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I could even learn how to love
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Created Aug 2015
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Lovers of Heavy Music and Horror
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Created Sep 2012
Fans of heavy music and horror come together!
This group is for anyone who is interested in horror and/or heavy music. All forms of art are accepted (as long as it's horror/music related) and anyone can join! Please make sure to read the group rules before joining. Thanks!
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These girls kick ass!
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Created Apr 2012
Show some love to those awsome Girls of Naruto! Pics can be gender bender or normal, and couples are also accepted.
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~We're all Mad here~
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Created Mar 2010
For all the Cheshire cats artwork out there! be it from anime ,game, book or your story(Ocs)!It doesn't really have to be just Cheshire cats even OC's with cat ears and cat tails are allowed ^-^
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Created Dec 2014
A group dedicated to the beautiful women of the Dead or Alive series. c:
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Ancient tales, forgotten legends
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Created Jun 2010
We are focused on RPG's pre-N64/PSX era (Mother and Mother 2, Final Fantasy I-VI, etc.) All are welcome within our haven.
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Calling all Raptor trainers!
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Created Feb 2015
All fans of Jurassic World gather here! :) If you are a fan of any of the Jurassic Park films, this is the spot for you!

The park is open! c;
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Because sexy is from Venus
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Created Oct 2012
(Pronounced SHEE-raw-ti-kuh, not SHUHR-aw-ti-kuh just so you get that this is "she erotica," not "Sherlock erotica")

The content shown in this group depicts unbelievably extreme amounts of female sexuality and nudity and is not, I repeat, IS NOT, suitable for the workplace, children, the faint of heart, or American Midwest boycotters. Viewer discretion is advised, especially if you are easily offended by pornographic content.

Long ago, there was a group called #HotYuriClub, which vanished into nonexistence due to several problems, including a significant decrease in time to manage the now-forgotten group, and, also, another one, #We-Dont-Decline, which only stayed active for 5 days until lack of interest turned it into a ruinous mess and caused it to cease operations far too soon, and from their ashes rose a new "erotic female" group, #Sherotica (not to be confused with "Sherlock Erotica;" please excuse the misleading and incomprehensible group name and what little resources we currently have), for all "erotic female" artists, photographers, 3D modelers, and obsessors to enjoy - no profits made from our group's "erotic female" image, which is intended to be presented here, because you know damn well that sexy is from Venus!

Though the name is unheard of by many, you're tempted not to take your eyes off the sensual and seductive side of women - a side of women no young child should ever see, depicted in all forms of hot, erotic, not-safe-for-work art not intended for viewing by anyone under the age of 18 or who doesn't like looking at porn or naked women, as they strip away all inhibitions and get hot and horny! Get ready for the new generation of erotic groups, because your place for uninhibited perversion and dirty, naughty fun that can't be tamed is here in the wild world of Sherotica, at the home of all female sexiness, a group created for that purpose, because we love it, and it shows. If you do, then I guarantee you pervy horndogs you will experience the shamelessly powerful passion and allure those sexy beauties with powerful curves and smooth, touchable skin deliver! So, why conform to the inhibitions that bind them when these lovely ladies can fall under rule number 34 of the Internet: "If it exists, there is porn of it, no exceptions," and get, wild, kinky, naughty, erotic and too hot for even the fire department to handle like their genetic codes intended?

For those of you who don't get the "Sherotica" group name, it's a portmanteau of "she" and "erotica."

Please help us in any possible way you can (such as new members, watchers, or affiliates), and don't hate! Also, read the "Where is the love?" and "Everything COMPLETELY wrong with #Sherotica" journal entries for information on the recent under-appreciation for our largely-ignored group and the limited success we have enjoyed!

Important FAQs to read and understand before submitting to our group gallery or favorites (you'll also need to read "Submission rules and guidelines" and "Content that should not be submitted to this group"):
FAQ #305: Is posting "Adult" oriented artwork alright if I censor it first?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of "pornographic imagery"; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?
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Female Power!! ♥
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Created Jun 2010
welcome this club is dedicated to the beautiful girl `s oc
with love from fans for fans = D
for those girls who have created an oc girl to her favorite anime or Bishonen xD
bienvenidos este club es dedicado a las hermosas chicas oc`s
de fans con amor para fans =D
para aquellas chicas que han creado un oc chica para su anime o bishonen favorito xD
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A club for EVERYTHING Robotnik.
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Created Jun 2005
Realm of the lord of darkness, genius mastermind, robotic engineering expert, master of all evil, and sometimes even...lovable goof?
The one true and ONLY important villain in the Sonic world:

Dr. Robotnik, whether it's the darkest - Sat-AM version, the silliest - AoSTH Rrrrrobotnik!, the sometimes not-so-evil "Eggman" and even those who barely get any attention, Fleetway, Sonic Underground and early years Eggman.

It's all about Robotnik! There's no favoritism, no choosing which one is the best. It's to show the world what a great antagonist the Sonic fandom has and all the forms he's taken and how each it's unique and special in it's own way.

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