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Created Aug 2014
Chinese zodiacs come to be a part of gangs in the slums of china, modern twist on an oriental idea for roleplaying purposes
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Created Sep 2014
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One Of Many, Unlike Any Other
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Created Jan 2015

We help promote Artist's with Unique "Quality" Art Style. We encourage Character and Personality throughout! We also love to Host Fun events and Contest's. (for Members) Now We do have Rules concerning "Join Requests". We are kind of a Controlled Club. Please Read our commonly asked Questions Below!

:bulletred:Q1. What Is this "Exclusive Club", and How do I join It?

This Club is for Artists with Intricate Art Styles. This does NOT mean they draw in certain Existing Styles such as MLP, Sonic, or Anime. It has to be their own style they have naturally developed. Ofcourse, Quality is something we expect in any Submissions.

:bulletred:Q2. Why was my Join Request Declined?

Now, as to why we might decline certain join requests. We look for styles which show strong personality and quirkiness, meaning the artist has got to add a tinge of themselves, combined with what influences them. And to have a style in art that shows these, it's also necessary to have a certain basic level in which you can start conveying those.
If we decline a join request, please don't be upset! It doesn't mean your art is crap, or that you'll never be original. We can always grow, and style tends to always be evolving.

Also, certain doubts people have been presenting, for example, regarding "anime style". Well, technically, anime is closer to a "genre" than to a "style", for it's a broad term (especially nowadays). So if your style is often called "anime" and considered "anime", but shows a lot of singular personality of yours, we'll accept it! There are tons of very different anime styles, just look at the Tekkonkinkreet movie. Now, however, what we won't accept is too generic anime styles.

:bulletgreen:Members: Are the Artists that portray Personality through their Work and help Inspire the community. As well as participate in Group related events. Members have privilege to help contribute to the Group and promote their Commissions. And are eligible for any interviews in the near future.

:bulletgreen:Watchers: Shouldn't feel left out! You are the reason why we created this Group in the first place. We want to inspire you guys and create an inner passion within you guys to Create Art
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Pokemon X and Y Friend Codes
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Created Nov 2013
This group is for all those people wanting to share their Friend Codes to complete the Pokedex with trading and Friend safari. Inspired art work also allowed.
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All kind of art is accepted
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Created Feb 2019
hello there,
this group is mostly about arts & comics which would be friendly, if u want to submit something like: Gore, violence or little bit over +18 they must be ceonsored
submit them on the mature folder...and we also accept photography which should be friendly...if adding something that aint friendly submit them on the mature folder aswell..journals are also accepted..keep swearing minimal here on comment section please...
The Group For You
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Created May 2013
Want to sell your adopts? Wish you can submit with no limits? Can't find what you need?

Well, you stopped by the right group! Welcome to Hot Adoptz! A place where you can submit as many adopts as you want from all kinds ^_^.
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LawXLuffy ♥
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Created Jul 2013
We are a Group that Loves the Pairing Trafalgar D. Water Law and Monkey D. Luffy!!!
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The moon told me so..
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Created Dec 2012
For us all who love Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians. We belive in him
All about Birds Of Prey!
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Created Feb 2013
This is a group for birds of prey and their fans! Birds of Prey in this group include everything from owls, falcons, eagles, and hawks, to vultures, caracaras, ospreys, kites and more.
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Ready for war? Join the fight!
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Created May 2012
Welcome to the fantasy world of Sebrea. In this fantasy story, there are battles, there are wars, and there are Gods and Goddesses. Only, this time, it is told from the point of view of cats. History shall be written, prophecies will be told. Battles will be fought. Wars will be won. Join The Eight Kingdoms of Sebrea in their adventure and way of life.

Check out our adoptable's account for ADORABLE adoptables!
TheEightKingdoms Donate points here too if you'd like. All points go for making our group into a super group!
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