OCs? Then here, this is what this group is for! Come join us today and share those beautiful characters you love!

* We're also fairly new, so if you would like to spread this around, we would appreciate it. Not necessary, of course!
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anime, manga, chibi, pixel, OC
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Created Mar 2013
This is the special group where we submit digital or traditinal drawings! We make contests, art of the week, and more! If you love drawing and anime, this is the perfect group for you.

No Mature content please.

The rules for each folder. Please read below.

*Feature- Only five pieces are allowed to be submitted a day and are subjected to 2 votes. Please no hard feelings if your artwork doesn't get into the feature folder. It's for the best art possible, we try to be fair for all types of art and all artist levels. Please do not enter in any fan art into this folder. Thank you.

Really for all the other folders its the same general rule. Only 5 a day, automatically approved. PLEASE put the right pictures into the right folders. If we find anything that isnt in the right folder and it keeps happening we will contact the user. Possibly leading to being kicked out.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything please just note us and we will fix it to the best of our abilities.

Thank you and have a nice day ^-^
Welcome to canon camera lovers
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Created Oct 2012
Welcome to canon camera lovers.
Everyone is welcome! Share your art with the world!
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Welcome home, writers!
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Created Feb 2013
You there!
Are you a writer who feels absolutely underrated for your writing abilities in literature?
Well guess what? There's a place where we can solve that. And that place is here.

:la:Our Main Rules!:la:

:bulletred:No hate is allowed in this group! Be nice!
:bulletblack:No judgement/no hate zone! Everyone writes what they enjoy and that is how it should be!
:bulletred:Please no submitting chapters of the same series past chapter 2! They tend to clutter the folders!
:bulletblack:Do not spam the folders either! There is a reason the Featured folder was shut down.
:bulletred:We are a support group! Help others if you see them struggling!
:bulletblack:If you ever need assistance, do not hesitate to come here to ask for it. We are an open place and our main goal is to help others!

Welcome home, writers! I hope this place serves as a useful stepping stone to helping you all grow! :heart:
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Art from different years.
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Created Jan 2013
The Creative Club

We are The Creative Club. Join and submit your works today.

The folders are for when you submitted the piece to DA. You can find this in Dev description.
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For the World's Birds
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Created Mar 2013
As the name of the group implies, this is a group dedicated to birds. Here you can submit your photography and artwork of birds.
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Traditional Pony Art~
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Created Aug 2011
A group for featuring My Little Pony art created in traditional and physical mediums, ranging from paper drawn art to plushies and sculptures.
Respect the explosion
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Created Jan 2011
A group for the minecraft creeper lovers :D! (and haters if you like hating them)
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Welcome to the land of magic.
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Created Apr 2010
Welcome to FantasyDisneyAnimals group

We are a group where we share interests and love to Fantasy, Disney and Animals art in general :heart:

If you like animals from Disney or any type of animals;natural or unnatural,fantasy or anthropomorphic then this group is for you.

We accept drawings and photography of animals too ;)
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